Best Mens Wedding Suits: 5 Ideas From Designers

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Wedding guests sure have their work cut out for them this wedding season. En masse, men are much more excited to look their best at wedding events, and designers are giving them more options than ever. This combination of supply and demand is impacting Best Men in a big way.


Best men’s wedding suits no longer consist of choosing between black and blue. Today’s designers are offering an entire array of fabrics, cuts, colors, textures, and patterns.

It’s tough to know what the right choice is, and that’s why we’re here. This list of best mens wedding suits will introduce you to a variety of styles to narrow down your perfect choice. We’ll get you familiar with modern and traditional styles, the best men’s suits on a range of budgets, and a little advice on how to choose a suit to fit different seasons and wedding themes. Every suit looks a little different on every man. Make sure to select a top 3 and try a few on to find your perfect fit.

Desert Stripe Wool Suit By Suitablee

Suitablee sought to combine old-world techniques with new-world technology when they first launched the brand and spent the first 2 years of their existence as mobile tailors. Visiting clients in their offices and homes provided the designers with intimate familiarity with what makes a perfect suit. Today’s results are of the highest standard but accessibly priced.

“New world technology” may sound a little vague, and you’d be forgiven for assuming that it refers to a digital sewing machine. However, you’d be significantly wrong. The Suitablee team employs a combination of software, artificial intelligence, body scans, and ‘Six Sigma’ style efficiency processing throughout their entire process.

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Tan suits are typically reserved for more casual, summertime events. Adding a vest to create a proper 3 piece suit is typically reserved for more formal celebrations. Combining the two concepts is ultra fancy, yet approachable.

Looking a little closer, thoughtful details like pinstripes and extra wide lapels provide a unique style this is sure to make you stand out.

Expert Tip
How can I coordinate the groom's attire with that of the groomsmen, ensuring he stands out?
You can coordinate the attire by choosing common elements (such as ties, cufflinks, or colors) to create a unified style. At the same time, you can make the groom stand out by giving him a unique model that differs from the groomsmen or by adding slightly different details or accessories, such as a shirt with a diplomatic collar, a tie of a different color, or a unique boutonniere.


Men’s Wearhouse — Vera Wang Blue Suit

The Men’s Wearhouse claim to fame is its customer service. When they started 45 years ago, men weren’t exactly knowledgeable about fashion. Men’s Wearhouse was arguably somewhat responsible for changing that. Their customer service is centered around creating an informed, passionate customer base.

This sentiment has grown over the years with the addition of a 90-day return policy, free alterations on seam adjustments, free pressings at any of their locations for life, and a variety of additional services meant to alleviate the stress from the buying process.

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This is a modern approach to a tested and true style. The features are of classic origins, modernized with more comfortable fabric, more vibrant color, availability in a slim fit, and flat lines and panels. With the attention to proper fit that Men’s Wearhouse provides, it’s impossible to not look fantastic in this suit.


Pastel Azzurro By Sebastian Cruz Couture

If you have yet to experience high-end fashion, this is a great brand to start with. Sebastian Cruz began when a couple planned their wedding and found that the selections on the market fell short of expectations. Luckily, this couple just happened to be a designer and an entrepreneur that was able to fill the gaps they found. Men around the country agreed, and their has grown significantly over the years.

You won’t have to measure the thread count for the vast majority of Sebastian Cruz’s collection. The level of luxury is immediately apparent at first glance.

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Oversized proportions, unexpected features and lines, and unusual patterns are the 3 hallmarks of this best man wedding suit. This suit unapologetically plunges into American indulgence in big ways and wins.  The man who wears this design marches to his beat and has sigma-male-level confidence.


Masculino Formal Wear— The Milan Suit

The Dominican Republic is a small island southeast of Florida’s coast with a unique combination of British, French, Spanish, and American influence. This combination has produced a men’s fashion brand Masculino that borrows techniques and quality from the past and focuses on modern masculinity.

You may have to brush up on your Spanish to completely appreciate all that they do but, even with a language barrier, they have a lot to offer and it’s well worth the effort.

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It’s tough to look unique in a tuxedo, but not with Masculino on your side. This particular tux checks all of the traditional/formal boxes but is much less rigid than previous generations and many current designs. The details are small, but there are a lot of them and they quickly add up to a more comfortable, more masculine fit.


Grey Tweed Three Piece Suit By Hockerty

Young people don’t want to conform. They want things to be different and to blaze their trail. They want to disrupt and create new realities. This youthful approach is what drove three 20-year-olds is what ignited the Hockerty brand. Ten years later, they have outlets and customers all over the world.

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One of this brand’s innovations is not asking you to choose your size when you place your order. Instead, they walk you through the process of taking your exact measurements, producing the perfect fit for this gray tweed best men’s suit. Speaking of fitment, the large lapels and shoulder lines make this garment ideal for men with broader chests

Brides Often Ask

What suit is good for a wedding?

Tuxedos and three-piece suits should be reserved for more formal weddings. When the occasion is a little more casual, you can wear dark suits, light suits, or tieless outfits accordingly.

Which Colour suit is best for a wedding?

Lighter-colored suits are best for summer weddings. Every other time of the year, default to black, navy, dark gray, or other darker colors. This allows you to be more creative with the color of shoes, ties, shirts, and accessories.