How To Find The Right Hairstylist That Would Be Perfect For You

how to choose hairstylist
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Getting married means a lot of planning and a lot of primping before the big day. When it comes to your hair, you might want something more professional than usual, and that’s when you’re going to need tips on how to find a hairstylist.


With recommendations from bridal hair experts, we share some of our tips on how to find a good hairstylist below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get your hairstyle for a wedding?

Getting your hair styled for a wedding would cost between $150 to $550 in the US. On average this would be about $300. The exact estimate would eventually depend on the intricacy of the hairstyle, the location, and if makeup is required as well.


Main Points – How To Find A Hairstylist

When wondering how to find a bridal hairstylist, it would help to have the following information.

  • Your wedding venue and date, because this would be important when getting you ready.
  • Your budget.
  • Wedding dress as this can determine the choice of hairstyle.
  •  Your choice of hairstyle.



Ask Around

One of the first steps you could take if you’re wondering how to find the right hairstylist is to just ask around. If you love a friend’s hair or even an acquaintance you just met, you could ask for the contact number of their stylist. Use their referrals and go from there.



Get on Instagram

Instagram can be a great tool for finding almost any type of information. Whether you’re concerned about how to find a hairstylist in a new city or even how to find the best hairstylist for black hairstyles, Instagram is a very good bet.

  • Search for hashtags
    You can search for the right bridal hairstylist for you with certain keywords unique to your situation. For instance, #braidedweddinghairstyle #shorthairweddinghairstyle #floridaweddinghairstyle, and so on.
  • Check info from a recent post
    If you find any recent posts on bridal hair that you like, you could check these and see if they have any recommendations.
  • Focus on people with such hair type
    When searching on Instagram, it is important to mainly focus on pictures of people who have your hair type, skin tone, hair length, face shape, and so on. For instance, if you need to know how to find a hairstylist who works with curly hair, avoid pics of straight hair.
  • Search in your local area
    Another tip is to search with your location. Use hashtags that reflect this, such as #weddinghairstyleNY, #weddinghairstyleboston, #weddinghairstyletampa, and so on. This can be very helpful. When filtering your search, you could also just check your location.
  • Contact with Stylist
    When you find a stylist that interests you on Instagram, it is a great idea to message them directly to their email or even on WhatsApp.

Hello [stylist’s name], I am [your name] and I would like to get more information about your services. My wedding will be on [your wedding date] at [your wedding venue], and I would like to check your availability. Is it possible to get information on your pricing and packages and a copy of your standard contract? Thank you,[your name and contact info]



Read reviews

Finding hairstylists online may not be sufficient. Yes, you can see pictures of their creations, but reviews give you a better understanding of their abilities and cost. Google is a great place to find reviews if they are listed. Yelp is another great platform to check.

Main Tips When You Search Hairstylist

  • Always search with a location, there are hairstylists from all over the world online.
  • Don’t focus on just one hairstylist, take note of a few and then send several messages.
  • Don’t expect you will get an immediate answer, patience is key.

When discovering how to find a new hairstylist, these tips can help you search better and faster.

  1. Check beginning details
    Instagram is perfect for looking for the right hairstylist, however, there are other helpful social media platforms. You could consider Facebook, Pinterest, and even plain old Google.
  2. Be open to new things and trust your stylist
    It’s natural that you may not want to stray from what you’re used to when creating your wedding look. However, an open mind can open you up to better possibilities. So, listen to the suggestions of the professional and perhaps try a few looks before you decide.
  3. Have a trial
    Scheduling a hair trial is very important before you commit to any hairstyle. It’s good to have an idea of their capabilities, their methods, and even their average price before you sign the dotted line.
  4. Read and sign the contract
    If you’ve found the right hairstylist for you, perfect. Be sure to read through the contract and check everything from pre-wedding services to wedding day services and sign if all is satisfactory.


Your Wedding Hairstyle

The selection of the ideal wedding hairstyle is not a matter of chance. Start by trawling magazines, the internet, and online platforms to get ideas. Make a vision board or collage with your favorite fashions. The visual will enable you to speak with your hair stylist and have him/her understand that you are talking about a particular look for your special day.

Initial Consultation

First consultation with a stylist is crucial. You can trade ideas, determine your specific hair type, and try out sample looks. Prepare a list of key questions in order to ensure a productive meeting. Find out their availability for your wedding date, how they bill, how their skills translate to wedding hairstyles and if they understand your hair type.


Pre-Wedding Preparation

Getting to having lustrous wedding day hair starts long before the day. Getting regular trims is important for the health of the hair and prevents it from having split ends. Consider nutrition treatments for more shines in healthy hair. Have a regular hair care regimen where there is minimal hot styling. Lastly, controlling stress is very crucial as it can affect your hair in a negative way. Take some time to yourself before saying “I do” using relaxation procedures and make sure that your hair stays vibrant to support you on your big day.

When you doubt how to find a hairstylist for your wedding, you could check with your current hairstylist for recommendations. With the extra tips above, you will be sure to find your way.