30+ Wedding Bun Hairstyles [2024 Guide + Expert Tips]

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Bridal bun remains a top choice among brides for many generations. Wedding bun hairstyles are appropriate for various hair lengths from short to long, and they look amazing with almost every bridal style.
Using some accessories or flowers with a bun can create a most tender and romantic bridal look. Besides, this updo, be it high or low, looks perfect with a veil. Get inspired by our collection of wedding bun hairstyles!

Brides Often Ask

Can I do a messy bun for a wedding?

Yes, you can. If you don’t know what hairstyles to choose for a wedding, a messy bun is your best bet. It is suitable for all kinds of weddings, depending on how you accessorize. Medium and long hair lengths would work perfectly for this hairstyle. And if your hair is short, extensions are subtle alternatives. The plus side is that these hairstyles are trendy, have a live-in look, and are very popular among modern brides.

How do you make a bun at home for a wedding?

Brush to untangle your hair and leave out two sections from either side of the head. Tie the middle part in a low ponytail and then the side hairs. Pull the ponytail through the loop to vest a twisted pattern. Braid the side ties and tuck them around the ponytail. Now split the ponytail into small sections and pin them in a twisted fashion. Accessorize your messy look and finish up with a spritz of hairspray.

How long should be my hair for the wedding bun hairstyle?

The minimum hair length for a successful messy bun is six inches. The longer your hair, the bigger or thicker your messy bun would get. So, with hair length less than six inches, you wouldn’t be able to hold all your hair. You’d have to use an excessive amount of pins, causing the hair to look unattractive.


Elegant And Feminine Buns

There is hardly anything as stunning, as feminine bun wedding hairstyles. A high bun speaks of chic and style. It goes best with an open neck and shoulders. The classic low bun looks timeless.

As with any other seemingly simple hairstyle, it requires professional attention for the best results. You can add a single side braid to your hairstyle, that goes so well with the loose strands!

You have to see perfect wedding hairstyles ideas from Pinterest!


Enchanting Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns remain very popular among other wedding bun hairstyles. There are many options for a brides how to work simple hairstyle into a stunning look! This hairstyle is a great option for curly hair. Waves make this high bun look more creative.

You can leave out those loose bangs for a more delicate face-framing or keep a several stray strands for an extra artistic effect. This hairstyle looks great with a low cut back, bridal suit or a silk retro dress.


Messy Wedding Bun Hairstyles

Messy wedding bun hairstyles are among top trends this season, and there is a reason for that!

High updo for curly hair looks stunning with a low cut or a see-through back! Voluminous messy bun is our top choice for a princess gown.
Want something more modern? Braids are very trendy this season, so if you want to be at the cutting edge of bridal fashion, this is a style for you!

Quick Knot Bun Hairstyle (Tutorial)

Here is a super quick hairstyle tutorial that is easy to do by yourself.

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Bun Hairdos With Jewels

Loose bun hairstyles for wedding are very popular. Why don’t you add a bit of personality by decorating your hairdo with jewel flowers?
There are a lot of wedding bun hairstyles that will benefit a lot from a simple hair vine.

Hair vine will look simply gorgeous on a winter bride. Spring brides are going to love flower-inspired hairpiece. It makes this otherwise super-simple style look both more tender and sophisticated at once.

Original Side Buns

Asymmetric loose side bun wedding hairstyles are not that common, which makes this option a great choice for an original bride. This stunning hairstyle looks great on medium-length curly hair. Delicate lines, loose strands, smoothness of skin, royal posture… Large earrings, single flowers or jewel hairpiece complete the look.


Enchanting Low Bun Hairstyles Ideas

Try one of the low bun hairstyles for wedding. This is one of those wedding hairstyles that look as if they were painted by great masters of Renaissance. It will go beautifully with a simple silk dress with a deep plunging neckline and a low back.

Bridal Low Bun Hairstyle (Tutorial)

Twisted Wedding Hairstyles

This wedding hairstyle low bun is super simple. Twisted bun, several loose strands, silky smoothness of hair… Isn’t it the classic look you’ve been craving all along? Twisted bun wedding hairstyles seem to be made for flowing, semi-transparent dresses, see-through skirts, and illusion backs. Romantic, feminine, simply stunning!


Romantic Buns With Flowers

Wedding hairstyles with flowers are all about romance. Just one look at this charming wedding buns is enough to see that it is true. Combination of dark hair color and vivid colors of the flower hairpiece is especially dramatic. You can add some greenery for an even more stylish solution!

The choice of flowers can change the overall impression completely. Would you look tender or bold on your big day? Choose wisely!

Beautiful Hairstyles With Veil

This classical wedding bun hairstyle is the most basic version. The veil is placed right under a classical smooth top bun. Sleek and shiny! This hairdo looks fabulous with pearl earrings and a simple silk dress with a low cut back.


Wedding Bun Hairstyles With Headpiece

This voluminous bridal bun hairstyle, decorated by an hairpiece looks gorgeous! Isn’t it simply fantastic, how much one little detail can influence the whole picture? Just make sure, that the earrings match your hairpiece. Bridal accessories gives the bride that delicate glow of happiness. You can see why everyone is so excited about.