30+ Wedding Bun Hairstyles [2024 Guide + Expert Tips]

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Selecting the right hairstyle for your wedding is crucial, and wedding bun hairstyles stand out for their versatility, elegance, and suitability for almost any bride. This guide is dedicated to helping you navigate through the various wedding bun options, ensuring you find a style that matches your taste, face shape, and hair type.


We’ll cover everything from sleek, polished buns perfect for formal affairs, to relaxed, tousled buns ideal for a more casual setting. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, practical advice, or step-by-step styling guides, this article serves as a comprehensive resource for achieving your ideal bridal look with a wedding bun hairstyle.

Brides Often Ask

Can I do a messy bun for a wedding?

Yes, you can. If you don’t know what hairstyles to choose for a wedding, a messy bun is your best bet. It is suitable for all kinds of weddings, depending on how you accessorize. Medium and long hair lengths would work perfectly for this hairstyle. And if your hair is short, extensions are subtle alternatives. The plus side is that these hairstyles are trendy, have a live-in look, and are very popular among modern brides.

How do you make a bun at home for a wedding?

Brush to untangle your hair and leave out two sections from either side of the head. Tie the middle part in a low ponytail and then the side hairs. Pull the ponytail through the loop to vest a twisted pattern. Braid the side ties and tuck them around the ponytail. Now split the ponytail into small sections and pin them in a twisted fashion. Accessorize your messy look and finish up with a spritz of hairspray.

How long should be my hair for the wedding bun hairstyle?

The minimum hair length for a successful messy bun is six inches. The longer your hair, the bigger or thicker your messy bun will get. So, with hair length less than six inches, you wouldn’t be able to hold all your hair. You’d have to use an excessive amount of pins, causing the hair to look unattractive.


Low Bun Wedding Hairstyles

Try one of the low bun hairstyles for a wedding. This is one of those wedding hairstyles that look as if they were painted by great masters of the Renaissance. It will go beautifully with a simple silk dress with a deep plunging neckline and a low back.

Accessories have the power to complete your look, adding that magical touch of sparkle and personality. We turned to renowned wedding stylist Kimberly May for her expert advice on choosing the perfect hairstyle and ask her: “What hairstyles are best for brides who want to showcase hair accessories, such as tiaras or hair vines?”

Expert’s Answer:
“Go big with the accessory, and keep the hairstyle a little more “understated”. If you want your hair vine or tiara to be the focal point, go with softer waves or a cleaner updo. The less drama/movement your hairstyle has, the more that gorgeous hairpiece will stand out!”

And in our opinion, low bun hairstyles match perfectly to looks with bold wedding hair accessories.

Step by Step Tutorial

Easy Diy Low Bun Hairstyle
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Wedding Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

Creating a low bun hairstyle for black hair on your wedding day can be a fun and creative process. By following these tips and working with your hair’s natural texture, you can achieve a beautiful, elegant look that complements your overall wedding day appearance.

  • Consider Hair Type: Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, or texturized, choose products and styles that enhance your hair’s natural beauty. For natural hair, use products that define your curls without weighing them down.
  • Sleek vs. Textured Bun: Decide if you want a sleek, smooth bun or a textured, voluminous one. Sleek buns are classic and elegant, while textured buns offer a more modern and playful look.
  • Check for Comfort: Ensure your bun is secure but not too tight, as this can cause headaches during a long wedding day.

Pro Tip
Tips And Techniques To Incorporate Into Brides Hair Care Routine Leading Up ToWedding Day?
To ensure her natural curls are healthy, vibrant, and easy to style, brides must keep their natural curls hydrated by washing them once a week. For brides that wear braids and cornrows regularly,it is important that they deep condition once every 2 weeks to keep their scalp and hair moisturized. This will promote elasticity and make hair easy to style.

You have to see perfect wedding hairstyles ideas from Pinterest!


Wedding Messy Bun Hairstyles

Messy bun hairstyles for weddings offer a blend of elegance and effortless chic, perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and guests looking for a stylish yet unfussy look. Whether you have fine, thick, curly, or straight hair, these tips are designed to help you navigate creating a perfectly imperfect messy bun for your special day.

  • Day-Old Hair: Messy buns often hold better and look more textured with hair that’s not freshly washed. If you’re working with clean hair, use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to add grip.
  • High vs. Low Bun: Decide on the placement of your bun. A high bun creates a more playful and modern vibe, while a low bun at the nape of the neck exudes classic elegance.
  • Bobby Pins are Key: Use plenty of bobby pins to secure your bun. Insert them into the bun at different angles for maximum hold.


Quick Knot Bun Hairstyle (Tutorial)

Here is a super quick hairstyle tutorial that is easy to do by yourself.
Video by Kasia Fortuna

Curly Bun Hairstyles Wedding

Curly bun hairstyles exude romance and elegance, making them a fantastic choice for weddings. By following these tips, you can ensure your curls look stunning and stay in place from the ceremony to the last dance.

  • Volume and Texture: Think about how much volume you want. Pulling a few curls loose around the face can soften the look and add texture.
  • Gentle Gathering: Carefully gather your curls into a ponytail at your chosen bun height. Use a hair tie that’s snag-free to avoid damaging your curls.
  • Twist and Pin: Twist the ponytail gently and wrap it around the base to form your bun. Secure it with bobby pins, inserting them through the bun and into your hair beneath for a firm hold.
  • Emergency Kit: Pack a small bag with extra bobby pins, a travel-sized hairspray, and a few hair ties. Including a curl-refreshing spray can help revive your curls throughout the day.

Remember, the beauty of curly hair lies in its unique texture and volume, so embrace your natural curls and let them shine on your special day.


Braided Bun Hairstyles for Wedding

Braided bun hairstyles for weddings are timeless and versatile, offering a perfect blend of elegance, romance, and sophistication. This style suits almost everyone, adapting to different hair lengths and textures, and enhancing the bride’s or bridesmaid’s overall look.

Whether you’re aiming for a classic, elegant, or bohemian wedding theme, there’s a braided bun that perfectly matches your desired aesthetic. Here are some practical and stylish tips to help create a stunning braided bun for the special day.

  • Choose the Right Braid: From classic French braids to intricate fishtails or Dutch braids, select a style that complements your wedding look. Consider your hair length and texture, as some braids may work better with certain types of hair.
  • Softening the Look: For a softer, romantic vibe, gently pull at the edges of the braids to widen them slightly. This technique, known as pancaking, makes the braids appear fuller.
  • Trial Run: It’s highly recommended to have a trial session with your hairstylist before the wedding day. This allows you to see how the hairstyle looks with your dress and make any necessary adjustments.

Loose Low Bun Wedding Hairstyles

Loose low bun wedding hairstyles offer timeless elegance and an air of effortless grace, making them a favorite among brides aiming for a look that’s both romantic and relaxed. Here are some useful tips to achieve the perfect loose low bun for your special day:

  • Create Texture: Before styling, curl your hair with a wide-barrel curling iron for soft waves. This step adds volume and makes it easier to achieve that beautifully undone look.
  • Gather Gently: When pulling your hair back, do it gently and loosely to avoid a tight, polished look. Secure your hair at the nape of your neck with a hair tie, leaving a few face-framing pieces out.
  • Be Comfortable: The most important tip is to ensure your hairstyle feels comfortable and secure. A loose low bun should feel as effortless as it looks, allowing you to enjoy your special day without worrying about your hair.


Wedding Hairstyles Low Side Bun

Asymmetric loose side bun wedding hairstyles are not that common, which makes this option a great choice for an original bride. This stunning hairstyle looks great on medium-length curly hair. Delicate lines, loose strands, smoothness of skin, royal postur… Large earrings, single flowers or jewel hairpieces complete the look.

High Bun Wedding Hairstyles

High bun wedding hairstyles exude elegance and sophistication, making them a stunning choice for brides who want a classic yet contemporary look. Here are useful tips to ensure your high bun is flawless on your special day:

  • Consider Variations: High buns can range from sleek and smooth to messy and voluminous. Decide on the style that best suits your wedding theme and personal taste. A sleek bun offers a more traditional, elegant look, while a messy bun provides a modern, relaxed vibe.
  • Don’t Fear Hair Padding or Extensions: If your hair lacks volume, consider using a bun shaper or hair extensions. These can add fullness to your bun and ensure it holds its shape throughout the day.
  • Eliminate Flyaways: Use a fine-tooth comb or a brush to smooth any flyaways, applying a light hairspray or smoothing serum for a sleek finish. For a softer look, gently pull a few strands loose around your face.


Wedding Hairstyles Bun With Veil

A bun hairstyle paired with a veil exudes a timeless elegance that has graced countless brides through the ages. This combination effortlessly complements a wide range of wedding gowns, from the most modern designs to vintage-inspired pieces, ensuring that your bridal look remains classic and sophisticated.

Here are some useful tips to ensure both elements complement each other beautifully:

  • Match the Veil to Your Hairstyle: Consider the size and style of your bun when choosing your veil. A longer, cathedral-length veil looks stunning with a sleek, low bun, while shorter veils, like birdcages or elbow-length styles, can beautifully accentuate high buns.
  • Design Around the Veil: Inform your hairstylist if you plan to wear a veil so they can style your bun accordingly. A more structured bun might be necessary to support the veil, especially if it’s a heavier piece.
  • Easy Removal: If you plan to remove the veil after the ceremony, ensure it’s attached in a way that won’t disturb your bun. Discuss this with your hairstylist to find the best method for a smooth transition.

Elegant And Feminine Buns

There is hardly anything as stunning, as feminine bun wedding hairstyles. A high bun speaks of chic and style. It goes best with an open neck and shoulders. The classic low bun looks timeless. As with any other seemingly simple hairstyle, it requires professional attention for the best results. You can add a single side braid to your hairstyle, that goes so well with the loose strands!

Enchanting Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns remain very popular among other wedding bun hairstyles. There are many options for a brides how to work simple hairstyle into a stunning look! This hairstyle is a great option for curly hair. Waves make this high bun look more creative.

You can leave out those loose bangs for a more delicate face-framing or keep a several stray strands for an extra artistic effect. This hairstyle looks great with a low cut back, bridal suit or a silk retro dress.


Wedding bun hairstyles offer an unmatched blend of elegance, simplicity, and versatility, making them a quintessential choice for brides on their special day. From the classic sleek bun to the intricate braided and accessorized versions, there’s a bun style to suit every bride, theme, and personal preference. These hairstyles not only elevate the bridal look but also ensure comfort and durability throughout the celebration. By selecting the perfect bun hairstyle, brides can achieve a timeless look that complements their overall wedding aesthetic, ensuring they look and feel their best from the walk down the aisle to the final dance of the evening.