42 Chic And Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyles

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Once wedding season starts, you’re going to have a lot of decisions to make on which events you’ll be attending, which would be worth traveling for, the right dresses to wear, and also the hairstyle for each occasion. For some inspiration in choosing the right one for each special day, we have put together a couple of wedding guest hairstyles that are chic and easy at the same time.


So, while you are RSVP’ing those invitations one after the other, you will have nothing to worry about in this regard. We’ve got you covered whether you have long, full hair, short hair, curls, or wavy tresses. There is a style for every type of event, from beach wedding hairstyles, to even Indian wedding hairstyles for that exotic-themed wedding.

Сharming Wedding Guest Updos

  • Add some color! Whether you’re styling a bun or a classy chignon, you could add a dash of color to make it more interesting. You could dye your hair one shade if you want, get highlights, or just use color mousse for a streak of color.
  • Braided extravaganza! Wedding updos are great for almost any shape of head, and a lovely way to show off your neck, accessories, or the neckline of your dress. For something different from the usual, you could try a braided updo.
  • French braid for a crown for wedding hairstyles braid makes for a beautiful and classy updo that will set you apart from the rest.


Lovely Curls For Wedding Guests

Instead of requesting a style, demand romance. Fishtail braids, waterfalls, and up-dos have very little in common visually but they do hold one common thread: Love.

  • Mermaid’s hair! You could try curls for wedding hairstyles for long hair. There’s nothing more beautiful than messy, long curls allowed to fall. Great fun for a beach or destination wedding.
  • Polished! Whether you need wedding hairstyles for short hair or long, for an elegant and sophisticated look, you could try polished curls. Add a stylish comb or hairpin to finish the look.
  • Romantic! Curls are a great idea when you’re looking to add a bit of romance to your overall style. Part your hair, or add extensions for some extra volume, and you’ll get the perfect look for a special day.


Slightly Messy Updos For Wedding Guests

  • Messy bun! If you’re one for easy wedding hairstyles, try the simple but cute, messy bun. This is one that can fall into the category of wedding hairstyles for medium hair or long hair. Great look for a boho or rustic wedding.
  • Countryside chic! Another option for simple wedding hairstyles is the curls in a bun that is trendy for a countryside wedding. Frame the face with side locks pulled from the messy, low bun to complete the image.
  • Braided low bun! Another romantic hairstyle is the braided bun. This will fit with any type of wedding as well as almost any type of dress style.


Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half-Up hairstyles will provide your guests with some much-appreciated versatility. Formal guests can take advantage of this theme with tight braids while more free-form guests can dawn elegant curls.

This look works well with all sorts of hair qualities such as mid and long length hair, thin and thick. The half-up option also works wonders with any dress style. Whether your wedding will happen in a church, a hall, or on the beach, photos of your guests will be gorgeous with a half-up half-down theme.

  • Play it simple! Though half up half down wedding hairstyles may sound complicated, you can make it simple by just smoothing your hair with a straightener, and pulling the top half into a loose ponytail, allowing it fall with the rest of the hair.
  • Thematic accessories! Simple wedding hairstyles half up half down can be jazzed up with accessories to match the theme of the wedding for various lengths of hair.
  • Half up half down waves! Another stylish way to let your hair down is to just clasp it loosely on both sides for some style.


Easy Updos For Curly Hair

Keeping it simple is the moral of the story, and there is no look more simple than the classic up-do. Some guests will enjoy the lengthy process of intricate neck-skimming twists while others will love you for the quick and easy braided top-knot option. Another guest fall right in the middle.

The best thing about the updo theme option is that you can let your guests decide for themselves while still being able to count on a great photoshoot for the wedding album.

  • Curly Updo! Sometimes wedding hairstyles updos look even better when you curl your hair a little. Apply hairspray to enable the curls to last longer.
  • Updo with flowers! From white roses to lilacs, a single flower can make a lot of difference to your hairstyle. Especially if you are close friends or family, find the flower accessory that connects with the theme of the wedding for a better connection.
  • Curly bun! Curly hair in a slightly messy low bun has a special appeal of its own. Add a stylish accessory like a pin or two to this effortless look to finish it off.

Relaxed Long Hair For Boho Weddings

  • Ombre! To stand out at a boho wedding, why not try this amazing ombre color scheme. Sometimes the right color is all you need for wedding hairstyles long hair to look fantastic.
  • Braided! Braided hairstyles for wedding are always a great choice for a bohemian themed wedding. Whether it’s an updo or you let the hair down, you will certainly look good as a wedding guest.
  • Mermaid braid! An appropriate style for a beach boho wedding, destination wedding, or even one held at home. You can’t go wrong with a mermaid braid. A little loose for that effortless look and maybe flower accessories, and your look will be perfect.

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Wedding Guest Hairstyles With Braids

If the vast majority of the ladies at your ceremony sport long hair, consider instituting braids as your party theme. Braids are stunning with any venue and any gown. Your guests will have an easy time getting ready while they match their dress with a fishtail, dutch, and upside-down braids. Your photographer will have a great time capturing all of the twists, turns, and textures that come along with braids.

  • Braided crown! It is hard to go wrong with braids for a wedding. They will make any guest look stunning in any style of dress. And a braided crown is even more special than an updo.
  • Side braid! If you’re looking for a simple, yet sexy look, try a side braid. This will be a perfect style for a strapless dress or one with a low neckline that shows off your neck and hair at the same time.
  • Creative! You can be creative with your braids and have small side braids as opposed to one big one. This will especially stand out if your dress is more on the simple, minimalist side.

Gentle Ideas With Fresh Flowers

  • Half-up half-down! A great choice of hairstyle for wedding guests is the half-up half-down hairstyle. Add a single flower as an accessory, and you get a simple, yet romantic look for the day.
  • Go ethnic! If you’re attending a traditional Indian wedding, you can go ethnic with Indian wedding half up half down hairstyles, or other such hairstyles to blend with the theme of the wedding. Don’t forget the flowers.
  • Simple bun! For any wedding reception, choose a relaxed hairstyle like a messy updo with loose curls. Tuck a flower behind one ear for that ultimate, laid back and ultra-feminine look.


Guest Hairstyles With Trendy Accessories

Rather than a specific style, consider naming an accessory as your party theme. Instructing your guests to adorn hair accessories like antiques, pearls, or flowers will ensure continuity while allowing your guests to do whatever they want with their hair.

Often enough, the wedding gown defines the style, but your guests will arrive in an assortment of colors and styles. A common accessory goes to great lengths to find common ground and an adhesive style. Perhaps your best option, accessory-based themes merges flexibility with continuity.

  • Curly half-up! Big relaxed curls pulled up at the sides and bound loosely together with a stylish hair clip. This curly, half-up hairstyle has soft curls falling down your shoulders for that ultimate sexy look.
  • Classy! Style this classy hairdo with an original hairpiece. Shiny, polished hair in a sophisticated high bun that would be difficult to forget for quite some time.
  • Original hairpiece! Make a fashion statement even if you have short hair. While short wedding hairstyles may be in short supply, pun intended. A statement hairpiece paired with smooth, shiny hair, can make all the difference.

Chic Universal Updos Ideas

  • Low chignon! Part your hair in the middle or to the side and create a loose and effortless looking, low chignon for that classy, but laid-back look.
  • Twirl it! You can start your chignon right from the front, leaving wisps of loose tendrils down the sides for a soft and elegant finish.
  • Straight back twists! A great look for a classic or modern wedding is the hairstyle that pulls your hair straight back, away from your face, and held in twists at the back.


Fast Hairdos For Long Hair

  • Sleek ponytail! One of the easiest wedding guest hairstyles to pull off yourself, the sleek ponytail will never lose its appeal. For extra smoothness and shine, consider investing in some quality hair mousse.
  • Hair bow! Another simple but stylish hairstyle for long hair is this bow that can be achieved by splitting a high ponytail into two parts and tying it into a bow.
  • Waves! Though you might need a good amount of hairspray to keep it up together, the waves are another choice for wedding hairstyles down for long hair. This is also an option if you’re in need of wedding hairstyles for shoulder length hair.

Modern Hairstyles Ideas

  • Three bows! For something easy for long hair, try this hairstyle where you just pull locks from both sides of the hair into not one, but three bows, and let the rest fall freely.
  • Half up half down french twist! A great choice for a laid-back beach wedding.
  • Extremely high bun! This retro hairstyle will be a great choice for modern wedding guests looking to go with the flow. Remember to pair this style with stunning red lipstick and the right accessories.


Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Short Hair

  • Simply straight! Whether you need wedding hairstyles for medium length hair or short hair, the simple straight polished look is a chic and popular solution. You just have to ensure to achieve the sleek nature and avoid stray hairs or tresses.
  • Bangs! Short locks gain a bigger and better personality when you add bangs. By making this choice you will be sure to stand out and your hairstyle will become the highlight of your day.
  • Pinned hair! One of the simplest ways to style short hair is with pins. Whether in curls or sleek straight, use a stylish pin to pin the hair to one side, and you are ready as a wedding guest.

Vintage Wedding Guest Curls

  • Glamourous curls! An addition to our collection of medium length wedding hairstyles is this beauty of vintage origins. These classy ‘Old Hollywood’ curls will definitely leave you looking and feeling amazing for your day at the wedding.
  • Marilyn style! If you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe, then you would no doubt enjoy these big, blond curls that were her signature style. Simple and yet stunning, pin to the side to complete the look.
  • Retro curls! Curl your shoulder length hair to get that retro look, and use a conditioner or hairspray to get that extra shine. Finish off with pins to fix the curls and you are ready for your event of the day.

Being such a special season, you will surely not run out of wedding guest hairstyles to complete your look for each day.