40 Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women [2024 Guide + Expert Tips]

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When it comes to hair, every bride has her unique combination of length, color, and texture. Today we’ll be zooming in on the unique characteristics of black women wedding hairstyles. Arguably, your wedding hairstyle is as important as your wedding gown, and we want to help you nail it.


Flip through and you’ll find a variety of classic, trending, and unique black wedding hairstyles.

Brides Often Ask

What are the best wedding hairstyles for black women?

The best wedding hairstyles for black women include the soft natural afro with a delicate side clip and a regal finger Waves updo with tendrils. We also adore the tuck and roll updo, tight curls wash and go, deep side parts updo, or cascading waves. If she wants to keep the look crisp, a textured updo with crown, spiral locks updos or layered loose ringlets are gorgeous. Other ideas are the low textured bun, curly high bun, jumbo low bun braids with curls, and jungle braids.

What makes African American hair types special?

African-American hair is coiled and textured, which makes it unique. It also produces protective oils that keep the hair healthy. African-American hair types are so versatile that they don’t need so much manipulation. They are also easy to handle and you can simply wash and go without bothering to style. The hair is quite resilient too and almost every hairstyle sits well on it. For weddings, the hair thickness is a great advantage as you can stretch or style as is.

How to care for African-American hair types before the wedding?

Always deep condition and invest in silk pillowcases or head scarf before bed. This ideal helps minimize frizz, dullness, and breakage. Choose hairstyles that match your texture because you don’t want to do damage over manipulation. Also, check the climate because humidity can ruin black her, so protect appropriately.


Sleek Wedding Updos For Black Hair

Classic wedding updo hairstyles for black hair are a great excuse to flaunt strapless gowns and statement hairpieces.

Make classic updos more dynamic with asymmetry. Sweep and pin your bangs to one side and bundle spiral curls at the nape of your neck.

Add a few colored highlights to create even more depth and excitement. Want even more? Add a large, vibrant flower. The classic wedding updo is simply the template. You can add layers and layers of personality.


Elegant Wedding Updos For Black Bride

There are plenty of elegant wedding hairstyles for black hair. Experiment with sleek braids, curly buns, and high updos until you find a style that matches your gown and theme.

These elegant options work great with veils. The flowing nature of your veil will perfectly blend in with the organic texture and flow of your tresses. You’ll have many different options at your disposal.


Simple Low Bun On Black Hair

Low buns are another great option for African American wedding hairstyles. It will take a lot of priming and preening to achieve the look. But, the result will be a smooth, effortless-looking style. You will have to check your pins and apply a little product throughout the day, but this hairstyle is otherwise low maintenance.


Slightly Messy Black Hair Updos

There are more than a few messy wedding hairstyles for black women to look into. Messy updos, pixie cuts, and ponytails are all fun ways to shirk tradition and rebel a little. The contrast between free-spirited wedding hairstyles and the inherent femininity of wedding gowns.

Side Swept For Glam Bride

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Side sweeps give black wedding hair the best of both worlds. One side of your hair can be neatly swept back and close to the skin. The other side can be curled and allowed to fall naturally. This results in a feminine, organic look that’s also tamed and under control.
We adore this look when paired with a dainty tiara.

The combination creates a hairstyle perfect for both fairytale, traditional, and rustic wedding themes. Your choice of accessories and gown will determine which theme works best.


Extremely High Wedding Hairstyles

One huge benefit of POC hair quality is that black wedding updo hairstyles have a lot more opportunities for height, volume, and sculpting.

This is the perfect style to lift your hair off of your shoulders, back, and neck to expose more of that gorgeous bridal gown. In its standard format, the high updo is a clean look that you that can adjust to your liking. Make it more sophisticated by smoothing out your locks with the product. Or, achieve a more romantic look by emphasizing texture and lose tresses.

You have to see perfect wedding hairstyle ideas from Pinterest!

Cute Updos For Black Bride

Black wedding updos celebrate texture, coils, kinks, and volume. We are seeing more and more huge buns and afro puffs, and we love it. Look for a large headband for your accessories. This will help shape your updo. It will also help you conform to your wedding theme by choosing the right material, size, and patterns.

For example, a frizzy updo will perfectly represent the boho aesthetic with a thick, lacy headband. Choose metals, gems, or rhinestones to steer the look towards other themes.


Charming Wedding Loose Curls

Loose curls are the most versatile wedding hairstyles for black brides. This look fits into a huge list of wedding themes. Wear this look at boho, rustic, garden, alternative, fairytale, and any other theme that embraces nature and romance.

Precious gems and flowers are the go-to accessory options. However, since the look is so flexible, you can get as creative as you like without the risk of breaking the aesthetic. You also have the luxury of mixing and matching braid styles for a completely custom look.

Pro Tip
Could you share some tips and techniques that brides can incorporate into their hair care routine leading up to their wedding day to ensure their natural curls are easy to style?
Leading up to the wedding day, it is essential that brides keep their natural curls hydrated by washing them once a week. For brides that wear braids and cornrows regularly, it is important that they deep condition once every 2 weeks to keep their scalp and hair moisturized. This will promote elasticity and make hair easy to style.

Black Women Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

Veils are a major component of black bride wedding hairstyles. Since wedding veils can be long, short, beaded, lacy, and all manner of different style combos, it’s important to consider the feature when deciding on your bridal hairstyle.

Make sure to bring your veil to the saloon as you explore different hairstyles with your stylist. This will ensure a cohesive look between the two elements when testing various materials, styles, and positions of your veil.


Side Hair Clip Bridal Ideas

Consider a side hair clip for your wedding hairstyle of black hair. While many other hairstyles call for a subtle accessory, the side clip variety is a little different. Side clips are your chance for large, elaborate, statement pieces.

These bridal hair accessories work equally well with smooth and kinky, formal and casual styles. This is a dynamic look that we love to see at spring and fall weddings when seasons are in transition. Use a large to offset a simple gown or use it to enhance the excitement of already dynamic attire and jewelry.

Pro Tip
Many brides want to incorporate accessories into their wedding hairstyle. How can your brand's hair care products enhance the use of accessories for natural curly African hair?
To incorporate accessories into your wedding hairdo, it is critical that all cuticles remain flat, which can only be accomplished via thorough cleansing, moisturizing, and clumping with the Ruutos updo besties.
It should be noted that if the cuticles are not flat, employing accessories will result in hair breakage.

Bridal Black Hair Ideas With Halo

When it comes to black wedding hairstyles, halo accessories are not restricted to rustic and boho wedding themes. Hairstyles for black brides lend themselves to an assortment of thin, thick, simple, and elaborate halo accessories. This means that they will look perfectly in place in both barns and banquet halls.

Wedding Hair Vine Ideas

Hair vines are awesome accessories for wedding hairstyles for African American brides. These previously underappreciated hair accessories are growing in popularity and for good reason. Vines allow you to highlight certain aspects of your hairstyle, create visual dynamics, and create visual frames.

The organic nature of vines makes them perfect for outdoor and naturally themed weddings. Choose this style for barn, garden, and beach weddings for the ultimate natural look.

Charming Hairstyles With Flowers

Combining flowers with wedding hairstyles for natural black hair is always beautiful. For best results, match your hair flowers to your accessories and the theme’s color palette. We also recommend planning so that you can source the freshest, most vibrant flowers from a local source.

Stems, petals, and pre-bloom buds are immensely popular this year. Green is an energetic color on its own. Adding the symbolism of growth and potential is a great metaphor for your wedding.


The variety of black women wedding hairstyles is growing by the day. Make sure to experiment and choose your hairstyle along with your wedding gown and the shortlist of accessories. It’s important to balance all of your attire elements at the same time to achieve a complete look.