Elegant Wedding Hairstyles: 80+ Best Looks & Expert Tips

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Less they say, is more and this holds true for brides who step out looking simple on their wedding day. From the dress to makeup, jewelry, and shoes. Everything is on point. But what makes a bride’s look stand out is her hair, her crown.


And for the simple bride, this may pose a problem because she wants to maintain her personality while looking good. Not to worry, we’ve lined up the most elegant wedding hairstyles for long hair, short, and medium hair for you.

Brides Often Ask

What wedding hairstyle to choose to look elegant?

Elegant wedding hairstyles include a low chignon for the classic look and a full ponytail for a flirty affair. If you want to look effortlessly chic, the messy bun is for you while the floral tuck is everything romantic. If you want to look sophisticated, opt for the half up half down styles, but for a regal look, go with the versatile braids hairstyles. Other options include the infusion of waves, twists, curls, and accessories to give your hairstyle a perfect finishing.

What elegant hairstyle accessories to choose for the wedding?

Wear an embellished veil with fluttering accents to channel that princess look. You can also consider accented straight pins from twists, buns, knots, and chignons. We also love the crystal and pearl headpieces, combs, clips, and bedazzled barrettes. For the minimalist bride, hair vines, tiaras and encrusted floral crown in deconstructed updos are perfect. Whatever you choose, you’d be a stunning bride.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’ve got long tresses, you can have them sleek and ready without losing a strand. Or you can create resting waves, this is one of the trendiest elegant wedding hairstyles for medium length hair and long hair. Perfect for the beach wedding. Finish up with nude lips, smoky eyes, and a tiara.

Another trendy hairstyle for long hair is topsy turvy fishtail braids: split hair into miniature ponytails, turn ponytails inside out to achieve sizeable fish braid, pair hairstyle with statement pieces of jewelry. One of the best casual elegant wedding hairstyles for a Bohemian bride.

And a super-easy way to create an elegant bridal look, just leaves your hair in side-swept curled locks. Sweep curled hair to the side and accessorize with statement pin for a vintage wedding.

Click to see the most popular wedding hairstyles ideas on Pinterest!

Half Up Half Down For The Elegant Bride

If you have long or medium hair length and down want to spot total wedding updos, choose half up half down hairstyle.


This hairstyle is the perfect way to give your hair an illusion of volume. You can wear the hairstyle in a fishtail half-up, ponytail half-up, twisted half-up and accessorize.

Split your hair horizontally from the back of one ear to the next. Comb the half-up hair from your crown and sides to the center back of your head. You can pin this part in, make it into a bun, twist it or leave in a simple ponytail. Accessorize as you deem fit.

Elegant Ways To Wear Wedding Hair Down

Wearing your hair down for wedding trends as one of the classic and elegant wedding hairstyles to look out for.


As a rule, the bride’s hair must complement her dress and theme. The aim must not be to compete. Wearing the hair down is very modern and romantic. You can leave it in curls for a casual look or keep it a bone straight formal look.

Wear it on a strapless dress which isn’t too embellished with details on the neckline. Make sure that the length crosses below the neckline of your dress, else it looks boxy. Keep pieces of jewelry at a minimum and wear simple makeup.

This hairstyle goes well with a beach or princess wedding theme.

Elegant High Updos With Extensions

If you want a full updo, you’ll use some extensions, especially for long hair.


With your extensions firmly set in, make an updo with side part and some bangs over forehead. It should be loose and pair with a strapless dress. When the updo is all pulled back and tight, it draws more attention to the forehead and neck.

If you’re aiming for something more formal dramatic, pair your updo with a ball gown. And if you’re having a casual wedding, make loose updos with escaped curls. Pair with a dress and with an embellished neckline or halter neck.

Elegant Wedding Updos For Long Hair

Of course, you can look gentle wedding hairstyles low bridal updo will be a perfect option for you. It will create a gentle wedding look and suits any wedding dress style. It’s a universal variant for those brides who want to be elegant and gentle. Turn your attention to names and tutorials for elegant wedding hairstyles half up half down before picking the right hairstyle for long hair.

Elegant Side Braid Wedding Hairstyles

If you want to create a boho look the elegant wedding hairstyles for long hair side braid is your perfect variant. A wedding braid can complete some beach of outside ceremony cause it won’t look like “too much”. If you are going to make more sophisticated look just add some accessories.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

If you’re thinking of the best wedding hairstyles for medium hair that you can rock, see a few tips below.

  • Rock an accessorized chic blowout with spaghetti straps.
  • You can also leave your hair down in sleek shiny waves tucked behind your ears. Pair with sweetheart neckline.
  • An updo matted with hair serum and Bobby pins work wonders too.

To take care of your medium length hair before the wedding, first; nourish. You can do this by deep conditioning your hair. Also, hydrate for healthier strands and get a trim. Avoid tongs, towels or heating. They can cause breakage and frizzing.

Classic And Elegant Wedding Buns Ideas

Buns are classic and elegant wedding hairstyles that give the diva appearance. You can wear it in so many ways.


Wear your bun in a twisted fashion for more panache at your countryside wedding. Make hair into twists and roll together in a bun. You won’t need accessories.

For a simpler look, make a top knot bun that gives you the girl next door look. If you feel like a little drama, make the double dutch or French braid buns.

Bride With Elegant Chignon Hairstyle

Chignon is a hairstyle as old as time. It has evolved and you can wear it in different ways.


Brides can wear chignons in a sleek put together fashion. Using hairspray and pins, the chignon is held smoothly for a formal look. Brides can also opt for the undone chignon that looks a little messy. Accessorize with statement combs or vines to get the effect. Although, chignons are beauty whether accessorized or not.

Chic Messy Bridal Hair Updo

If you have medium hair length that escapes when you pack it, don’t worry. We’ve got hairstyles for you.


You can wear your medium hair in low buns, high knots, twists or pinned up curls. This helps you acquire a unique effortless and relaxed feel. Your hair will look messy while leaving you polished for that formal or very casual wedding.

Casual Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

Are you looking for some simple and natural wedding hairstyles? Decide in favor of casual elegant wedding hairstyles. These wedding hairstyles can complete the luxury wedding dress look especially it will create a great tandem with the mermaid or tramped dress.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair is playful and has so many ways that brides can make elegant wedding hairstyles for short hair.


  • Detangle your hair using a comb and texturize with a spray.
  • Give your hair a center or side part and sleek down.
  • Pick out three inches from one side, comb and twist. Hold in place with a pin.
  • Repeat the same on the other side, hold both twists together and clip.

This is a very simple elegant wedding hairstyle for short hair.

Bridal Hairstyles Pinned To The Side

Elegant wedding hairstyles pinned to the side are feminine and romantic. These hairstyles work wonders for different face shapes.

  • The round-faced bride, for example, will wear a side-swept hairstyle in a sleek fashion. It will give the illusion to a lengthy face.
  • The bride with an oblong face will wear the side-swept hairstyle in tumbling waves for a delicate look. The idea is to more volume and width, not length.
  • A bride with a diamond-shaped face will wear side-swept bangs to shift attention from the center of the face. This will give the face a fuller look.

Elegant Wedding Headbands With Short Hair

Headbands are flexible and perfect for short hair because they can be well adjusted. There are many types to choose from.

  • Think about the bandeau type headbands for short hair. It’s all the accessories a bride needs.
  • There’s also the Satin ribbon headbands with couture styling. With a comb adhered to the headband, it can hold a veil in place.

Another beauty is the bejeweled accented headbands featuring crystals or pearls to help you achieve a more contemporary look.

Short Elegant Hairstyle With A Modern Twist

Going for short elegant wedding hairstyles for natural hair? Work it with a modern twist.

  • Rocks a curly airy updo by twisting and pinning your hair at your crown. This look is whimsical and sensational.
  • You can also opt for a low messy chignon for the rustic feel. Accessorize with artificial flowers and hold in place with Bobby pins.
  • A very formal faux hawk is a short hairstyle to try. Shave the sides and curl the top. Finish by clasping the side with an embellished hair clip.

Elegant Ways To Put Flowers In Your Hair

If you want to achieve some simple elegant wedding hairstyles but still add some hint of tenderness, add some flowers to your hairstyle. Pick the flower or flower accessories of the appropriate color grading and complete quick elegant wedding hairstyle.

Simple Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

Sometimes simplicity is the best. A simple wedding hairstyle will not distract from the dress and makeup but will complete the overall beautiful look. But keep in mind, that you will need professional hairstylists because making that hairstyle for a wedding isn’t so fast and simple as it seems. Get inspiration from the wedding hairstyle ideas below!

Perfect Elegance With A Twisted Low Bun

Are you interested in boho wedding hairstyles? Pick the twisted low bun. It’s a simple wedding hairstyle which will look perfect on the boho photos. It’s benefit is that this option can be considered even as elegant wedding hairstyles shoulder-length hair.

Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial: Easy Low Bun


Easy Braided Hairstyle For Wedding Party

The braided hairstyle can become your simple but elegant wedding hairstyles. Braids will create the free spirit look and will perfectly look both with vintage and boho styles. Pick the braids and their lovely shape will make you look trendy and stylish in any occasion.


Simple Ponytail Hairstyle That You Can Do

A classic ponytail is the one most synonymous with comfort and simplicity. This simple and elegant wedding hairstyle is the option for practical brides who prefer to look gentle and elegant without time-consuming procedures.


Just Add Spectacular Bridal Hair Comb

Check out our wedding hair comb selection for the very best in unique. You can make your hairstyles even more creative and sophisticated with the help of some accessories for your bun. A comb is classy elegant wedding hairstyles which perfectly complete the calm wedding look.


Naturally Textured Wedding Hairstyles

Every bride is beautiful on her own. We are here to share a beautiful wedding hairstyles for each of you! Keep your natural beauty glowing and be the queen!

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

Pick the elegant wedding hairstyles for black women from our selection of the top hairstyles. Depending on the wedding dress style you can pick african american elegant wedding hairstyles such as updos, half up half down and etc.


Elegant Wedding Hairstyles Half Up For Asian

Each nationality has its own preferences, even if we tap about picking the right wedding hairstyle. Here you can find elegant wedding hairstyles half up for Asian which can satisfy any wedding style and need.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Elegant wedding updos will perfectly complete the calm wedding look. If you buy the trumped dress with the open back these hairstyles will perfectly meet your expectation. It will focus the attention on your beautiful back.


Elegant Wedding Hairstyles With Veils

Love the classic look of a wedding hairstyle with a veil but still want a wedding hairstyle that stuns? Check out some fantastic ideas below – you will fall in love with these ideas!

Elegant Ways To Wear Veil With Hair Up

If you don’t know how to wear a veil and still create a stunning look pick the casual elegant wedding hairstyles waves for your hair up styling. Elegant wedding hairstyles half up half down is the classical solution for veil and the most suitable one.


How To Wear A Veil With Hair Down

If you are looking for elegant wedding hairstyles for long length hair to wear the veil, pick the hair down variants. We insist to pick the hairstyles first and then buy the appropriate veil it will simplify the choice. But if you have already buy the veil try the simple chignon or half up and down.

Elegant Wedding Look With Birdcage Veil

The birdcage veil need especial attention, because not all hairstyles will suits it. Picking the right hairstyle can become a tedious procedure but we are going to help you. Scroll our elegant wedding hairstyles with veils and pick the most suitable one.


Elegant Wedding Hair For Mother Of The Bride Or Groom

A mother of the bride or groom should look stunning too! One of these elegant hairstyle ideas will definitely suit your precious mom!

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Mature Women With Long Hair

Picking the perfect wedding hairstyles for mothers of the groom or bride can become a tedious procedure. If you are interested in elegant wedding hairstyles for mature women with long hair just prefer the sophisticated updos or elegant wedding hairstyles half up.


Elegant Wedding Updos For Mature Women

Mother’s elegant wedding hairstyle must be calm but glorious. You can pick the elegant wedding hairstyles to the side or decide in favor of more simple updos depending on the dress neckline. don’t forget to add some accessorizes for more luxury overlook.