Average Price For Wedding Hair And Makeup For 2023

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Looking good on your wedding day goes way beyond just the wedding dress, it’s your entire look. From choosing your wedding hairstyle to the stylist who will get it right, and then the makeup artist. One thing that will guide you, asides from their expertise and professionalism, will be your budget. This is why it is important to factor the average price for wedding hair and makeup in your budget and checklist.


While you may want to handle this aspect in your wedding planning yourself, it is recommended to secure the services of professionals to get it done. This may cost extra, but that is why we have conducted our research to find you the current average cost of wedding hair and makeup to keep in mind when planning your events in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do brides pay for hair and makeup for bridesmaids?

Main Points – How To Find A Hairstylist

Certain important factors influence the average cost of bridal makeup and hair for a wedding. From the location to the intricacy of the wedding hairstyle and makeup, to the number of people that would be needing the services.

After a careful survey, it was discovered that the average cost of hair and makeup for weddings is about $300. On the low end, it could be as little as $95 and then up to $1,000 on the high end. So, depending on the type of hairdresser and makeup artist you get and if they would need to travel, it should range from at least $250 to $650.


Wedding Hair And Makeup Trial Cost

It is quite helpful and recommended to have a hair and makeup trial before the wedding. With this, you can be sure you are all on the same page. If it’s not free, this trial can usually cost around $50 to $150. So, when wondering how much wedding hair and makeup cost, don’t forget to include the cost of the trial.


What’s Included In Wedding Hair And Makeup Cost?

Wondering about the breakdown of the services usually rendered by the hair and makeup team? Here is what you need to know. The following are considered in average hair and makeup cost for weddings.

  • Your hairstyle has an impact on the price, as an updo will most likely cost more than a blowout. Updos typically cost up to $45 more to style.
  • The traditional and simple makeup will cost less than the airbrush application. If you’re having airbrush wedding makeup, be prepared to pay at least $50 more than you would for traditional makeup.
  • If you will be paying for bridesmaid makeup, be prepared to budget for this as well. The number of people will impact the price of the service.
  • If your stylist or makeup artist will need to travel to your location, they might include the transportation costs in your fee as well.
  • The hair and wedding makeup costs can be added to the fee for the trial if a trial is scheduled before the wedding.


Should You Tip Your Hair And Makeup Artist?

Tipping is usually expected, just as it is in regular salons, especially as a thank you for exceptional services. You should naturally tip your stylist and makeup artist 15% to 25% of their total bill if you are happy with their services.


Additional Costs For Wedding Hair And Makeup

We mentioned already, the usual factors that constitute the average cost of wedding makeup. However, there are other extra charges you could encounter, depending on how fancy your eventual look will be, or the type of products you intend to use.

  • Trial runs – already mentioned before, which can cost anywhere from $50 to $150.
  • Extras – airbrush makeup, updo hairstyles, and false eyelashes are liable to incur more costs.
  • Travel – if either professional would need to travel to your location, then the average cost of makeup artist for a wedding and a stylist would increase.
  • Extra clients – if you have more people beyond just you and your bridal party, perhaps the mother and sister of the bride, this will impact your total fee as well.
  • More hours – beyond the agreed-upon time; if you need either professional for more time, perhaps for a touch-up, you would be billed by the hour for them to remain.

How Much Does Bridal Party Hair And Makeup Cost?

Wondering the average cost of wedding hair for bridesmaids? We have that covered too. It is usually around 50 – 100$ per extra person, whether bridesmaid or mother of the bride, rather than charging per hour.


How much are some typical pre-wedding beauty treatments?

In a bid to look your best on such a special occasion, there are quite a number of pre-wedding beauty treatments that would help you not only look great but feel great as well. If you are considering how much it would cost to get makeup and hair done for your wedding, you might as well include estimates for either of these two.

  • Massage therapy – A good massage is a great way to relieve anxiety during such a stressful time as when you’re planning a wedding. On average, pre-wedding massage services would cost about $65.
  • Facials – Apart from your dress, your face would be a focal point on your big day, so it helps to prep your skin. You would need to budget about $55 for a good bridal facial.
  • Manicures – Your fingers and hands cannot be left out as they would be on display and photographed an awful lot, especially for your ring. A manicure would incur about $25.
  • Pedicures – Your feet would need some pampering too. Apart from looking good, they should feel their best in your bridal shoes. On average a pre-wedding pedicure would cost $35.
  • Body art – Some cultures apply body art to their brides, such as mehendi which is important for Indian brides. On average the mehendi body art would cost about $75.
  • Tanning – You could consider tanning if you need that extra glow. About $40 would be required for a good tan.

If you find yourself asking, how much do wedding hair and makeup cost? You can turn to our guide to give you a general idea. However, there are several possibilities to fit any bride’s style, budget, and specific beauty treatment needs.

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. To achieve this, you might need the help of professionals; but it is also helpful to figure out the average price for wedding hair and makeup.