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30 Timeless Classic Wedding Hairstyles


There are plenty of unique, trendy wedding hairstyles to choose from. But, for soon-to-be brides that have their hearts set on a classic wedding theme will want to check out this list of classic wedding hairstyles.


No need to reinvent the wheel. Indulge in one of these timeless classic hairstyles for weddings or simply apply a modern twist to a wedding bun hairstyle.

Inspiration is waiting for you.

What hairstyles look the best on brunettes?
Brunettes look great with some texture and dimension, adding braids or twists to their style will really make their hair pop!
Alexandra Wilsonon bridal and braiding hairstylist
Expert Tip

The look only takes about 10 minutes to complete. It also pairs well with a bridal hair with veil and can be altered with twists and braids to suit a wide variety of classic and traditional wedding themes.  We highly recommend this look for a traditional church wedding.

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Classic Up Down Wedding Hairstyles

Glamour goes hand-in-hand with volume. That’s exactly what you get with a classic up down wedding hairstyles.  This hairstyle combines the luxury of long flowing hair with the sophistication of coiffed short to medium hair. Classic wedding natural hairstyles like this can be worn at any venue. But, the ideal themes are boho and rustic. Wear it as shown for a classy affair. Or, make use of a vivid color pallet with a generous flower crown to bring it down to earth. Be careful not to go too big with the florals. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm the look.

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Classical Wedding Bun Hairstyles

Buns are an easy, fast way to achieve classic and elegant wedding hairstyles. Buns receive hairpins and combs well, both big and small. They work well rhinestones, floral crowns, and all manner of antique accessories. Or, it looks gorgeous all on its own. 

You can wear a classic wedding up hairstyles indoors, but they look especially appealing in outdoor settings. If you’re looking for a little flair without having to add accessories, try a braid. A strategically positioned braid or twist will add the texture you’re looking for.

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Classic Down Wedding Hairstyles

Letting long hair flow opens a lot of doors for the bride and bridesmaids. Everyone can achieve a sense of unity with an overall similar look. Simultaneously, each member of the team has the flexibility to add her own personal touch. 

The bride should consider something more elaborate than the rest of the team. Look to stylish twists and wraps or the intricate waterfall braid to complete the look. 

Consider the entire ensemble when choosing this hairstyle. It always looks best when long hair seamlessly flows along with the fabrics of the veil and gown.

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Smooth Classic Updo Wedding Hair Ideas

Silky smooth hair is going to take some effort on your part before your visit to the stylist.

First, start with a cold rinse. Warm water lifts the cuticles, causing your hair to frizz up. Wet hair is easier to damage, so wait for it to dry before you run you brush through it. Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible for the same reason. Find the right shampoo for your hair quality, and never allow leave-on conditioners to stay on your scalp. Make a habit of trimming the tips of your hair which is where breakage usually begins.

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Classy Side Swept Bridal Hairstyles

One classic wedding hairstyle we’d like to see more often is “effortless”. It looks good when you can tell a bride sat in a stylist’s chair for several hours. But, it looks absolutely stunning when it seems she simply woke up looking that beautiful. 

The side-swept wedding hairstyle achieves this. Here are a few tips. Keep one side tight and use accessories sparingly. Large accessories throw off the visual balance of the look. For the hair that’s swept aside, focus on volume. Work in as many twists, curls, and waves as your hair can handle to create the perfect point of visual interest.

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Classic Wedding Updos For Natural Hair

For brides that wear their hair down on a day to day basis, a classic wedding updo can be the drastic change that drops jaws. 

Updos have a slimming effect on most face shapes. It also elongates the neck and exposes the shoulders. Square face shapes should aim for thicker looking hair, while rounded faces shouldn’t be shy to allow a few strands to fall. This creates a great frame. 

This classic wedding hairstyle should be particularly appealing for brides planning on an elegant veil. Veils can be worn at any angle and look perfectly natural set into a bridal updo.

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Classic Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

Weddings are the bride’s chance to step far outside her usual look. Women with daily flattened hair may find that sensual curls may be the style you’re looking for. 

There are lots of ways to wear this look, but the most appropriate occasions are retro themes. It doesn’t matter which decade you look at, they all have a signature curl. This is especially true for the Gatsby era. 

Be cautious, curls carry a lot of interest and can easily steal the attention away from your gown and accessories. Make sure the style is appropriate and compliments the rest of your look.

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Classic Wedding Styles With Veil

Many brides choose their gown and wedding veil before choosing their hairstyle. We highly recommend planning your entire look all at once so that everything looks like it belongs. If that ship has sailed, you’ll need a classic wedding hairstyle which compliments your veil. 

Any of the classic wedding hairstyles mentioned above will do. The trick is to find a style that makes the veil look like a part of the hair. The wrong hairstyle will make the veil seem like it was simply stuck there or awkwardly sitting on top.

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Classical Hair Accessories For Brides

Classic wedding hairstyles call for classic accessories. These should be worn strategically, not just because you like them. Their job is to make certain elements of your gown and hair pop, and to immerse you into your wedding theme. 

Common accessories include combs, pins, pearls, flowers, and tiaras. Work with opposites to start with. Try delicate accessories to compliment big-volume hair. Tight or thinner hairstyles look good with chunkier accessories. Don’t overdo it though. Too thin and the accessory will disappear. Too heavy and the accessory will take over the hairstyle. Find your Goldilocks.

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Choosing your hairstyle should happen at the same time as you choose your theme, gown, and accessories. This ensures a cohesive look. Using our inspiration, have a classic wedding hairstyle in mind. Bring your veil and photo of your gown to your stylist so that they understand the complete picture.

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