40 Classic Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For 2024 & Expert Tips

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Dive into the timeless elegance of classic wedding hairstyles and get inspired discovering that perfect blend of tradition and personal flair, from sophisticated updos and wedding bun hairstyles to enchanting waves and regal braids. Beyond mere aesthetics, we’ll uncover the secrets to harmonizing your hairstyle with veils and accessories, ensuring every detail reflects your unique love story.


Embark on this journey with us, where selecting your wedding hairstyle is not just a part of the planning process but a step towards realizing the wedding of your dreams.

Brides Often Ask

What are the most timeless wedding hairstyles?

Timeless hairdos that possess pure, poised elegance and simplicity have a claim on all seasons; they will always be in vogue. Think chic updos in the way of low chignons, buns, romantic curls, and waves—all classic. This could be personalized further by the addition of accessories or where the veil is placed, or it could be taken to the complete opposite end with your stylist’s help.

How far in advance should I start planning my wedding hairstyle?

It’s wise to initiate planning for your wedding hairstyle roughly 3 to 6 months ahead. This period allows for:

  • A hair trial with your stylist, exploring different styles to discover the ideal one for the significant day.
  • Any essential hair treatments or modifications to your hair care routine to make sure your hair is in prime condition.
  • Necessary changes or experimentation with new styles if your first choice isn’t quite right.
  • Adjusting the length of your hair, either growing it out or cutting it to the perfect length for the chosen hairstyle.
  • Beginning early also provides peace of mind and reduces stress as the wedding date nears, ensuring you look and feel your best.

Can I still wear a classic hairstyle if I have short or curly hair?

Certainly! Classic wedding hairstyles are wonderfully versatile and not just reserved for long, straight hair. If your hair is short, it can still be fashioned into elegant waves, sleek updos, or beautified with stylish accessories for a timeless appeal. For curly hair, leveraging its natural texture with beautifully sculpted updos, gentle half up styles, or incorporating classic braids can offer stunning results. Collaborating with a hairstylist who can customize these traditional styles to align with your hair’s unique characteristics, length, and your personal style is crucial. This approach ensures your wedding hairstyle is as distinctive and splendid as your special day.


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This category dedicated to showcasing the most popular classic wedding hairstyles adored by our readers. It`s mostly elegant updos that speak volumes of sophistication to soft romantic curls that whisper tales of love, each photo captures the essence of enduring style.


Classic Wedding Updos

Sophisticated, chic updos are a must with the classic bridal look. Here’s how to make these styles work for you:

Low Buns: Perfect for brides seeking a sleek and understated elegance. Ideal for those who want to present a great example of an updo that’s very versatile and can suit almost every shape of face and type of hair. It’s ideal for the bride who can’t make her mind up between wearing the hair up or down—a graceful compromise that shows off the face but also shows length and volume of hair.


Braided Clasical Hair Ideas

Braids add a whimsical touch to classic wedding hairstyles, weaving charm and elegance into your bridal look:

A simple accent of one braid can add a bit of playfulness to a more traditional do. This look is perfect for any bride who is looking to give her classic elegance just a small hint of bohemian spirit.

Crown and Waterfall Braids: A crown braid gives royal beauty while wrapped around your head with woven beauty, but a waterfall braid gives a cascading effect and is perfect for long flowing locks needing just a touch more in the texture and interest departments. Both styles would be perfect for brides who are looking for a combination of tradition and magic.


Vintage Glamour Hair Styles

Channel the timeless elegance of bygone eras with hairstyles that pay homage to the 1920s to 1950s glamour:

Classic Waves: Deep, sculpted waves are brought into the present with a nod to the glamorous 1920s and are perfect for brides whose gowns have vintage inspiration or for a bride going for a Gatsby-style wedding.

Pin-up Rolls: From the 1940s and 50s, the pin-up rolls add playful but chic retro flair to your bridal appearance. Bring more color to your lips for a true retro look.

Classic Half Up Half Down

The classic half up half down style offers elegance and ease:

How to Get the Look: Curl the whole head for uniform texture and comb back gently, securing with pins or a decorative accessory if desirable at the crown. Braids, twists, or even simple pull-backs work for variations of any interest level with this flexible style.

For Whom It Would Suit: Quite universal, this hairstyle suits almost all forms of face and every kind of hair. Surely, this is the best advice to give to brides who can’t really make up their mind on whether to have the hair up or down, as this will present a graceful compromise that will allow the face to be very well visible and the length and volume of the hair shown.


Classic Wedding Hair Down

Letting long hair flow opens a lot of doors for the bride and bridesmaids. Everyone can achieve a sense of unity with an overall similar look. Simultaneously, each member of the team has the flexibility to add her own personal touch.

The bride should consider something more elaborate than the rest of the team. Look to stylish twists and wraps or the intricate waterfall braid to complete the look.

Consider the entire ensemble when choosing this hairstyle. It always looks best when long hair seamlessly flows along with the fabrics of the veil and gown.

Classic Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

Let soft, flowing curls and waves give you that romantic and dreamy feel for your wedding. Here’s how to get the look.

Soft Curls: Perfect for just about any theme that your wedding may have, adding soft curls to your locks gives them the volume and motion needed to create a smooth, silkened contour perfect for making a statement in a very natural style. This hairstyle could be perfect for both long and short hair.

Glamorous Waves: If you want more definition to your gorgeous, sexy waves, then consider going for a glamorous wavy look. These waves are from the Old Hollywood era and bring a sense of class, great for most formal evening weddings.


Smooth Classic Bun Wedding Hair Ideas

Silky smooth hair is going to take some effort on your part before your visit to the stylist. First, start with a cold rinse. Warm water lifts the cuticles, causing your hair to frizz up. Wet hair is easier to damage, so wait for it to dry before you run you brush through it. Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible for the same reason.

Find the right shampoo for your hair quality, and never allow leave-on conditioners to stay on your scalp. Make a habit of trimming the tips of your hair which is where breakage usually begins.

Classic Wedding Updos For Natural Hair

For brides that wear their hair down on a day to day basis, a classic wedding updo can be the drastic change that drops jaws.

Updos have a slimming effect on most face shapes. It also elongates the neck and exposes the shoulders. Square face shapes should aim for thicker looking hair, while rounded faces shouldn’t be shy to allow a few strands to fall. This creates a great frame.

This classic wedding hairstyle should be particularly appealing for brides planning on an elegant veil. Veils can be worn at any angle and look perfectly natural set into a bridal updo.


Classic Wedding Styles With Veil

Many brides choose their gown and wedding veil before choosing their hairstyle. We highly recommend planning your entire look all at once so that everything looks like it belongs. If that ship has sailed, you’ll need a classic wedding hairstyle which compliments your veil.

Any of the classic wedding hairstyles mentioned above will do. The trick is to find a style that makes the veil look like a part of the hair. The wrong hairstyle will make the veil seem like it was simply stuck there or awkwardly sitting on top.

Classical Hair Accessories For Brides

Classic wedding hairstyles call for classic accessories. These should be worn strategically, not just because you like them. Their job is to make certain elements of your gown and hair pop, and to immerse you into your wedding theme.

Common accessories include combs, pins, pearls, flowers, and tiaras. Work with opposites to start with. Try delicate accessories to compliment big-volume hair. Tight or thinner hairstyles look good with chunkier accessories. Don’t overdo it though. Too thin and the accessory will disappear. Too heavy and the accessory will take over the hairstyle. Find your Goldilocks.


Choosing your hairstyle should happen at the same time as you choose your theme, gown, and accessories. This ensures a cohesive look. Using our inspiration, have a classic wedding hairstyle in mind. Bring your veil and photo of your gown to your stylist so that they understand the complete picture.