30 Wedding Hairstyles With Bangs 2024 Guide & Expert Tips

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Wedding hairstyles with bangs have not been very popular, but they are definitely unique. With so many ways to style a fringe that can take it from demure to cool and elegant, it’s a wonder why. So, whether you already have bangs or you’re considering getting that frontal chop, you have nothing to worry about. Allow us to guide you in the world of versatile hairstyles that will make the best of your bangs and have you looking more youthful on your big day.


From wedding hairstyles with side swept bangs to wedding hairstyles for bangs growing out, there are lots of options for this particular style of hair. You can rock your bangs with a low ponytail, a messy bun, updos, and braids, or even with sleek straight hair.

Scroll on to find the perfect wedding hairstyle with bangs that will leave you wondering why you never considered this before.

Brides Often Ask

Should I grow my fringe out for my wedding?

Growing out your fringe for your big day is always a good idea. While bangs don’t need to accentuate the face, it is important to find the right hairstyle to go with it. This is why we have collected different wedding hairstyles with bangs in our article, to help you find the right one.

How to get bangs out of my face for a wedding?

There are several wedding hairstyles with bangs that will help keep your bangs out of your face. This way you get to keep the bangs without the distraction. Consider side swept bangs kept in place as you pull your hair into a low side or off-center ponytail. This would also work with hiding side bangs as you collect your hair into a twist or braid.

What are the best wedding hairstyles for a cut with bangs?

Let your cascading locs fall about your shoulders in a straight style and complement with a full fringe. You can also opt for the textured style bangs with blooms looking all-natural and effortless. We also love the baby fringes put in unexpected twists and paired with an updo. Other options include the bottleneck bangs and layered bangs with a retro spin. If you want to keep it simple, opt for the mini fringe to channel the Hepburn-esque look.


Bridal Hairstyle Ideas With Wispy Bangs

If you want that elegant and yet effortless looking hair, then consider hairstyles with exquisite, wispy bangs. Those wisps of hair that frame your face look especially good with such hairstyles as braids and ponytails. These types of hairstyles are great for a boho or rustic wedding, or even a seaside wedding. The type of slightly messy hair that would match a free and flowing wedding dress.

Your ponytail can be high or low, same as the braid. Add a sparkly hairpiece that will add to its perfection. This is also a great option if you are in need of wedding hairstyles with bangs and veil.


Wedding Hairstyles With Blunt Bangs

While a lot of people might see blunt, mini fringes as impossible to style, they have the potential to look fantastic with just the right amount of creativity. Hairstyles with bangs for a wedding are an opportunity to show that bangs can be fun and sophisticated.

If you are searching for short or medium hairstyles with short bangs for wedding, consider donning your mini fringed hair with a delicate wreath of beautiful flowers. This is a great look whether you have your hair in curls or sleek straight.

Blunt bangs also look great with a layered hairstyle. They would blend flawlessly with the rest of your hair pulled into a bun or a braid for a chic and romantic look.


Hairstyles For Brides With Long Bangs

Long bottleneck bangs help give off a retro and romantic look that can make a statement at your wedding if styled properly. Part your long fringes right in the middle and style along with the rest of your hair for a look; great choice for wedding hairstyles with side bangs.

This option allows your bangs blend with other slightly longer and wispy tendrils to the sides of your head, framing your face in a delicate way. So, there is no need to cut your bangs close to your wedding if it is between lengths. You could risk cutting it too short, which might not help with your hairstyle.


Side Bangs In Wedding Hairstyles

Side swept bangs are glamorous and look great in short wedding hairstyles with bangs, medium or even long hair wedding hairstyles with bangs. The bangs give that look of added volume at the top that can be further amplified with hair extensions if you would like fuller and thicker hair. Sweep your fringe to the side to blend with straight or curly hair that can be gathered in a loose bun or allowed to fall.

A cascade of big flowing curls combined with the sweet tuck of the delicate hair behind the ear gives an elegant look that would be great for any type of wedding. This romantic hairstyle embraces bangs and will look good on its own or accessorized with a sparkly hair band or barrette.

Wedding Updo Hairstyles With Bangs

Wedding updo hairstyles with bangs are extremely popular and a great way to get your hair out of the way at the back while still looking elegant with your fringe. The combination of the updo with the fringe gives you a picture-perfect look that will be even more lovely when you have your veil on with the bangs peeking out.

Whether it’s a low chignon, messy bun, French twist or curly braided bun, it will look amazing with that full fringe framing your face. You could try a top knot for something even more unique or add a braided halo or glittery crown. Either option would look beautiful.


Half Up Half Down Hairstyles With Bangs

Brides who are unsure whether they want an updo, or to leave their hair down might benefit greatly from half up half down with bangs wedding hairstyles. These elegant hairstyles tend to be very romantic and can be a great option whether you have straight or curly hair, long, short or medium length hair.

A lovely choice to paid with a plain dress or one with an open back, a half updo allows the hair to be pinned back in the middle, allowing the bangs at the front and the rest of the hair at the back to fall freely. Wisps of hair can be left out around the face to blend with the bangs and embrace the face. A headband or thin floral headpiece would be great accessories for this style choice.

Trendy Face Framing Bridal Hairstyles

There are a number of face framing hairstyles that are trending and among them no doubt are wedding hairstyles with bangs. The bangs are often having a face framing cut that makes any hairstyle combined with that just adorable. You could try an updo with a ballerina bun, this sleek hairstyle will allow the fringe to shine.

You could also wear your hair down with the bangs framing the face alongside soft tendrils allowed to flow free and blend with long or medium length locks. The hairstyle can be highlighted with a glitzy hairband or hair barrette to look even better in the bridal portrait. A lovely choice for a flowy wedding dress.


Elegant Wedding Waves With Bangs

Whether you’re styling wedding hairstyles for medium hair with bangs or for long hair, the great thing about bangs is that they can make a simple hairstyle look fantastic. You could show off your fringe by letting your locks fall down your back and around your shoulders in soft and elegant waves.

With just a bit of bounce, these waves can look their best. A lovely way to also show off a low back or off shoulder dress.
The bangs would blend with the rest of your hair to the sides in an effortless look that is just as sophisticated as it is simple.


Accessories For Bridal Hairstyles With Bangs

Bangs give you the opportunity to use a good number of hair accessories if you wish. Whether you have a choice of side swept bangs wedding hairstyles, long hair braided bangs wedding hairstyles or other, the look is improved greatly with the right accessories.

You could try a flower crown of bold and beautiful colors sitting over the bangs if you have a simple hairstyle. If you have a chignon or bun at the back, sparkly hairpins or a jeweled hair comb would be great. Sprigs of greenery can also be tucked into parts of a long braid for a natural and whimsy look.

It doesn’t matter that bangs are not as popular with most brides. If you want wedding hairstyles with bangs, you are sure to look great with either of these options that are easy to style.