Know How Far In Advance To Cut Your Hair Before The Wedding

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There’s so much to get done before a wedding that you might easily overlook aspects such as when to cut hair before wedding. Your bridal hairstyle is important, and a lot of the time it’s necessary to get a haircut or even a trim. Apart from you, it would also help to know the best time to get your man’s hair cut before the wedding. If cut and colored at the very right time, you can both have your hair looking perfect on your big day.


Below are several tips that can help you figure out just how far in advance to cut your hair before a wedding.

Brides Often Ask

Should I cut my hair before wedding?

Yes, you should get a haircut before a wedding. Even if your hairstyle might not need a significant chop, a trim would ensure that you have healthy-looking hair for the event.


When To Cut Hair Before Wedding?

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out when you should cut your hair before a wedding. However, whether you have short, mid-length, or long hair, the same general rules apply. Hair experts suggest that two months in advance is a good time period to get a haircut before such a major event. So, if you find yourself wondering how close to the wedding should you schedule your haircut, make sure your hairstylist would be free for you at least a couple of months before.

For mid-length and long hair, you could schedule the first cut two months before, and then schedule trims after a month and then one week before the big day. You would want to get a haircut before the wedding, as a fresh cut would help with styling. Whether you have layers or not, long hair or not, you won’t want any split ends, and your hair would look so much healthier.


Dos and Dont’s On Cutting Hair Before The Wedding

  • DON’T get a crazy haircut or make any drastic changes to your hair before a wedding. Even while thinking about when to get that hair cut and highlights done before the wedding, try to do that as early as possible in case of any disasters.
  • DO listen to your hairdresser. While we can give you great advice on when to get your hair cut before a wedding, the best advice would come from someone who knows your hair.
  • DON’T go overboard. While this is a big day, you don’t want to do anything extreme that would veer from your personal style.
  • DO get the best haircut before your wedding. If you are thinking about how many days before the wedding to get a hair cut, try 3 weeks before for the main haircut and a week before for a trim.
  • DO treat your hair with conditioner a week before the wedding to ensure that it looks soft, shiny, and full on your big day.


How Often Do You Need To Get A Trim?

Hair experts determine that you need to get a trim as often as every 10 to 11 weeks to maintain healthy hair or even to fix damaged one. This would apply to both straight and curly hair types, long, short, or mid-length. However, everyone would have the timelines that work best for them. If you happen to have damaged hair from poor treatment, then every 10 weeks would be a good goal for much healthier hair.

Sometimes brides to be are skeptical about getting a trim before the wedding, it is necessary to achieve a great hairstyle and keep the shape of your hair. A trim will also ensure more healthy hair and steadier growth. So, if you are considering dusting instead of a trim to get rid of those split ends, choose the trim. If you have a good hairstylist, you can achieve the hairstyle you want after the trim, and it wouldn’t look like you’ve lost any hair at all.


New Hair Cut For Men Before Wedding

There is also the matter of how long before the wedding the groom should cut his hair. Considering that most men have shorter hair, they can work with a closer timeline.

When is the best time to get your man’s hair cut before a wedding?

A week before the wedding is a generally agreed time for men to get a haircut before the wedding. For short hair like a buzzcut, 3 to 5 days before the wedding would be ideal. If they have long hair, then all the earlier information would apply.

With all the planning you need to get done, it can be a doozy figuring out when to cut hair before the wedding. With our guide, you can make that schedule a little bit easier.