Wedding Hairstyles With Crown 2024 Guide & FAQs

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A bride’s wedding hairstyle is just as important as other aspects of her wedding look. And, if a crown or tiara is part of that look, then it can determine just what type of hairstyle she chooses. There are different types of wedding crowns, and the hairstyle can be adapted to fit the crown or vice versa. However, choosing the style to complement this classic accessory can take some thought. Tiaras are part of a wedding that never go out of style and can be used for any type of wedding and on several hairstyles. Whether you choose to wear your hair up or down, it will surely look good with a colorful or sparkly bridal crown. So, if you need that princess look and finish for your wedding day, read on to find the best wedding hairstyles with crowns that would fit any bridal look.


Brides Often Ask

How to choose a wedding crown?

When choosing your wedding crown, it is important to consider the hairstyle that you will be choosing for the day. It is also important to check the size and proportions of the crown as you need one that will feel comfortable and secure all day.
The type of wedding gown and accessories you will wear can also give you some inspiration for the type of wedding crown or tiara that you choose.

How to secure the bridal crown?

You must have a structure on the crown of the head to be able to secure the tiara, most tiaras are worn not vertically on top but slightly towards the crown. This allows to continue the volume at the front with a high side fringe and achieve a perfect face-framing. Large barrel curls would complete the style and finish off a glamorous high-end look.

Do people wear crowns at weddings nowadays?

Although tiaras, wreaths, headpieces, garlands, and floral crowns are more popular, people still wear crowns. More brides wear crowns for traditional or religious weddings because we can’t just ignore the regal look. So crowns may not be so popular these days, but brides still wear them at weddings.


Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Wear your wedding crown or tiara nestled daintily over a piled-up braided updo. No need to look too far for updo wedding hairstyles with crowns. This style gives off that princess vibe that most brides would want for their wedding day.

Whether you will have a veil or not, this style is ideal for an elegant look in a princess-cut wedding dress or another style. You could also choose a simple bun without incorporated braids for this style if your dress is heavily accessorized. However, the piled-up braided updo is a good choice for a simple or understated wedding dress.


Half Up Half Down With Crown For Wedding

The half updo is a graceful choice for a bride that is torn between keeping her hair up or down for the wedding. You could decide to choose half-up wedding hairstyles with a flower crown or a dainty, sparkly tiara. With just the right amount of sleekness and curly, you can have an awesome half updo of either braid, a ponytail, or even a messy bun.

The good thing about the half updo is that it is easy to style and can work with different hair types. It is also a great choice for different wedding dress styles. Accessorize with glam hairpins, and complete with your choice of the crown.


Choosing A Wedding Crown

Deciding to go with a crown is entirely your choice. It must complement both your dress and your veil. For more formal weddings, more highly decorated bridal accessories should be worn. If the wedding is less formal and more casual, your bridal accessories should be correspondingly less highly decorated.

The biggest factor in choosing a crown will be your needs. Choosing one or the other is nearly solely predicated on how you’re going to wear your veil and hair, which one you like best, and how well it complements your other bridal accessories. Keep in mind that anything you choose will have to be attached using clips and bobby pins.

How To Pick A Headpiece


Down Wedding Hairstyles With Crown

There is an elegance in leaving the hair down that we simply adore. Whether you need wedding hairstyles for long hair with a crown, or even for short or medium-length hair, this is a great choice. Consider simple and breezy waves for an elegant and effortless look, topped with a halo-style crown. If you prefer natural curls or even steel straight hair, these are options that would look fabulous also.

Even with shorter hair, the crown will not be a problem. With the option of a headband or ribbon ties, you can be sure it will stay secure throughout the day. A queenly crown for a most magical day.

Side Swept Hairstyles With Crown

Side swept hair can be styled in so many ways but can never be let down. It is always a good choice to make when considering wedding hairstyles with a crown. Whether you choose a sleek or messy side braid, be sure to pick a princess tiara to go with it.

A hairstyle that was fit for the Disney princess Jasmine would add that subtle touch of a fairytale to your big day. Your hair can be side swept into a bun, a side braid, or even a chignon. Leave out some face-framing tendrils to further accentuate that princess look. Add a jeweled tiara or a dainty flower crown to complete the look. You will look fantastic with either as you step out to go claim your throne.


Wedding Hairstyles With A Halo Crown

Many different hairstyles sit well with a halo crown. This is because a halo crown presents several options, such as being held in place by adjustable ties or ribbons. It can also be mounted on a headband. This is why there is a variety of wedding hairstyles with a halo crown available to any bride who loves this delicate tiara style.

A loose low bun is a great choice for the halo crown. A sophisticated wedding hairstyle that would look great with spaghetti straps or an off-shoulder wedding dress. It’s also great for different hair lengths, the perfect look for a princess bride.

Tiara Crown With Veil Wedding Hairstyles

A veil and a crown are the perfect combinations for a queenly bride. And they would look even better nestled daintily on a free and open hairstyle with chunky curls. The tight curls allow the crown to peek out of the hair in a most subtle way that leads to an understated and yet sophisticated look.

Most tiara crowns with veil wedding hairstyles would look great with any exquisite crown, so be sure to choose a piece that complements your overall look. Increase the charm of your wedding day attire with the right accessories. A tiara and a veil with a hairstyle that is only fit for a queen.


Wedding Hairstyles With A Flower Crown

There are lots of adorable wedding flower crown hairstyles a bride could choose from that would fit with any type of wedding. Whether you are having a rustic, vintage, beach, or even classic wedding, there are different types and sizes of flower crowns that would work perfectly.

Consider a sleek ponytail with a monochrome flower crown. The ponytail can be high or low and it would still hold that sleek and elegant look most brides would love. The flower crown would also work with hair down or any classic updo. A colorful flower crown can also be sued instead of monochrome.

Princess Crown Wedding Hairstyles

You can create the look of a fairytale princess for your wedding with princess crown wedding hairstyles. Consider a whimsical and romantic low chignon. This sophisticated hairstyle can be accentuated with face-framing wisps of hair along the side. Add a pearl or crystal wedding crown to complete the look.

This princess hairstyle is versatile as it would look fantastic with any shape of the face and works for most hair lengths and thicknesses. A bride also gets the best of both worlds as it would look great paired with many wedding dress styles from modest and long-sleeved, to sleek dresses with plunging necklines or open backs. Enjoy the ease of this delectable and elegant wedding hairstyle with a princess tiara that would sit in place all day without a fuss.



Wedding hairstyles with the crown are a timeless look that most brides adore, and with reason. There is nothing as beautiful as a bride dressed and feeling like a princess. And if this is what you want, your special day is the best time to look and feel your best. Step into your fairytale with a jaw-dropping and gorgeous look accented with the best choice of hair accessories. Choose the right wedding tiara, hairstyle, and veil for that perfect look of royalty this season.