Bridesmaid Nails: The Guide To Choosing The Right Nails + FAQs

Bridesmaid nails
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Just like the bride, bridesmaids need to look their best too, and this includes getting those nails done. Bridesmaid nails should at least be freshly polished before the big day, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right color or style. From matching your dress to going neutral or just getting a simple glossy manicure, there are so many options.


Well, don’t be overwhelmed. We’ve put together a list that can help guide your choices. Keep reading to find our top tips.

Brides Often Ask

Should bridesmaids get nails done?

Bridesmaids should get their nails done. While there is no standard rule about this, it is recommended for the bridal party to get their nails done a few days before the wedding.

Do my nails have to match my bridesmaid dress?

It is not compulsory for your nails to match your bridesmaid dress. In fact, it is often better to find a complementing color. Think color block and choose for instance a red or coral polish to go with a dark blue dress.


Nude Bridesmaid Nails

One of the simplest of bridesmaid nails ideas if you’re unsure just what to do, is to go with nude nails. You cannot go wrong with this neutral choice because the nude polish is that effortlessly elegant choice. It will match any dress color, style, or season. Another plus is that it’s close to your skin color, so it would be difficult to notice any chips in the long term.


Pink Nails For A Bridesmaid

A cute nail color for blue bridesmaid dress or any dress in a dark shade, is pink. Soft pink is another shade that is close to neutral, so it can go with most outfits and styles. It’s also a way to add a pop of brightness to an overall moody or dark shade of outfit. If the sweet pink is a little too chic for you, you could consider mauve. You could also add some glitter or other sparkly decoration on the nails.


White Bridesmaide Nail Designs

If you are looking for a subtle option, then consider that some of the best bridesmaid nails come in white. White bridesmaid nails are perfect for minimalist designs and styles. This is another color that matches almost any type of dress and would be a great color block for darker shades. A neutral shade, white nails also make a great foundation for nail art. However, they look great plain as well and look fabulous in wedding and manicure photos.


Dark Bridesmaid Nail Ideas

Some people prefer darker colors such as black or burgundy bridesmaid nails and these are great too. Dark shades such as navy blue, dark green, or even dark purple are neutral choices that won’t steal the spotlight from the bride or the couple. Darker nail colors are great with a matte coat and look even better in shellac or gel nails with less chance of chipping.

French Manicure For A Bridesmaid

The cute and fresh loom of French manicures make them a favorite at weddings. A great choice for classy bridesmaid nails, French manicures are versatile and go well with any dress color or style. The clean look and painted tips of this bridesmaid nail inspo make it great for summer or spring weddings. The Frenchie can brighten any look, so consider this option for dark-colored dresses.


Colors And Designs For Square Nails

Whether you are choosing acrylic bridesmaid nails or something simpler, the nail shape is also something to consider. Square nails are edgy and often a good fit for longer nails. They look gorgeous in pale or bright colors but can work with dark colors too. Choose a complementary color for your outfit, and if you’re wearing something neutral, you could consider mixing nail colors.

Oval And Almond Nails Ideas And Designs

Oval and almond nails are a little less edgy and more smooth than square nails. A good choice if you need elegant bridesmaid nail designs. This nails shape goes well with a soft, minimalist look and almost every type of wedding. It can act as a base for all types of designs, our favorite being a classy monogram of your initials or anything else of meaning to you.


Short Nail Ideas For A Bridesmaid

Short nails are a way to keep things simple. They can also be a way to feature strong or sparkly colors such as gold bridesmaid nails, or even black bridesmaid nails. You could balance bold or sparkly colors with short and simple nails. Short nails can be in any shape, square or oval.

Elegant Bridesmaid Nail Designs

If you are looking for elegance, it can range from simple nude bridesmaid nails to sparkly silver bridesmaid nails. Another classy and elegant idea would be ombre manicures. After you’ve chosen the perfect color for your nails, give it that ombre gradient of color that you cannot go wrong with.

Getting the bridal party ready for a wedding includes everything plus the bridesmaid’s nails. While choosing the right style and color can be sometimes overwhelming, the right tips can guide you to make the best choice. Think complementary to find the wedding manicure that will best suit you and your wedding outfit.