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36 Lace Wedding Dresses That You Will Absolutely Love


The beauty of the lace fabric especially in dresses cannot be understated. This is why lace wedding dresses is a topic all on its own. This exquisite fabric is delicate, eye-catching, and is used in making such elegant designs as would befit a stylish bride.
Finding the right lace wedding dress can be a fun and adventurous activity when planned correctly. So, you are welcome to browse full 2018 collection, or read further. Allow us to assist in helping you make the best decision in choosing the lace dress for your big day.


Photo 1-3: Charming Back Bridal Dresses

Source: Martina LianaNora Naviano, Allure Bridals

Open back bridal dresses create an allure and sexiness of their own. There are quite a number of designs featuring open or lace back wedding dresses.

The thankful evolution of the bra has provided numerous options to wear with a backless number. The following are types of bras that you can wear with a backless dress.

  • Silicone stick-on bra
  • Lace backless strapless bra
  • Low back bra
  • U plunge backless strapless bra
  • Adhesive breast pasties
  • Backless adhesive bra
  • Breast lift tape


Photo 4-6: Sexy Lace Wedding Gowns

Source: Steven KhalilSophia TolliBirenzweig Bridal

One thing that rings true about lace wedding dresses is “sexy”; they are most definitely sexy. Nothing like having that delicate lace fabric draped across your body. Moreover, different types of lace give different dresses styles. Find your very own one in our comprehensive lace fabrics guide.


Alençon or French embroidered lace

This lace has a net background which is great for dresses with a sheer design included. Particularly this needlepoint lace originated from Alençon, France, hence the name. Its delicate and beautiful fabric is also a great choice for lace wedding dresses.


This soft fabric with its fine ground pattern and abundant detail is lovely in a lot of flowy and romantic styles. It is hard not to fall in love with a Chantilly lace wedding dress.


Photo 7-9: Lace Fit And Flare Wedding Dresses

Source: Naviblue Bridal,  Galia Lahav, Naama and Anat


Also known as chemical lace, Schiffli is a machine-made lace. Its geometrically shaped patterns are embroidered onto a fabric which falls away after the pattern has been created. For instance, this beautiful and delicate fabric makes adorable lace mermaid wedding dresses.

Venise Lace (Venetian Lace)

Originating from Italy, the Venise lace is a stunning material. Its weight and dramatic lace trims make it ideal for mermaid wedding dresses. If you’re looking for a fabric that falls just right for a lace wedding dress, the Venise lace is one to consider.


Photo 10-12: Country Lace Wedding Dresses

Source: Calla Blanche, Ari VillosoDaughters of Simone

Lace wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and it is almost apt to mention that most of them are beyond awesome. Here we have a few styles that arguably look their best in lace.

  • While sheath dresses come in all types of fabric, a sheath lace wedding dress, long or short, is a truly adorable number.
  • Ball gown. The ball gown created in lace and tulle is from top to bottom a gown of true elegance and class.
  • The fit and flare of a mermaid dress is never truly captured until you see it in a lace wedding dress.


Photo 13-15: Wedding Gowns With Straps

Source: Galia Lahav, PronoviasVal Stefani

There are all kinds of straps which would fit your dress to help you achieve the wedding look you desire. In general, lace wedding dresses of all kinds and silhouettes look just as sexy with straps as they might do without. Below are various types of straps and the body types they suit best.

  • An A-line dress with embroidered straps is great for a bride who wants to create the illusion of a slimmer waist and a more hourglass figure.
  • Thin or illusion straps go nicely with a corset dress and are a great fit for virtually all body types. This dress cinches in the waist, and releases at the hip, creating a lovely figure.
  • A sweetheart neckline with wide straps looks great on an empire dress. This kind of dress flatters a rectangle shape bod, fitting snugly around the chest and flaring out. This shape also creates a high-defined waistline and gives the illusion of longer, leaner legs.

Photo 16-18: Lace Vintage Wedding Dresses

Source: Ellis BridalsRiki Dalal, Anna Campbell

Nothing plays up romance quite like vintage. To have your groom at a loss for words that he breaks into song, perhaps consider a lace vintage wedding dress.

Vintage Beaded Wedding Dress

This classic number can up the ante on any bride’s style and elegance. A vintage beaded dress is a timeless classic in any style.

Vintage Wedding Dresses Separates

Wedding dress separates inspire a number of styles and designs. A vintage number would have a sophistication and class, the kind any bride would dream of. This is a fantastic option when considering lace wedding dresses.

1920S Wedding Dresses

Finding the 1920’s or Great Gatsby inspired dresses would be to walk back in time and bring back the allure and the class. The vintage dresses, headpieces, and accessories of this jazz period spell romance, opulence and wild elegance.


Photo 19-21: Awesome Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Source: Martina Liana Lussano BridalPnina Tornai

Lace wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and it is almost apt to mention that most of them are beyond awesome. Here we have a few styles that arguably look their best in lace.

  • While sheath dresses come in all types of fabric, a sheath lace wedding dress, long or short, is a truly adorable number.
  • Ball gown. The ball gown created in lace and tulle is from top to bottom a gown of true elegance and class.
  • The fit and flare of a mermaid dress is never truly captured until you see it in a lace wedding dress.

Photo 22-24: Strapless Bridal Dresses To Look Great

Source: Lee GrebenauEnzoani, Madi Lane

You can achieve the most exquisite designs and dresses with lace fabric. In addition, lots of otherwise plebeian styles look elegant in lace.



Often in cotton, this lightweight and delicate fabric is usually laid out in flower-like designs and pierced by small holes. For exquisite lace wedding dresses, the eyelet is a fabric to consider. Moreover, it falls beautifully and easily enhances any style its used for.


Another word for guipure is “tape”. This eye-catching and highly decorative lace material is a kind of bobbin lace. Its motifs are connected by bars or plaits. Also, this lace is lovely in designs where it is paired with other fabrics. Guipure is also exquisite all on its own.


Photo 25-27: Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Source: Berta, WonaEnzoani

The type of sleeve you go for will depend on the style of your wedding dress. Even though sleeveless and tube numbers abound, there’s a lot of wedding dresses with sleeves that look magnificent.



Finding the right dress can be an awesome experience. And if Honiton, Devon is your choice location, then you’re in for a fun time. From designer dresses to bespoke gowns, you will be spoiled for choice.

Point D’Esprit

For that once in a lifetime gown that will also make you feel good throughout your big day, try a Point D’Esprit lace wedding dress. Beautiful finishings and various types of trains, embellishments, and accessories. A Point D’Esprit dress is bound to bring your dreams to life.

Photo 28-30: Charming Wedding Dresses With Lace Details

Source: Milla Nova , Naama & Anat CoutureVal Stefani

There are numerous wedding dresses and accessories that look fabulous with lace details. Some of these include:
On a dress: Lace details look great on dresses of all kinds of fabric. Satin, chiffon, even silk pair beautifully with well-placed lace details.
On a hat: Women’s hats and headdresses of different styles and fabric are enhanced and look their best with lace details.
On a lingerie: Lingerie is almost incomplete without lace details if not completely covered in lace.
Floral sash: A floral sash or belt created on a bed of lace is the perfect finishing touch for a beautiful lace wedding dress.
Lace headpiece: Lace headpieces are bringing the sexy back. In addition, their variety of styles create such stunning and romantic options for the bride in her time.


Photo 31-33: Lace Illusion Sleeves Wedding Gowns

Source: Nora NavianoGalia LahavNora Naviano Sposa

The sexiness that is illusion sleeves. They are there, but barely; and they come in such seductive styles to tempt even the most modest of brides.
Three-quarter length sleeve. This length of illusion sleeves is perfect for a church, traditional religious ceremony or a second wedding. They are also great for a bride who wants the illusion of thinner arms, but still get to show off those beauties.
Long sleeved styles. Lots of long sleeved styles for illusion sleeves. There’s the loose and the fitting, all depending on the style and fit of the gown.
Cuffed. There’s much to explore with cuffed illusion sleeves, from the style and fabric of the cuff to the length of the sleeve. Either way, it is an alluring way to enhance or taper off the illusion

Photo 34-36: Boho Wedding Dresses

Source: Rue De SeineTali PhotographyEssense of Australia

Lots of boho wedding looks include lace wedding dresses, and aptly so. While lace can create that classic look, it is also great at capturing the carefree nature of the bohemian bride.

  • Tatting lace. This handcrafted lace of knots and loops is a lovely, albeit delicate fabric which does well in creating styles for the boho bride.
  • Crocheted Lace. Also embracing the idea of being handcrafted is the crocheted lace. However, it features finer threads and more decorative stitching styles. This fabric captures the essence of the free-spirited bride and works well with numerous lace wedding dress styles.

If your search is primarily for lace wedding dresses, you are sure to find here quite a collection of wedding dress ideas for you.