12 Free Printable Checklists For Wedding Planning

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Just engaged? Congratulations and welcome to the wanting-to-plan-the-perfect-wedding, bride-to-be bandwagon! While you let that feeling of excitement and sheer happiness of marrying your soulmate sink in, let’s let you in on the one secret that will make everything possible – checklists. Yes, that’s right, planning and organization are what it takes to create your version of the perfect magical wedding you’ve always wanted, and checklists are the only way to make that possible. We know just how stressful, sometimes even insanely overwhelming, curating the right wedding checklist can be, but don’t worry, we got your back.

With our comprehensive wedding checklists that, by the way, can easily be downloaded or printed, whatever floats your boat, your wedding planning will be a cakewalk. We kid you not when we tell you that with our carefully tailored detailed checklists, you wouldn’t just be able to keep track of all your wedding goals and to-dos, but you will also be the radiant and happy bride walking down the aisle with nothing to worry about.

Let’s dive right in.


I just got engaged, what’s next?!

The excitement of getting engaged on one hand and the self-imposed pressure of wanting your wedding to be perfect can be too much for you to handle. And while you might be an amazing planner, the stress can get the best of you even when you think you have everything sorted out.

This checklist can help by not just keeping your anxiety at bay but by also helping you track your weekly wedding planning goals. From making your status updates on social media, researching wedding venues and choosing a bride box that fits your need to help you determine your wedding size, there is no stone that our checklist leaves unturned.

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Engagement party timeline/checklist

No guest should leave your engagement party without being wowed. That’s the goal. And to make that happen, our engagement party checklist will help you chalk out a plan for everything from the venue, food, guests, and attire. Download the checklist and plan the best party ever!

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12 months wedding checklist/timeline

When it’s right, it’s right. Whether your wedding is 16 months, 12 months, or even just 8 months away, planning and time management is the key to organizing the wedding of your dreams. Designed by the best wedding planners out there, our wedding planning checklist is created to help you have the wedding of your dreams. Your timeline is chunked down to small milestones, each of which gets you significantly closer to your wedding goals. And for our brides who like to add a bit of their own style to their planning, our checklists can easily be tailored to fit their own custom timelines.



Wedding budget worksheet

Budgeting is the foundation of planning the perfect wedding and might we say, the most stressful aspect of it. It doesn’t matter whether you spend $10,000 or $100,000 on your dream wedding. Unless you have a figure in mind and you know what money gets spent where there is no way you can keep your perfect wedding engine running.
With our checklist, you won’t just be able to list and track every penny you spend on wedding planning and shopping but will also get a good night’s sleep knowing you have everything from costs for vendors, venue, catering, dress, wedding ring, and a million other wedding things, all sorted out. One of the best features of the wedding budget checklist is that it is available in excel format allowing you to put your own numbers and customize your budget to fit your needs.
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Wedding day photography checklist

A picture is worth a thousand words, even more, when the pictures we’re talking about are the ones of your wedding. From selecting the timing, choosing the right location, having the perfect arrangement and props to go along with, there is more than having the best photographer in town, that goes into capturing the essence of your wedding experience. With our wedding day photography checklist, you can easily pan out the tiniest details to have the most amazing wedding shots to look back at and reminisce about the biggest day of your life.

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Maid of Honor Checklist

Let’s take a moment to thank our beautiful maid of honor who is there to deal with all our tantrums and last minute woes as brides. Planning the wedding of your dreams is as much a challenge for them, as it is for you. Download this checklist for free! We recommend you grab this bridesmaid checklist that will make everything from planning the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and any other pre-wedding events abundantly easy.



Groom’s checklist

We know you’re the bride and everything is about you but let’s not forget about the handsome man who has put the biggest smile on your face and filled your heart with love. You need to download this Groom’s checklist and your wedding rush becomes less stressful. It will make you the power bride who knows what she wants when it comes to her groom to be and his groomsmen in planning the perfect wedding.


Mother of the bride Duties checklist

Moms make everything better and something as big as your wedding could definitely use her expertise. With her experience, you can ensure that no option is left unexplored in planning your wedding. But even your mom will need some help and our mother of the bride checklist will help her track and accomplish her wedding-related tasks and duties without any friction. Whether it’s being the point of contact for your vendors or planning your ceremony program, our checklist will give your mom the power to plan your dream wedding, hands on. Make life easier for your mom and download this free checklist!



Wedding guest list + questionnaire

Knowing who to invite and how to seat them can all get a bit too much but fret not for our wedding guest checklist will not just help you prioritize your guest list but also keep track of everyone who will and will not be attending your wedding. Fill in our questionnaire and find out who will be on your guest list!


Wedding alcohol calculator

As fun as having alcohol in your wedding is, it takes a lot of planning and budgeting to ensure you have enough for all your guests. With our alcohol checklist, you won’t just be able to provide the booze your guests love but also ensure no one leaves your party without a taste, unless they don’t want to.
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Beauty timeline checklist

The devil is in the details. Our beauty timeline checklist will help you bring on your A-game when it comes to sweeping your groom off his feet when you walk down the aisle. This beauty checklist, that’s available for free, because let’s be honest, beauty routines and treatments are expensive enough, covers everything including hairstyling, nutrition, skincare, and dentist appointments.

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Name change checklist

A lot of brides forget to focus on one of the most important aspects of their post wedding life – getting their name changed. From your social security card, insurance, paycheck to voter registration, passport and credit cards, there is simply too much that needs your attention. Thankfully, our name change checklist has you covered. With this checklist by your side, there is no document from any aspect of your life that will be left out when it comes to getting your name changed.

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