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After all the planning, and celebrating your wedding; affordable honeymoon packages are what you need. A lot of money and time went into your wedding, now, you want to relax and enjoy. The last thing you need is honeymoon packages that will drain your pocket.

You need cheap honeymoon ideas that have the perfect place for you, yet absolutely affordable. Destination spots are a dime a dozen. But finding the perfect, yet the in-expensive place is a whole job. We did the job and all you need is to browse this post, and then pick your best spot.

This post will show you the world’s top exotic and romantic locations, places to stay, what to see, and how much it cost per couple.

Cheap Honeymoon Destinations In The US

The United States of America is home to lots of beautiful, romantic, and exotic honeymoon locations. The best part is that they come with lots of affordable all-inclusive honeymoon packages. Hawaii honeymoon packages being one of the best. This is ideal for couples that don’t have so much to spare but deserves a getaway. From the mountains to the valleys, river to beaches, jungles to parks, find your spot.


Florida Keys

Why go: This is the Caribbean of the United States. It is one of the cheap honeymoon destinations in the US. A budget-friendly option for when you cannot fly abroad. But you want a taste of honeymooning on a tropical Island. Romantic getaways in Florida is a dream better experienced.
The trip is best taken by road in a car rental. You will experience the warmth and beauty of Florida right from its highways. This is an Island lined with palms and dashing oceanic vistas. Resorts here offer cheap honeymoon packages for the newlyweds. You can snorkel, swim with dolphins, laze on the beach, or watch the sunset.

What to see: The John Pennekamp coral reef, crane point museum, and molasses reef. Visit the Ernest Hemingway home and museum, and Sunset Key Island. Enjoy your time at Dolphin’s research center. The center has lagoons and sea lions.

Cost: $1200 for 4 days per couple.

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Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Why go: For cheap honeymoon ideas, check out Rocky Mountains, Colorado. It has its main attraction in Estes Park. Estes Park sits outside of the eastern border of Rocky Mountain national park. It offers romantic cottages plus B&BS for the kind of romance you deserve.
The Rocky Mountain national park gives a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountain. The meadows offer a lush and comfortable place to picnic. The rocky peaks serve as a dramatic backdrop. You can also go hiking in the wilderness.

What to see: The chasm lake trail, wilderness Rocky Mountain elk, and the ouzel waterfalls. Go for a relaxing drive and see the beauty of trail ridge. Raft in La Poudre River, and zip line across Rocky mountainous.

Cost: $950 per couple for 4 days.


Big Sur, California

Why go: This is a place for serenity, peace, and relaxation. A place to go when you’re on a budget. Its scenery flows with beaches and pine forests. If you want to go camp style, there are yurts and cottages. They go for as low as $20. You can hike, snorkel, swim, and cycle. Enjoy the view of turquoise-hued water, and watch the starry nights.

What to see: The Andrew Molera state park, and point Lobos to enjoy nature. Explore Bixby Creek Bridge and the beautiful route along the Pacific coastline. Have some fun at pebble beach golf links.

Cost: $700 for 3 days per couple.


Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Oahu, Hawaii


Havasupai, Arizona

Mendocino, California


San Juan Islands, Washington

Carmel, California


Cape May, NJ

Inexpensive European Honeymoon Packages

Europe, with its affordable honeymoon packages, is a choice destination. They offer dynamic scenery, beaches, lots of activities, and nice cuisine. Honeymoon packages are cheap, with a very loaded itinerary.

You can find some of the best honey resorts in Europe. From falling in love at Paris to the calm scenery of Croatia. Discover the alluring Douro Valley in Portugal, the Azores landscapes, and the best European destinations.

Places to see are Mount Saint Michael, Hallerbos forest, Bonifacio and the Lofoten islands. The Galesnjak Island of Croatia known as the Island of love is the romantic’s hub. This is the only Island in the world that has a heart shape. Astonishing, isn’t it? This is a small Island with no hotel or restaurant, you have to go all the way to Zadar. It hosts so many activities, and the best of them is kayaking in the sunset.

Hallstatt is a perfect Australian village. It is so perfect that there are replicates in China and Malaysia. This village inhabits only 800 people. The place is sublime with floating bungalows and thatched houses. Fishing, boat rides, snorkeling are fun activities here.

Bonifacio in France is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. This is a dazzling place that will leave you short of words. Visit the open air Museum in Corsica and bask in the white sand beaches. See the blue skies, the sea, and sunny skies.

What’s there not to love about France with one of the most visited monuments in the world housed here. After the Eiffel Tower, the Mont Saint Michael is the most visited monument in France. Travelers cannot get enough and keep taking photographs. It is also a beautiful place to live, holiday and love.

Tuscany is peaceful and has great cities that attract travelers. Explore the landscapes, cypress paths, and vineyards. See gastronomy the way of life in this region. Explore the Michelangelo’s David and Pisa leaning tower.

We love to love.



Why go: This is the city of love. One that offers romantic honeymoon packages that let you explore. A romantic city that draws you in with the most gorgeous landscapes, and backdrops. Every time, there is something amazing.
See historic sites, see nature, wine, dine, and fall in love again.

What to see: Cathedral Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and Louvre Museum. You can also check out Arch De Triomphe and champ Elysees.

Cost: jewel of Europe package is $3091.48 for 15 nights.


Why go: Greece is one of the best honeymoon destinations on earth. The city of ancient Acropolis and Parthenon, with its beaches and volcanic features. There is a lot to do and see. This is home to the most important historical sites of the world.
It features an expanse of natural beauty, great culture, and archeological sites. The cliffs pay obeisance to the sparkling waters. The Mediterranean climate is also welcoming.

What to see: Akrotiri ruins of a prehistoric village, pebble beaches, and Santo WinErykah tours. Red beach and the volcanic crater at the Santorini Caldera.

Cost: $1599 for Mykonos Island hopping, 9 days 8 nights per couple.



Why go: This is an ancient meet modern kind of place. It is way cheaper than in other European countries. They have some of the cheapest honeymoon packages. It features with ancient castles, olive groves, fishing villages, and standards gold course.

What to see: Municipality of Évora, Porto Santo Island, and Sao Miguel Island. The woodlands of Portugal, beaches of Comporta, and the cork oak forests.

Cost: $2,625 per couple for 7 nights.



Seville, Spain

Berlin, Germany


Hvar, Croatia

Riga, Latvia


Lake Iseo, Italy

Budapest, Hungary


Central America and Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

Caribbean honeymoons are the zenith of fun. This is a tropical Island with a lot of natural beauty. Its sunshine is so soothing to the soul. There is endless activity, from the nightlife to the sports. There are many Islands to pick from, depending on what you want. The place is rich in art, culture, music, history, and sports.

The magnificent Maya ruins, cerulean seas, smoking volcanoes, and verdant forests. Makes central America a paradise. There is so much to see in this place. Central America has seven countries, including the Yucatan and Chiapas states of Mexico. There is a gigantic adventure playground and two massive tropical forests.

To get around these areas, go in a Dugout Canoe. See the coastal forts of Spain. Go zip lining through the caps of the rain forest and go swimming with sea turtles. You can enjoy a trek along the calm vistas if cloud forest.

There are beautiful highland trails, forest howler monkeys, and a breathing ferry whale. See the lost temples of Tikal, soar over the canopies of the

Guatemalan jungle. Explore Palenque and Tulum which lay over the crashing surf. At Copan, you will find jaguars.

Their rich culture creates a dynamic Central American settlement. Guatemala has the most languages with more than 20 Mayan languages spoken. It is the core of Central American culture. They also have a little bit of African culture, like Rondon seafood Jumbo and rebel traditions of Congo

The beaches in the Caribbean are both bubbly and calm. Get your perfect tan on these beaches. Visit the deserted playas, scuba dive with whale sharks at Honduras. Go snorkeling in the second largest coral reef in the world at Belize. Go surfing in Costa Rica, and sail on the virgin isles of Panama.

From the Jamaican resorts to be beaches of St Lucia, it is fun unlimited.


Why go: For a sneak peek into the history of the Mayan period, visit Belize. There are so many landmarks yet undiscovered in Belize. The place has an unrivaled natural beauty. A lot of places to see and the astonishing beauty of Belize nights.

What to see: Gulisi Garifuna Museum, George Price center for peace and development. Ambergris Museum, Marco Gonzalez archaeological reserve, and the cotton tree chocolate factory.

Cost: $1,360 – $1,516 per couple for 4 nights. High season to low season.


St Lucia

Why go: This is a Caribbean Island made of tapered mountains, volcanic beaches, and fishing villages. There are the magnificent waterfalls that pour over a cliff into a garden. There are pitons, beaches, jungle lands, and historical landmarks.
The beautiful nights are starry and you can watch the tetrazzini sunset.

What to see: Vigie beach, waterfalls, and volcanic beaches in Soufriere. You can zip line, kayak, scuba dive, and see the Derek Walcott Square.

Cost: Sandals Grand St Lucia offers between $1537 – $61,095 for 5 nights 6 days per couple.

Costa Rica

Why go: Costa Rica is a rugged rainforest country, rich in culture. It is home to the pre-Columbian Gold Museum. It has beaches, volcanoes, and wildlife. Its biodiversity makes it a choice honeymoon spot. It is an exotic place with inexpensive honeymoon packages in Europe.

What to see: Arenal Volcano national park, and Monteverde cloud forest reserve. You can snorkeling, hike, zip line and Watch dolphins.

Cost: $700 – $2,800






Puerto Rico



Granada, Spain


Punta Cana

Southeast Asia and Indonesia Honeymoon Idea

Asia is the biggest continent on earth, with a diverse culture. This is a place with affordable all-inclusive honeymoon packages. It is an exotic place to go on adventures and make memories. This continent gives a different experience for every visit, even on a budget. It is home to some of the best honeymoon resorts on earth.

This place is the favorite spot for travelers on a budget. The nightlife is one you cannot get enough of. The mouthwatering delicacies, culture, and affordability makes it worth visiting. The Asian food is legendary in its circles. From the Malaysian curry to Bangkok and Vietnamese feasts. They are colorful, exotic and diverse.

Here, you can stay for a long time, because it is cheap. Most days, you will spend only $15 at most. The transport system is seamless, with cheap airlines and road network. The beaches are oh-so-divine. You will find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Asia. You can go snorkeling, or scuba diving in the pristine waters of Singapore, Bali or Maldives.

The cities are beautiful with a lot of adrenaline to keep you going. The skyscrapers are bewildering. The cities are highly ultramodern. They blend with a backdrop of tradition, history, and culture.

Some of the oldest civilization of the world, have their roots here. Well preserved structures and ruins make great attraction sites for tourists. Visit the

Pagodas of Bagan, ruins of Angkor Wat, or explore the ancient temples.

Their languages, tradition, fashion, and lifestyle is one to study. If you want a serene honeymoon, this is the place to go. You can find solitude in the gardens, coves, beaches, and resorts. This place is magnificent and a perfect honeymoon paradise.

From the beaches to the mountains, architecture, and food. This place is a dream.



Why go: This is one of the most popular wedding destinations. The place makes it better with an all-inclusive honeymoon package that lets you tour. It has everything, from wildlife to nature, sports, beaches, historical sites.
You’d enjoy an elephant safari and the Tirta Empul temple. Relax at the beaches in South Bali, or go Island hopping.

What to see: Sacred monkey forest sanctuary, Tanah Lot Island temple water view, and Tegallalang rice terraces. Enjoy the art and dancing in Ubud place, and go see the Uluwatu ancient temple with water vistas.

Cost: $1,845 per couple for a week.


Why go: With the Phi Phi Island as a backdrop for “the beach” movie, this place is magnificent. Thailand is a beautiful nature filled Island. It boasts of other Islands like Koh Samui, Koh Lipe, and other exotic spots.
The fun never ends with activities like scuba diving on the crystal clear waters.

What to see: The Viking cave, Bangkok grand palace, and ping pong show. See the scenes of Railey Beach, Thai Burma railway, and Erewan falls.

Cost: $1978 per couple for 7 days. This is without flight costs.



Why go: This is the smallest country in Asia, but offers the best experience. It is a popular tourist destination, with many things to see. Vacation in this place is about how much luxury you can afford. You can book a floating bungalow or stay I’m a resort. Never visit the Maldives without checking out Male. It’s the most favorite city of tourists.

What to see: Tour Ari atoll, made of five Islands. The Huhumale artificial beaches, and go dolphin watching. See the Miskiy ornate mosque made out of coral stones. Enjoy some surfing and scuba diving.

Cost: For $200 – $30,000.



El Nido, Philippines



Komodo Island

Langkawi, Malaysia


South Pacific Honeymoon Packages and All-Inclusive Honeymoon Packages

The South Pacific is a place for a restful honeymoon. It features breathtaking landscapes, world-class resorts, and diverse cultures. The haven of everyone in love and on a budget. It is well filled with picture perfect remote Islands, white Sandy beaches and mystical lagoons. It is a paradise with its peaceful villages, floating traditional bungalows, and cozy resorts.

The scenic beauty of the south pacific is eye-popping. The beaches are powdery, with blue waters and an array of Palm trees. The days are perfect and bright with the sun. This place is home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world. With each place, there are new experiences to take home.

The Polynesian Islands like Samoa and French Polynesia are dream places. They are home to silky soft sands, bright water lagoons, coral reefs, and cute beaches.

Places like Fiji, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu are cultural and intensively beautiful. Palau is rocky, with cultural and archaeological beauties, like the legendary Easter Island. South Pacific is beautiful, eco-friendly, affordable and is the fantasy of everyone in love.

Bora Bora, the angel of the South Pacific is an enthralling work of its beauty. It is home to the turquoise aqua lagoons, the Mountain of Phaia, and lush peaks of Mountain Otemanu. There are so many adventures to seek here. Snorkel with the sharks and stingrays, hike trails, and end the day by staying at a French-themed resort.

Visit the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji to enjoy the serenity of the beaches and the blue seas. Take in enough sunshine as you explore the coral reefs. Go surfing and for some relaxation, visit the remote Yasawa Islands.

Samoa is the hidden treasure of the South Pacific. With so much of it untouched, it stays dazzling and stunningly beautiful. It is an archipelago of 10 tropic Islands, created in a volcanic uprising. It has jungles to hide the hills, waterfalls tumbling over cliffs, and the beautiful coral reefs.

New Zealand

Why go: New Zealand is a small country with an alpine landscape. It has two Islands and much of the attraction is in the southern part. Featuring quite beaches, lakes, and vineyard, this is paradise.
See the lush green hills, rocks, snow-covered mountains, and even glaciers. The seas rage, pools are pristine, and the beaches are huge.

What to see: Purakaunui falls, Lake Tekapo, and the forest along Milford track. Lake Wakatipu, go hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling. Watch the sunset from near Mount Cook national park.

Cost: Hamilton vacation packages from $2,073 per couple.



Why go: Tahiti is an idyllic Island of stunning beauty. The colors of the waters are exquisite, ranging from teal, turquoise, azure and even translucent. The mountains tower and reefs shimmer. The Frangipani and Tiara flowers form natural fragrance in the air.

What to see: Norman hall national museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral in Papeete. You can go surfing, body boarding, and big wave surfing in Teahupo’o. Visit the Fautaua waterfalls, the jungle wilderness in Moorea, and Vaipahi gardens.

Cost: Love and sunny getaway for 11 days and 10 nights. Tahiti-Moorea-Bora Bora-Tikehau + flights cost $5,032 per couple.



Why go: Fiji is the paradise of the South Pacific, a country of tropical Islands with friendly people. There are over 300 Islands and 500 islets. Fiji Features volcano peaks, breathtaking coral reefs, dashing waterfalls, and compact rainforest.
Go Island hopping, and see all the beauty Fiji is well blessed with.

What to see: Scuba diving in Beqa lagoon, fire walkers, and see the Rocky Mountains. Explore the pools, caves, and cliffs in Vatuele. See the coves, beaches, bays, and inlets in Qamea.

Cost: Wadifi Island exclusive private hideaway. 5 night and 6 days + flight is about $7,899 per couple.



Cook Islands


Bora Bora

New Caledonia



Solomon Islands



There is beauty the world over, we just haven’t found them. Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to explore the world. Pick out places with affordable honeymoon packages, so you don’t overstretch budget. All the places listed are budget-friendly with all-inclusive honeymoon packages. Go have fun and make memories that will stay evergreen.