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36 Ideas For Affordable Honeymoon Packages


When wedding chores are over, it is time to think about relaxation. What is better to choose: a gorgeous beach honeymoon or discovery trip? Whether you want to go to Thailand or Mexico, the Caribbean or Florida, we propose to have a look on some affordable honeymoon packages.

Photo 1-3: Journey To Sunny California

Source: Tom Jauncey via Instagram, Kristy Nicole via Instagram, Pepper Chocolate via Instagram

Photo 4-6: Affordable Honeymoon Packages To Mexico

Source: easyservicedapartments via Flickr, Livia Lopes via Instagram, Gustavo Arredondo via Instagram

Photo 7-9: Visit Sri Lanka

Source: AMY SEDER via Instagram, LAUREN BULLEN via Instagram, sielendiva via Instagram

Photo 10-12: Honeymoon In Cuba

Source: Selin Ekim via Instagram, Katerina Stavreva via Instagram, SimoneDF Photography

Photo 13-15: Amazing Honeymoon In Greece

Source: LAUREN BULLEN via Instagram, Michelle via Instagram, Daniel Caspi Photography via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Sunny Beaches At Cayman Islands

Source: GINA YBARRA via Instagram, victoria jurkowski via Instagram, Natalie Lim Suarez via Instagram

Photo 19-21: Hot Trip To Spain

Source: Sam via Flickr, Mon Rovi via Instagram, Loïc Lagarde via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Discovering Marocco Honeymoon

Source: JACK MORRIS via Instagram, Anna Shen via Instagram, A L I S A via Instagram

Photo 25-27: Affordable Tour To Galapagos Islands

Source: Luciano Izzo via Instagram, Liss Mendoza via Instagram, Marc-Philipp via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Colorful Honeymoon In Brazil

Source: Eduarda Germano via Instagram, Christopher Waddell via InstagramLivia Lopes via Instagram

Photo 31-33: Wonderful Places Of Italy

Source: wanderlust_voyager via Instagramsassychris1 via Instagramumutkiziltan via Instagram

Photo 34-36: Сryptic Honeymoon In Turkey

Source: turkey_home via Instagramahmetkizilhan via Instagramhobopeeba via Instagram



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