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The Best Cheap Wedding Programs Ideas + DIY Tips


Wedding programs are one less problem to worry about for couples getting married. Regardless of your budget, there are gorgeous wedding programs you can buy. For those on a budget, cheap wedding programs are the answer as they are perfect either emptying your wallet.

We’ve got varieties which include fan programs, gift bag programs, deer antlers, gold shimmers, and plantable for the eco-friendly. And if you want to DIY your wedding program, find tips in the post to help guide you through.

15 Best Cheap Wedding Programs


1. Wax seal programs

These are one of the most affordable wedding programs you’ll ever find. These kinds of wedding programs let you have your wedding like one from a royal bloodline on your budget. They are timeless, simple and very beautiful. Made out of cardstock, they are also very durable and cheap.

Buy your wax seal wedding programs here.


2. Custom made monogrammed programs

This is a chic wedding program perfect for a casual wedding. The custom monogram gives it its refreshing beauty. And they are very cheap printed wedding programs too, giving you class for less.

Buy monogrammed wedding programs here.


3. Mosaic wedding programs

These wedding programs are everything mosaic represents. Beauty, durability, rarity, class and timeless appeal. If you want to buy cheap wedding programs in bulk, this is one to look out for. This is an absolute class on a budget. Made out of luxe paper with refreshing designs, laid back couples will love this.

Buy mosaic wedding programs here.


4. Wedding program fans

The wedding program fans are a chic, yet stylish way to add color to your big day. Get programs that double as fans, especially if you’re having a summer wedding. The wedding program fan will offer your guests knowledge of what’s going on at the wedding while keeping them comfortable. They will use the fan on themselves to get some air. And, they remain useful even after the wedding.

Buy wedding program fans here.

5. Ribbon wedding program

These are stylish cheap wedding ceremony programs. They are eco-friendly and double-sided. With one side containing the program and the other side containing a Thank-You note to the guests. The perfect ribbon bow puts the final touch to its elegant simplicity.

Buy ribbon program here.


6. Deer antler wedding program

Do you have a thing for animals? Are you the adventurous type? Then show your passion by incorporating a deer antler in your wedding program. It’s natural, beautiful and symbolic of your resilience and loyalty. The beautiful part is that they’re printable and editable.

Buy deer antler wedding programs here.

7. Personalized chalkboard wedding program sign

These are very affordable wedding ceremony programs. They’re printable and can act as a wedding program template for reception programs. It’s rustic and screams everything vintage. Quite elegant and simple, they’re very beautiful for vintage-inspired wedding ceremonies.

Buy the chalkboard program sign here.


8. Favor bags wedding program

Looking for cheap wedding ceremony programs that can double as wedding favors bags? The wedding program bags are just perfect. A very creative wedding program that can take in the wedding gifts for your guests while showing them the program of the day. A very great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Buy the wedding bags program here.

9. Newspaper wedding program

Feeling like some celebrity? Well, you are! Add more uniqueness and fun to your wedding by using newspaper wedding programs. Let guests read all about it from your newspaper programs just like in the daily times. It’s printable, very creative, and affordable.

Buy a newspaper wedding program here.


10. Confetti foil pressed wedding programs

Make your wedding colorful with these inexpensive wedding programs. They are colorful wedding programs made out of foil, confetti style. So you don’t have to be a bridesmaid to have your confetti. The wedding programs ensure every guest gets a glittery beauty to go home with.

Buy foil-pressed programs here.

11. Plantable wedding program

Thinking of keeping your wedding eco-friendly? Are you environmentally conscious? You can now use seed paper wedding programs for your wedding. They contain a blend of wildflower seeds that can be planted after the wedding. They begin to grow early in six weeks.

Buy a plantable wedding program here.


12. Wedding program booklet

This is one of the cheapest wedding programs that a very modern couple can opt for. It’s simple, elegant, luxurious, and very classic. It’s suitable for a formal or semi-formal wedding. And an expertly designed booklet where you have enough space to fit in your whole event.

Buy a wedding booklet here.

13. Wood and lights wedding programs

Talk about rustic beauty with a modern touch! These wedding programs are timeless and high quality. Bring your rustic wedding theme by making a wedding program in the mimicry of wood and lights. With beautiful white calligraphy on brown wood textured paper. Give the perfect finishing by expertly using white stains in string lights format. Perfect for gram, barn, park, woods, and rustic-inspired weddings.

Buy wood and light programs here.


14. Shimmer and twine wedding program

Add some bling to your day by getting a wedding program with shimmers. These shimmers are made out of gold foil used to make polka dots. The perfect finish is the rustic gold twine embossed on the side of the program. A very cheap alternative for couples who want to buy programs in bulk. It contains 50 programs per kit.

Buy a shimmer wedding program here.

15. Trifold wedding program

Such sweetheart wedding programs are perfect for the millennial and very selective couples. With soft colors, expert cuts and romantic calligraphy, everyone will be taken. A cute option for nautical and garden-inspired weddings.

Buy trifold wedding programs here.


DIY Tips for Cheap Wedding Programs

If you want to leave a personal touch on your wedding, DIY wedding programs are perfect. From booklets, to fan programs, newspapers to pressed foil, there’s a common template to make them. So, if you’re the creative kind, see how to make wedding programs below.


  • Your choice color of cardstock depending on your wedding theme, style, and the kind of program you want to make.
  • A printed white paper with your names and wedding date
  • A calligraphed white paper with your wedding ceremony lineup
  • Artist Glue or rubber cement
  • Wedding ribbons color of your choice (optional)
  • Scallop scissors


  • Fold up the cardstock into 5″x 5″ covers
  • Take the white paper containing name and date, cut into 4″x4″ and glue to the front.
  • Adhere to the leaves of the program lineup inside the cover and lock in with glue or rubber cement. Leave to dry.
  • One they’re dried, loop a length of ribbon outside of the booklet and tie it in a bow.
  • Print out 4 identical covers on an 81/2″x11″ piece of paper. Trim everything down to 4″x4″ squares with care, so that it accommodates your programs.
  • Put a perfect finishing to it by cutting each corner with scalloped scissors.

Wedding programs only cost as much as you can afford. You don’t have to trade class and elegance because you have a small budget. There are cheap wedding programs that are beauties to behold, while they are timeless. There are also refreshing designs from booklets to trifold programs, fan programs for summer weddings, favor bags wedding programs. Etc. And, if you want to DIY your wedding programs, find our helpful tips in the post.