How To Train The Perfect Husband


There’s more to a perfect husband than just avoiding some activities and being a good provider financially. In fact, if those are the only criteria you have for your future spouse, you’re aiming awfully low. The person you’re going to spend your life with should treat you well on a regular basis and should have many small ways of showing his affection for you.

Clues You Have an Awesome Partner

When you ask your future husband to do some small task for you, does he respond like your version of a perfect husband? If he performs the task, the perfect husband does so without complaining and without seeming to resent your asking in the first place. If he can’t complete the task, the perfect partner would respond by explaining why the answer was no without any drama or fanfare.

If you’re having a conversation with your partner, he should be listening without watching television or reading a webpage. You should be able to tell that he’s interested in what you’re saying; he will respond appropriately to what you’re saying and be focused on you.


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