Most Popular Lucky Wedding Dates For 2021

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Deciding on the right date for your wedding can be difficult most times; even more so if you are superstitious. Hundreds of years ago, such lucky wedding dates were picked with assistance from the village shaman. Some couples got help from Chinese fortune tellers, Roman astrologers, Jewish mystics, or Greek soothsayers.

Lucky Dates

These days couples have to navigate these waters on their own to find their own luckiest day to get married. Allow us to show you how you can determine your most auspicious wedding dates for 2021.


How To Pick Lucky Wedding Days



A lot of the time wedding dates are chosen for such practical reasons as climate, location, budget, and availability. However, cultures throughout the world from the Chinese to the Jewish, Hindus, and Japanese rely on age-old traditions for choosing auspicious wedding dates.

For many years in the Chinese culture, the Tung Shing was consulted by Chinese fortune tellers to help choose these lucky days to get married as well as determine if a couple was the perfect match for each other. The Tung Shing is an astrological calendar that predicts signs of adversity or fortune at specific times in the year.

Using the Tung Shing and the birth dates of the couple, they can determine which are their auspicious dates and which dates to avoid. In these modern times, couples can download the free Tung Shing app on their phone, or purchase its most current version.




In Japan, the Koyomi astrological calendar was consulted in ancient times to determine lucky dates to get married. While many modern couples have ditched the tradition, there is still a number of people who consult the Koyomi to decide on such important dates. The most popular seasons for a wedding are spring and autumn, and couples prefer national holidays or a Sunday as days for their wedding.

Couples lookout for Tomobiki and Taian dates to get married, and these are easy to calculate. Sensho, is also a lucky day but only until noon. Senbu holds a Goodluck afternoon, and Butsemetsu, which is the day that Buddha died is the most unlucky day and Shakko has favorable hours only between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. These are all dates for couples to look out for when making their decision.




It can be a bit difficult to find lucky wedding dates in the Jewish culture, however, spring and summertime are both favored for weddings. Weddings cannot take place during Shabbat, which is a day of rest that stretches from Friday night to Saturday night. Simple occasions before sundown on Friday are however permitted.

Tuesday, which is believed to bless the marriage with prosperity and happiness is a good day to get married, as well as Sunday. The months of December and February are also favorable, as well as getting married under the waxing moon, which is available in the first fifteen days of each month. The four days following Yom Kippur are also auspicious days. Weddings are restricted during major Jewish holidays or shortly before; they are also forbidden during fasts and in the three weeks before Tisha B’Av.




Hindu parents are known for taking couples to Jyotish astrologers who use the Hindu astrological calendar, Panchangam to determine the best days for a wedding. Periods to avoid include Chaturmas, the sacred rainy season months and the festivals of the Yoga Nidra.

Best Dates With Numerology

Another system for finding lucky wedding dates is with numerology. This system uses a couple’s birth dates to determine when they should get married.

How This Method Works

Finding the best wedding dates using numerology can be interesting and fun. An ancient system with roots in the philosophical and scientific roots of European and Asian cultures, this method can predict calamity or goodwill on specific dates.


How To Calculate Your Lucky Date

The numerology system organizes people into groups using their birth dates. Your life path is created by adding up the numbers of your birth date. It is essential to convert each set of numbers to a single-digit before adding to another number. Below is the formula and an example.

Life Path Formula = Birth Month Number (1-12) + Birth Date Number (1-31) + Birth Year

Example: If Beth’s birth date is October 16, 1990, her life path number is 9, as calculated below:
10 (October) = 1 + 0 = 1
16 = 1 + 6 = 7
1990 = 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 19.
19 = 1 + 9 = 10
10 = 1 + 0 = 1
1 + 7 + 1 = 9

Result: 9
The same calculation will be made to determine her partner’s life path number, after which their marriage number will be calculated.
9 + 7 = 16
1 + 6 = 7
Their marriage number is 7.

Armed with these three numbers, your life path numbers and marriage number, a quick search on the internet should be able to help you determine which could be your lucky wedding dates and even the luckiest month to get married.

Lucky Wedding Days In 2021

There are lots of reasons why couples pick various dates for their wedding. In contribution to these reasons, we have made a list of the lucky dates for 2021, which could be helpful to any number of couples.

  1. January 2021
    Fun Dates: Saturday, January 2 (1/2/21): Wednesday, January 20 (1/20/21) and Thursday, January 21 (1/21/21)
    Lucky Dates: Thursday, January 7; Friday, January 8; Monday, January 11
    Full Moon: Thursday, January 28
  2. February 2021
    Fun Dates: Tuesday, February 2 and Sunday, February 14 (2/1/21)
    Lucky Dates: Sunday, February 7; Monday, February 8; Thursday, February 11
    Full Moon: Saturday, February 27
  3. March 2021
    Fun Date: Sunday, March 20 (3/20/21)
    Lucky Dates: Sunday, March 7; Monday, March 8; Thursday, March 11
    Full Moon: Sunday, March 28
  4. April 2021
    Lucky Dates: Wednesday, April 7; Thursday, April 8; Sunday, April 11
    Full Moon: Tuesday, April 27
  5. May 2021
    Lucky Dates: Friday, May 7; Saturday, May 8; Tuesday, May 11
    Full Moon: Wednesday, May 26
  6. June 2021
    Lucky Dates: Monday, June 7; Tuesday, June 8; Friday, June 11
    Full Moon: Thursday, June 24
  7. July 2021
    Fun Date: Sunday, July 4
    Lucky Dates: Sunday, July 11
    Full Moon: Saturday, July 24
  8. August 2021
    Lucky Dates: Saturday, August 7; Sunday, August 8 (8/8/21); Wednesday, August 11
    Full Moon: Sunday, August 22
  9. September 2021
    Lucky Dates: Tuesday, September 7; Wednesday, September 8
    Full Moon: Tuesday, September 21
  10. October 2021
    Fun Dates: Saturday, October 12 (10/12/21) and Wednesday, October 20 (10/20/21)
    Lucky Dates: Thursday, October 7; Friday, October 8
    Full Moon: Wednesday, October 20
  11. November 2021
    Fun Dates: Friday, November 12 (11/12/21)
    Lucky Dates: Sunday, November 7; Monday, November 8; Thursday, November 11
    Full Moon: Friday, November 19
  12. December 2021
    Fun Dates: Thursday, December 2 (12/2/21); Saturday, December 11, 2021 (12/11/21) and Wednesday, December 22, 2021 (12/22/21).
    Lucky Dates: Tuesday, December 7; Wednesday, December 8; Saturday, December 11
    Full Moon: Sunday, December 19


Unlucky Dates to Avoid

There are some general rules that apply to most everybody for dates to avoid for an event. Here are a few for you to consider.

Personal Dates

Could be the birth date of close friends or family, already scheduled celebrations or big sporting events in town. You wouldn’t want your wedding day to clash with any other event that could significantly affect attendance, so these are a few to watch out for.

Time Off for Holidays

Major public holidays are usually a no-no for such occasions, as vendors would be up to their necks for work and could charge you extra for their services. On the other hand, most of your friends and family would be available, so it is definitely worth some thought.

Friday the 13th

Known superstitiously as an unlucky date, Friday the 13th is another day to look out for when fixing wedding dates. So, it will be good to note that August the 13th will fall on a Friday.



A common saying is to “Beware the Ides of March”, and this is an unlucky date. After the assassination of Julius Caesar on the 15th of March, the middle of March became a superstitiously unlucky period.

Whether you are superstitious or not, it is never a bad idea to know which are the lucky wedding dates and unlucky ones to hold your event. We hope that this has been helpful.