The Ultimate Wedding Beauty Plan (From Head To Toe)

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wedding beauty plan

Looking for some bridal beauty tips? Here’s our ultimate wedding beauty plan to highlight your natural bridal beauty! Follow our bridal beauty timeline for the best results!

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Six Months Before the Wedding

  • Make your own wedding beauty timeline (include weightloss plan if you need it)
  • Include a visit to a dermatologist for wedding skin prep
  • Ask your trainer for a special workout routine
  • Consult a nutritionist about your wedding diet plan


Five Months

  • Ask your dermatologist if they approve roc retinol correction
  • Visit your dentist to correct any flaws you want to get rid of
  • Find your hairstylist and make a hair plan together. Work on your healthy hair regimens
  • Schedule an appointments with your wedding makeup artist


Three Months

  • It’s time to think about regular manicure and pedicure
  • Start using a scrub, and ask your beautician how to get perfect body skin
  • You should have your makeup plan ready by this time


Two Months

  • If you wanted to try body tan or microblading – here’s the time
  • Do the trial hairdo
  • Beauty health tips: use night serum, and do whole body skin care


One Month

  • Ask your dentist about the newest teeth whitening procedure
  • Pay attention to skin care before the wedding
  • Sleep enough, eat healthy, give up alcohol
  • Hands tips: apply some hand cream regularly

Two Weeks

  • Final hair trim, consider lavish nails for the wedding
  • Final hair color touch-up
  • Makeup checklist
  • Avoid bread, salt, dairy, and sugar
  • Pack your bridal beauty kit


Three Days

  • Final brow shaping
  • Waxing and whole body skin care

Two Days

  • Final pretty wedding nails
  • Face Care Mask


Day Of The Wedding

Eat a high-protein breakfast and a light lunch, stay calm and happy!

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