How To Plan A Wedding: Secret Tricks You Should Know Before To Plan

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Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming for many couples. So to help break down this large process we have outlined the best way to plan a wedding along with tips on who to ask to help plan your wedding. Our wedding planning guide will set you on the right path!


Brides often ask:

How do you start planning a wedding?

Begin by setting a budget, creating a guest list, and choosing a date and venue. Prioritize key elements like catering, attire, and photography. Consider hiring a planner or using online resources to organize tasks and timelines.

How to plan a wedding on a budget?

To plan a wedding on a budget, prioritize essentials like venue, catering, and attire. Opt for off-peak times and DIY decorations to save costs. Negotiate with vendors for discounts and consider non-traditional venues. Trim the guest list and explore digital invitations. Flexibility and creativity are key to a beautiful and budget-friendly celebration.

How much money should you have before planning a wedding?

Ideally, have enough savings to cover essential expenses like venue, catering, attire, and vendors. While there’s no fixed amount, having a comfortable financial cushion can ease stress and allow for more flexibility in decision-making.

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How long does it take to plan a wedding?
There is an average timeframe of about 12 months, but each couple is different. Some couples might need 5 months and another might need two years, it really boils down to the couple's needs and the type of wedding they have planned. Think about what is important to you and set a timeframe that will fulfill your plans.

Who Can Help You To Plan Your Wedding Day

No one can plan a wedding completely on their own. It is crucial to rely on your support team to help make your wedding day come to life. It is totally fair and also somewhat expected for you to ask someone to lend a helping hand.

Your partner

Wedding planning should be an equal balance between both partners, but more often than not one partner is more willing to take on wedding planning tasks than the other. Even if one partner takes the lead it is certainly reasonable to ask your partner to pitch in and help. Asking your partner for opinions and thoughts might seem easier said than done; so one good strategy is to ask your partner if there are any aspects of the wedding that they would like to take the lead on and then let them run with it. Not everyone cares about the seating chart or the type of favor that will be given so if your partner is not into a specific wedding planning area just take it.


Friends are invaluable gems, especially when it comes to navigating the intricate journey of wedding planning. They’re not just there for the big day, but also to lend their support and creativity from the early stages. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas or discussing how to plan awedding, their presence makes every step memorable.

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Your family

Your family is emotionally invested in your wedding day just as much as you are. Leaning on your family to help your wedding day come to life is not only helpful, but they will love being involved in the wedding planning process. Ask your family for specific help on tasks so that you can make sure it is being attended to but you don’t have to oversee each step, including discussions on how to plan a wedding.

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It’s time to start planning! What part of the planning process are you most excited about?

Going wedding dress shopping with my bridesmaids. Give me ALL the dresses!
31.38 %
Planning the decor down to the tiniest detail. Want to see my colour palette?
32.14 %
The menu tasting at the venue. Eating 40 different dishes in one sitting is my dream afternoon.
8.67 %
Recruiting my friends and family members to help out. They are a pretty talented bunch!
9.18 %
None of it! I am just dying to get the party started!
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Essential Steps On Planning A Wedding

There are some essential steps you need to take to ensure the day is a success. There are many more steps when planning a wedding; but we have outlined the 21 MOST important steps to take to plan the day of your dreams!

  1. Join Wedding Forward mailing list to get wedding help and inspiration
  2. Decide on a location and date
  3. Select your wedding party
  4. Decide on a wedding coordinator or planner
  5. Choose the best bridal subscription box
  6. Host an engagement party
  7. Make a guest list
  8. Decide on a theme for your wedding
  9. Start gathering information and inspiration
  10. Connect with vendors
  11. Create a budget
  12. Create your wedding website
  13. Put together your registry
  14. Order save the dates & invitations
  15. Plan the honeymoon, rehearsal dinner
  16. Plan all pre-wedding events (bridal shower, bachelorette party, bridesmaid brunch)
  17. Send out invitations
  18. Collect RSVP’s
  19. Buy wedding bands
  20. Obtain your marriage license
  21. Get married

What do most brides forget?
It is important for the brides to have an alternative to heels, remembering to bring comfortable shoes and dance the night away. We know that the anxiousness while getting ready is real but sometimes brides forget to have lunch during that period, resulting in exhaustion. During planning, brides forget to opt for extra invitation suites intended for detail photography. In addition, they should always remember to have a helper on-site that will bring back their things from the reception venue.

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Wedding Planning Guide

No matter what type of wedding you are planning; you need to create a plan and a checklist so you can have your wedding planning run smoothly. From planning a beachside destination wedding to a courthouse wedding; we have a breakdown of all the steps you need to take.

How to plan a small wedding

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Small weddings or what are commonly referred to as micro weddings are really in fashion right now thanks to issues like a global pandemic. If you are planning a small wedding you need to make sure you have a structure for where and when your wedding will take place, who will be invited and what sort of menu and entertainment you want to have. Many couples who are planning a small wedding decide to host the event at their house or the house of someone close to them to save on venue cost. If you are thinking of going down that path you still might need to plan out a space for food, dancing, bathrooms, and parking.

All weddings regardless of size should have a well thought out plan for what the style and theme of the wedding will be. Plus planning some logistics so the day has no surprises.

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How to plan a beach wedding

Beach weddings have been a staple in the wedding world for a very long time and with the natural beauty of the beach as a backdrop, it is not hard to see why.

“If you are planning a beach wedding that is a destination wedding you should consider sending out your save the date cards with travel information earlier than normal since it may take guests longer to secure travel, flight and hotel accommodations.”

  • Location. When selecting your beach wedding location is key! If you are hosting your beach wedding at a resort they usually have a dedicated section of the beach for events; on the other hand, if you are hosting your wedding at a public beach you might have to deal with public beachgoers close to your ceremony location.
  • Time of day. Location is not the only thing to consider when planning a beach wedding; you must also focus on the time of day. Afternoon weddings on the beach can bring with them brutal heat; so you might want to schedule your ceremony for later in the afternoon. Ideally, it’s after 5:00 pm when the sun starts to sink a little.

How to plan a courthouse wedding

Big weddings are not for everyone and many couples decide they want to have a simple courthouse wedding. If you are planning a courthouse wedding here are a few tips.

  • Make an appointment. Most courthouses require couples to make an appointment for their wedding ceremony so make sure you call ahead. You will also need to get a marriage license. So gather all of the necessary paperwork before you can actually say “I do”.
  • Hire a photographer. You will want to capture the big day of course; so hire a wedding photographer to join you. Take your images before, during (if allowed), and after the ceremony.


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  • Celebrate post ceremony. Just because you don’t want a big wedding doesn’t mean you don’t want to celebrate. Host a brunch, lunch, or dinner to celebrate your courthouse wedding with friends and family.


How to plan a destination wedding

Destination weddings are a fun way to celebrate your wedding day and can take place in a variety of locations. At one time a destination wedding meant that it was a beach wedding someplace tropical, but today couples plan destination weddings all over the world in all different locations. So take a look at a few tips for planning your destination wedding:

  • Send out information early. When travel is required it is best to give your guests a little more time to plan and book their accommodations. So send out your save the date cards early. Also, include there all of the travel information your guests will need to start booking flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Consider working with a local wedding planner. It is not easy to plan a destination wedding from a distance. So you should consider working with a local wedding planner who can help navigate and organize things at your destination. Having a local planner will also help you be able to locate vendors and services you may need. Also if you are booking your destination at a hotel or resort oftentimes they will have an onsite wedding coordinator who can help. If they don’t you can also ask for a recommendation.
  • Reserve a large group hotel block. Since all of your guests will be traveling to your wedding location you should book a large hotel block as soon as possible to make sure you have rooms for the guests. Tropical and other popular destination resorts fill up quickly so the sooner you can block out rooms the better.

How to plan a backyard wedding

Backyard weddings can be extra special since often couples will exchange vows at their own home. A backyard wedding does allow you to have complete control over your decor, look and feel of your wedding; but it also comes with a few challenges. When planning a backyard wedding, you do need to consider a few key planning items, including discussions on how to plan a wedding.

  • Parking. You will need to find a place for your guests to park for your wedding; also the chances are you can’t do it all in your driveway. So you might have to secure a separate parking location and shuttle guests to your backyard.
  • Space for vendors. Your catering team will need a space for set up, food prep, and clean up. Your kitchen might not be the best spot so work with your catering team to make sure they can prep at a different location and bring food to your reception and remove all the clean up as well.
  • Bathrooms. So, yes, you probably will need to rent portable toilets; but thanks to all the new solutions in this industry you can rent nice ones for your guests.


Planning a wedding during Covid

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How to plan a wedding during Covid-19. There are no current ways to plan for perfection, but there are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

  • You should know about social distancing and government rules
    Every area of the country is going to treat COVID-19 uniquely. Make sure that you are consistently up to date with State and County guidelines and be prepared to adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Meet with your wedding suppliers virtually
    The easiest way to reduce spreading to your more at-risk guests is to make all of your arrangements virtually. Apps like zoom allow you to interview and meet with all of your vendors from the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Trim down the guest list
    Most of your friends and family will agree that these are trying times. Reject those feelings of guilt and feel free to slash that guest list down to the bare essentials.
  • Look into wedding insurance
    Although your plans may seem firm today, there’s always a chance that more restrictions are just around the corner. Before you sign a contract, make sure there is an exit option to get your money back if things go south.
  • Contact your church or registrar
    The registrar is a big deal to many couples. Before you get too deep into other plans, contact your registrar to confirm their policies about in-person and virtual ceremonies.
  • Book a suitable wedding venue
    Make sure that your event space can accommodate social distancing. A large space can quickly turn into a tight squeeze once you factor in 6 feet of space between guests and staff. It’s best to get a real-world photo to gauge what you can reasonably expect.

Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

There is lots of information and advice on how to plan your perfect wedding day. But there is also some good advice on what not to do when planning your wedding. By knowing some of the major mistakes to avoid when planning you can feel relaxed and confident that your wedding day will be perfect!

10 Don’ts When Planning Your Wedding:

  1. Don’t forget to pay all invoices before the wedding date
  2. Don’t overspend in one area of the budget and majorly skimp in another
  3. Don’t stress over the little things
  4. Don’t invite someone to the bridal shower or bachelorette party that is not invited to the wedding
  5. Don’t plan a ceremony location that is far away from your reception location
  6. Don’t add your registry information on your invitations, you can provide this information on a separate enclosure card
  7. Don’t make your guests wait too long before the ceremony starts
  8. Don’t make guests pay for drinks – if your budget is tight limit the drinks to 2 or 3 options.
  9. Don’t forget to feed your vendors – work with your catering team so there is a meal for vendors
  10. Don’t forget to offer a vegetarian option for guests


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Expert Opinion
In our experience, above all, brides forget to pause on their wedding day and savor all the precious moments.

So as you decide on how to start planning a wedding, remember a few things. Do it one task at a time, and avoid pressure as much as possible. Also, do not fret about the little things, and learn to delegate. Also, remember to rest and pamper yourself by getting a bridal subscription box. And also follow through with our guide on how to plan a wedding step by step.