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20 Tips For A Happy Bride: How To Plan A Wedding (2018 Update)


If you want to know how to plan a wedding, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide.

Today, there are so many opportunities for organizing a wonderful ceremony, but among such a large number of possible options, it’s so easy to get lost.

Where do you start? Guest list? Budget? Decor? It’s not a secret the wedding planning can take a lot of time and efforts. So, let’s start right now and meet the goal together. Here we have an awesome wedding planning guide.

We personally tested and reviewed 20 tips and you can click through the list to find the best for you.


1. Find Your Own Wedding Planning Tools

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In order not to get tired of all these wedding things and enjoy the preparation – try to turn planning into fun. To create a wedding plan, you need some tools. For example, spreadsheets, books, checklists, a Pinterest board etc.


Don’t write nonsense things interspersed with useful in average 300-line-item wedding checklist. Do your best making your wedding checklist as efficient as possible, that will keep you motivated, focused on your wedding goals, and help not to chew on small things.

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When we need answers to our questions, we often google them. And questions about how to plan a wedding aren’t an exception. However, you can find all the wedding basics in the APW books. Firstly, it will help you save precious time, money, and sanity, and the #APWPlanner can even plan your wedding for you.


Write it in a wedding guest list template, your vendor contact list, your wedding timeline and other important things. You need it to keep track of your guests, to know how to contact everyone, etc. Also, you can add photography shot list, packing list, a budget spreadsheet and other useful lists.


First, you think about the wedding you want. Then you think about how much you’re comfortable with spending. And then you hope really hard that the two concepts match up. The problem is that it’s almost impossible to know how much the event you’re envisioning is going to cost until you start getting into the nitty-gritty of planning. Look at the weddings of couples who share a similar wedding vision with you, and try to figure out your own wedding budget, given how much they spent.


Once you’ve hit this item of wedding planner guide, it implies it’s the ideal time for you and your partner to take a seat and talk about what sort of wedding you need to have. (Psst: the #APWPlanner gives a convenient needs worksheet to you and your partner to take after.)


Alright, you know how your wedding has to look, feel, and move — now it’s more to talk with your families and discuss all details. Reflect on the wedding budget and their contributions, identify with invitations for guests and learn about family wedding traditions. Are there traditions you particularly want to include, or traditions you want to eschew?


Before venue search, figure out who you want to invite and put their names into the guest list. Further, draw up the following items of the plan based on this list. If you do it the other way you could accidentally realize you don’t have enough space in your venue for someone important. You and our partner can make own, separate lists and then work through those lists together to compile a master guest list.


Picking a wedding venue is a big deal. It’s expensive. It sets the tone. It’s the “meat” in the wedding sandwich if you will. It’s also an incredibly overwhelming process. Because you need to find a venue that you can afford, you actually like, is convenient for your guests, and isn’t already booked. Thus, at the time you searching in Google how to plan a wedding, look for suitable venues for you.


Have you ever booked a photographer? A florist? A DJ? Some of your wedding vendors need to be booked months (or a year!) in advance, and some don’t. Before you meet with any vendor, think about what you want and what you don’t want. Make a plan for how you will raise these issues when negotiating your contract. While it may be awkward to bring up certain things, leaving them unspoken is not a successful contracting strategy. If you know you’ll be too uncomfortable to raise certain issues in the meeting, try sending a pre-meeting email laying out the topics you want to discuss, or bring a friend tasked with bringing up the dreaded request.


Most people have only ever rented apartments and cars before their weddings. But the truth is, lots and lots of weddings involve at least one rental order. If you’re hiring full service caterers, there’s a good chance they’ll be renting things for your wedding. And if you’re self-catering or using food-service only caterers, there’s a good chance you may not have thought about it yet, but you’ll end up wanting to place a rental order at some point in the planning process.

2. How To Plan A Wedding, Step By Step

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Now, it’s an ideal opportunity to set up the structure of your wedding. What will it resemble? Since that? How will your guests encounter it? How will you? So, if you’re ready, let’s go to the next phase of planning:


The easiest way to tell other couples about how hardly planning your wedding is to create an own wedding website. So when you’ve got any information about what, where and when put it on your website (it’ll save you from having to field all the questions later.)


Shopping a wedding dress can make you feel queasy. But you can’t marry without dress, yes? Firstly, mention your budget and mention if you’re looking for something specific, be it simpler or more formal and more embellished. Price points have actually come down. You can get a super cute dress that totally looks like a wedding dress in that traditional sense, that has some embellishment for under $500. You may or may not be buying domestically produced. So you have to pay attention if it matters to you.

The only thing you typically won’t get is an underskirt. It’s the weight of the dress that translates into a really stunning fit that you won’t get until you hit probably $800. Things that are also important to mention beyond budget: size. Typically, the more high-end and the more couture, the smaller the wedding dress size and the less it correlates with your street size. Notice it.


Are you getting ready to tell everyone about your fabulous upcoming shindig? Awesome. You can make a DIY wedding invites or order them from a creative agency. Also, you can ask a wedding agency. Specialists will help you not only with invitations but also with planning your wedding.

And Then A Little Later

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Before hooking up your own wedding booze, understand that it can be a… thing unto itself. If you want to know how to buy it, and how to calculate how much alcohol your wedding will need read the articles about it. But in two words there are three basic types of wedding bars: beer and wine only, full bar, and the something-in-between we’ll call modified full bar. No alcohol calculator is gonna work for a bar that involves 20 kids of booze. Work with a professional bartending service and your venue, unless you want to blow most of your budget on half the stock at your local liquor store.


Wedding timelines can be confusing when you’ve never done one—even if you’ve attended a lot of wedding days you probably haven’t paid much attention to how long each individual aspect lasted. If you decide to plan weddings timeline yourself, you should note all the events and allocate enough time for them. It can be hard, but on the web, you may find many guides on how to do this correctly.

You can use our Expert Tips To Creating A Traditional Wedding Reception Timeline.


In all wedding planner guides, you’ll find, that if you want DIY you should only invest your time into the things you really care about. Spend money on the stuff that matters less. You can do really worthwhile things. For example, little gifts for all guests, bridal bouquet or even ceremonial arch. We know you can do it well.


If you want to create an incredible playlist for your wedding, you do not necessarily need to seek help from DJ. You’ll wonder, but Google perfectly copes with the search for the songs you need and even the ready-made playlists. Finished playlists, as a rule, have a little country, a lot of souls, and basically, everything in between, like pop songs and dance music. We have taken the time to come up with an extensive list of current lyrics to play at your wedding: 50 New Wedding Songs for 2018 To Play At Your Reception


One of the best things to do when you’re don’t know how to plan a wedding is to seek out weddings that you probably want to have and bask in them. Do you want to make your wedding by yourself? That’s awesome and actually, a lot of couples did just like that. Considering an elopement? They’re lovely. Is your community helping make your wedding happen? I bet it’ll be gorgeous. Find wedding websites of couples, who made the ceremony by themselves, and if you just want to get lost for a few hours (or days) you will.

It’s Time For Feelings And Party

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Here, you might need a warm hug or maybe therapy? We know wedding planning is hard but also is funny. First, the feelings:


It means the Wedding Industrial Complex. That is two groups of people. The people that make money when we get married and are employed to figure out ways to maximize that profit: wedding magazines, bridal fashion conglomerates, the diamond industry, etc. It can also be Societal Expectations Of A Wedding. For example, the reaction of people when you tell, “Oh, yeah, I’m just letting my bridesmaids wear what they want”, or when people ask to look at your engagement ring if it doesn’t meet their expectations they will voice their disapproval to your face.


OK? It’s not an imposition on anyone. It’s not because your guests will have fun at your wedding (though, duh, they will), it’s because your guests are adult people. If your wedding is too expensive, or too far away, or just too much of a bother? They won’t come. If you’re lucky, they’ll be very kind when they tell you about it. If you’re not lucky? Then you didn’t want them there anyway. But the people that come to your wedding? The people who love you and care about you will not feel like your wedding is a burden or an imposition. They will be thrilled that out of all of the people you could have invited, you want THEM. Anyway, you are always going to have someone who isn’t satisfied. So think about people, which you love and have fun.
And the party:


The question “how to plan a wedding” is nearly the same “how to make bridal shower”. Your party can be traditional or not ordinary, old-fashioned or modern the choice belongs to you. The bottom line is that parties make people happy—especially when they involve your best people. So, whether you’re whipping up this shower for your childhood gal pal, gay male BFF, or favorite couple, keep your perspective glasses fully focused on having fun.


Rehearsals themselves are super helpful. Thanks to them you have a chance to hang out with your guests and spend time with dear people.

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