From Cute To Creative: Flower Girl Proposal Ideas For Your Wedding Day

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Brides choose to have their favorite little girls be their flower girls because it is a role for the child and gives them a unique opportunity to interact with the bride-to-be before and after the ceremony. Little girls love to be flower girls. It is one of the most crucial moments in a girl’s life, and she will remember it forever. This is because she will be part of a wedding party. Scroll down to see some ideas on how to make the perfect flower girl proposal.


It’s important to ask permission from the little girl’s parents before asking her to be your flower girl so that you can get their approval before approaching their daughter about it. If one parent does not agree with this arrangement, then it may be better not to have their daughter take part in this process at all.

What is the right flower girl’s age?

The ideal age for a flower girl is between 5- 10years old. If you have a younger child, they may not be able to understand what to do, and if you have an older child, they might not want to get involved.

How to do a flower girl proposal?

You can ask a girl to be part of your wedding in many ways, from gifts to cards to hangouts. The most crucial thing to do is to inform their parents.

Flower Girl Proposal Free Printable

Print out these cards for free to propose to a girl flower girl. You can write the girl’s name and add it to the gift and or just give it to her.

You can also choose a wedding-themed coloring book on 8 pages as a gift to make the girl happy.


Flower Girl Proposal Template

Get to the heart quotes by giving real reasons why you want the little girl at your wedding. Here are three ideas on what you can write in your proposal letter.

I would like to have you as my flower girl because you are adorable, and also because you can help me get through my wedding day. Do me the honors.

Today is a special day for me as well as for my family. We are getting married soon, and I would like to ask you if it is okay to ask your daughter to be my flower girl on this special day.

We hope you will look pretty with her new dress and fairy wings or fairy wand as you walk us down the aisle on our big day. It would be such a beauty to behold. You will be so happy because you will watch everything that happens before and during the wedding ceremony. You can even throw some flowers into the air during the ceremony. Please say yes!

This flower girl proposal message template will get her a heartwarming response.


Toddler Flower Girl Proposal

If the chosen girl is small, you can give her beautiful clothing like a floral wreath or fairy wings with a magic wand or a dress. She will love it.

Toddlers love to be part of exciting adventures like wedding planning and are always excited about helping out. You can have them help you pick out the centerpieces or arrange flowers in their baskets.


Propose Her With A Dessert

Every little girl loves a delicious dessert. So, you can use it as one of the creative flower girl proposal ideas for weddings. Present her with a dessert. It can be cupcakes or cake, but whatever it is, make sure it is savory. You can order personalized cupcake cookies or a cake with an offer to be a flower girl.

These cookies are the perfect gifts to make a little girl’s day, especially flower girls from 3-6 years old. You can also add a proposal card to your box of desserts to pass an effective message across.


Flower Girl Proposal Box Ideas

A flower girl proposal gift box can be as simple as wrapping her up in a pretty ribbon or as extravagant as making her feel like royalty with one of these gorgeous proposal boxes. The key here is that you want to be sure your proposal comes from the heart, so do not go overboard by spending too much money on it.

You can opt for simple proposal box ideas with flowers, candies, toys, hair pins, pom-poms, and stickers.

Brides can make gift boxes from wood, plastics, or paper materials. They can also decorate it with glitter. If you plan on using wrapping paper, go ahead and wrap the gift box with it. Also, the wrapping should match the theme of your wedding.

Flower Girl Proposal Puzzle

The flower girl is always there to offer her first bouquet and walk you down the aisle on your wedding day. As a gift for her, you can give her a personalized puzzle. This will also help with your budget. This flower girl puzzle proposal will keep the girl busy, and it is a fun way to break the news to your favorite girl.


Proposal Ideas With Jewelry

Do you want a simple way to ask the flower girl of your dreams to be your flower girl for your special day? If so, these jewelry gifts are what you need. All you need is a bit of creativity like packaging a flower girl proposal necklace with flowers and proposal cards.

Nowadays, girls love accessories like bracelets and necklaces. So, why don’t you give her something special like a bracelet?

DIY Flower Girl Proposal

The best thing about DIY cute flower girl proposal ideas is that it does not have any rules or restrictions, so anything goes. If you want to do something different than what everyone else does, this is the way for you. Brides can do many things with this kind of proposal.

They can write their flower girl a proposal poem and read it to her in the presence of her family. Brides can also gift her colorful balloons that say “I can’t say I do without you”. Also, to make a flower petal proposal, they can put flower petals or confetti in a tube and add a proposal message inside.


Flower Girl Proposal Pillow

Another popular way to propose a flower girl is a pillow gift. Brides can purchase these pillows online or in stores near them when planning their proposal. This pillow features a cute and colorful design with the flower girl’s name and the wedding date. This flower girl proposal gift can also serve as after wedding souvenir for your girls.

Themed Flower Girl Proposal

Themed flower girl proposals are available in bridal stores. They include themes such as Disney Princesses, Frozen characters, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more. Dress your flower girl up as one of her favorite Disney Princesses or even one of those original characters from her favorite book series. Or even create a new look inspired by one of your favorite styles or trends.

This idea is so simple and fun. Brides can use any child’s theme and add some cute decorations to fit their taste as well as the theme you chose. These princess-themed are adorable.



The traditional role of the flower girl is to help carry the flower basket during the wedding and also walk down the aisle with the bride. This is a vital role, so brides should make the flower girl proposal a memorable experience for the girl. Please, remember to work within your budget.