Adults-Only Wedding Wording Templates To Be Clear And Polite

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Many couples want child-free weddings, and that’s okay because it’s their day. However, there are other reasons like budgeting and having the guests’ full attention. The couples may also want to give their guests the space to enjoy themselves without children. Unfortunately, announcing a child-free wedding to guests who are parents is tough, but not to worry. Check out these graceful ways to coin your adults only wedding wording.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to phrase adult-only wedding wording?

The wording for adults-only weddings must be concise, specific, celebratory, and courteous. You may also offer to help where necessary.


Properly Addressed Envelopes Examples

Your adult-only wedding invitation wording starts from your envelope. You must address it to the couple by stating their names and not the family. The examples below will guide you.

Samples of how to sign the envelope:
Outer envelope: Mr. And Mrs. Bernard Maxwell
Inner envelope: Bernard and Samantha

The invitation card:
We invite you, Bernard, and Samantha, as a couple to our wedding on November 20th, 2024.
Please respond by august 12, 2024
We already reserved two seats in your name.


Please revert by august 12, 2024
We have two spots reserved for you at the wedding
[Names of the children] Sorry to miss it!


“No Children Wedding” Invitation Wording Examples

There are many ways to write adults-only wedding wording or no-children invites. You can opt for additional information notes that state your wishes in the invite suite. Name bands on your envelopes with specific instructions are also a great idea. Alternatively, include that bit of information on the rsvp or your website.


Briefly and politely

  • “Our wedding reception is open to only adults from 8 pm. Please, share in our joy as we celebrate our union.”
  • “We kindly request and desire your esteemed presence at our adults-only wedding. We implore your understanding at this time”
  • “While we delight in surrounding ourselves with the beauty and laughter of children, this wedding is for only adults. Please bear with us.”
  • “Please be informed that our wedding reception by 4 pm is strictly for adults. Thank you for adhering.”
  • “We politely bring it to your notice that only people older than 16 are invited to the ceremony and reception. Thank you for sharing our joy.”


This a hint that your space and budget is limited

  • “It is a pleasure to have your children celebrate with us. Yet we regret that we can’t host them because of the venue cap on guest numbers.”
  • “While we’d love to host everyone, our budget is stretched to its limit, hence our inability to invite children, please bear with us.”
  • “We regretfully announce that the bride and groom have encountered space constraints at the venue and cannot extend invites to children.”
  • “We found the venue of our dreams, but it cannot accommodate children. However, we reserved two seats for you and hope to enjoy your presence.”
  • “We designed our wedding budget to give you an unforgettable experience, and with regret, we can’t accommodate children. We hope you understand.”

Relax the Curfews

  • “About time you take the night, and our party is just the right release. Come join our child-free love celebration!”
  • “We ask that you oblige us this once on our wish for an adult-only reception. Let the kids stay home.”
  • “We desire that you relax, have fun, and enjoy our special day with no children around.”
  • “Please understand that we want you to celebrate our big day in style. So, entry for kids denied.”
  • “Lord knows we love your kids, but let’s have fun without them this one time.”


Only children from bride & grooms families

  • “Even though we adore your children to bits, we can only accommodate babies from immediate family. Thank you for understanding.”
  • “With all respect, be informed that this is an adult-only reception. Children from the immediate family are welcome.”
  • “For reasons personal to us, we are only able to accommodate children from immediate family at our wedding.”
  • “Kindly note that we can host only children whose names appear on the invitation. Thank you for celebrating with us.”
  • “Please be informed that this is an adult-only wedding. However, children from the bride and groom’s immediate family are invited to attend.”

If you want to allow children at the ceremony only

  • “Due to limited space, we cannot accommodate children at the reception. But we’d be glad to have them at the ceremony.”
  • “Children are welcome to the ceremony, but our 8 pm reception is for adults only.”
  • “Just because we want you to loosen up, have fun, and unwind at the reception, it’s adults only. Children are, however, welcome to the ceremony.”
  • “All are invited to the ceremony, followed by an adult-only night reception. We’d be glad to lend a hand in helping secure care for your babies; if you need help”
  • “While everyone is invited to the ceremony, we respectfully inform you that we can only accommodate children in the bridal party at the adults-only reception.”


Custom card to your wedding invitation suite

If you feel your adults-only wording on wedding invitations would look too cluttered, opt for a custom card addition. See some custom card examples below.

  • “Grab this break opportunity from the kids and come unwind with us at the reception. Children are invited to the ceremony only.”
  • “Kindly leave the kids at home and come celebrate with us.”
  • “Does a date night sound enticing? Enjoy a date night with us without the kids.”
  • “To our loved ones, we’ve chosen to celebrate our special day with just the adults. We hope you respect our decision and can’t wait to see you.”
  • “Our September wedding venue put a capped number of seats perfect for the space. Hence we regretfully announce that we cannot accommodate children.”

Adults-Only Wedding Wording For A Website

A wedding website is an essential tool when planning a wedding. It helps keep your guests updated about the progress of your wedding prep. You can upload engagement pictures, wedding invites, registries, and many other things.

If you want a child-free wedding, the website is also the most neutral avenue to make the announcement. It is also a great idea to build a FAQ block that includes questions about whom you want at your wedding.

Indicate in that section that it is a child-free wedding to make the message clearer. Below are some samples of adults-only wedding invitation wording for your website.



  • “Unfortunately, only people above the age of 21 can attend the wedding due to venue size restrictions.”
  • “We want the guests to enjoy their time with us, so we chose to have an adults-only event. Thank you for being so cooperative.”
  • “Only guests named on the wedding invitations are welcome. We are having a child-free wedding.”


  • “Like the kids, we also want your attention at our adults-only wedding. So leave the children at home.”
  • “Been a while since you took time out? Then hire a sitter for the kids and come dance with us till you drop.”
  • “While kids’ laughter excites us, we want to hear you laugh with abandon. So come without your babies.”

Weddings are beautiful celebrations, but sometimes you have specific wishes like keeping it child-free. It is tough to tell your guests that you want an adult-only wedding because you may offend them.

Bonus: Wording For Adults-Only Wedding Reception Samples

If you are looking for more inspiration for your adults only wedding reception invitation wording, here’re some more amazing ideas.

  • “We kindly request the pleasure of your company at our adults-only wedding reception. Join us for an evening of elegance, celebration, and dancing. Please note that due to limited space, this event is exclusively for adults. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to sharing this special occasion with you.”
  • “You are warmly invited to our adults-only wedding reception. Leave the kids at home and join us for an evening filled with laughter, great food, and lively entertainment. As we celebrate our union, we kindly request an adult-only atmosphere. Thank you for honoring our wishes and being a part of our joyous celebration.”
  • “We’re thrilled to have you join us at our adults-only wedding reception. As we toast to love and happiness, we kindly ask that only adults attend this evening affair. Get ready for an enchanting night filled with merriment and memories. We appreciate your understanding and can’t wait to celebrate with you.”
  • “An exclusive adults-only affair awaits! Please join us at our wedding reception as we raise a glass to our future together. Due to the nature of the event, we request that only adults attend. Your presence will make the evening even more special, and we can’t wait to share this magical celebration with you.”
  • “Join us for a sophisticated and adults-only wedding reception to celebrate our love and commitment. As we embark on this new chapter, we kindly request that this event is reserved for adults only. We promise an evening of delightful company, delicious cuisine, and a festive ambiance. Your presence will complete our celebration, and we can’t wait to share this unforgettable night with you.”

However, you can land your information softly using the appropriate adults-only wedding wording from your envelopes to invites and even websites. And if you need to learn how to present your wishes, this post contains many respectful samples on how to phrase adults-only wedding wording.