How to Incorporate Humorous Mad Libs Into Your Wedding

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Weddings can be so much fun if you keep things lighthearted and add a twist to common traditions. One way to inject some hilarity into your wedding celebration while simultaneously taking your guests on a trip down memory lane is with wedding mad libs. You get bonus points if the majority of your guests love this game.


To help you integrate this genius game into your celebrations, here are some tips on how to engage your guests with some mad libs fun at your wedding.

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How Do You Play Mad Libs at a Wedding?

Write a story, could be about your proposal or relationship, and leave certain key words out. Players will each get a copy of the story to insert their own words in the blank spaces for hilarious results.


What is Mad Libs For a Wedding?

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Mad libs for a wedding is usually a version of the standard mad libs with a wedding theme. This could be mad libs wedding vows, where vows are written with certain words left out, or even advice that can be completed by guests. The word substitutes in the blanks usually have a comical effect that makes the game fun.


The Ways to Include Wedding Mad Libs

Place Them on Tables

Funny printable wedding mad libs and a pen or pencil can sit alongside the tableware for each guest. This would keep them happily engaged while they wait for the next event in the wedding program.


Use Them as Part of the Program

You can add a twist to your programs by making funny mad libs part of the program. This can be in the program for the wedding ceremony or the reception.

Have a Mad Libs Station

For a more structured and engaging game, you can set up a table with mad libs along with writing materials and instructions on how to compose their stories.

Use Them as Part of The Speeches

The game can even be incorporated in wedding speeches. If the sheets have been filled in earlier, anyone giving a speech can read out any number of funny answers.

Create a Mad Libs Guest Book

You can also use mad libs templates to get marriage advice or tips for newlyweds from your guests. Just set it up as a guest book that they would each have to fill and sign.


Use Them as a Game

Your wedding reception can also just have a Mad libs segment. With a printable template, you can go round the room as guests read out the most hilarious stories they come up with about your proposal or marriage story.

Include Them in The Wedding Favors

If there isn’t time to engage in much during the celebration, printable templates can be printed out and included in the favors for guests to take home and enjoy. Instructions can also be included for them to be returned as a keepsake for the couple.

Bridal Shower Mad Libs

Weddings are a great place for such games, but so are bridal showers. With wedding shower mad libs your bridal party can be quizzed on fun facts about you or your fiancé, and everyone can have fun reading out the results.

How to Play Wedding Vows Mad Libs Game

  • Hand out the free printable wedding mad libs to your guests with a pen or pencil each. Have them write their name at the bottom so you can identify whose game card is which.
  • To make the game more fun, you can have guests pair up to fill in the answers or responses in the gaps of the stories, marriage advices, or even vows.
  • Outside of their chosen partners, there should be no peeking, so that each answer is completely organic.
  • When everyone has finished, they can swap their cards with their partner so each guest can read out the filled in story of their game partner for laughs.
  • Afterwards the cards can be swapped back to their original owners.

You can keep your wedding fun and lighthearted by finding creative ways to incorporate such funny games as wedding mad libs. If the couple keeps the collection of mad libs cards it can also be a source of comic relief long after. So it’s a win-win really.