Vital Tips For Hiring Bachelor Party Strippers

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Most all bachelor parties are incomplete without bachelor party strippers. Whether in a hotel suite, casino or strip club, that night of freedom usually involves copious amounts of alcohol and indulgence. While bachelor party ideas might seem easy to come across, you might realize the need for some assistance with creativity in acquiring the right party strippers.


We have here a few ideas, which you might add to your list of party games for that perfect boy’s night or weekend out.

What Exactly Are Bachelor Party Packages?

Bachelor party packages are usually arranged by the strip clubs, and while this might sound like an easy way out, it usually isn’t. If you have been tasked with handling the bachelor party for the groom, you’ll want to look closely at whatever bachelor party package you are offered. While you will expect naked women and lap dances at your early wedding entertainment, most of these packages do not include all that.

You would do best to hire an outcall service where the girls show up at your room where you will get adequate attention. A bachelor party package at the strip club will get you in the strip club, so you have the right ambiance; however, you will still need to pay for any extras. Your package only covers your sitting area; you would still have to pay for any time spent with the ladies.


Booking Strippers Outside Of The Strip Club

If you have decided the strip club isn’t your thing and you prefer to book strippers outside of the club, this is an easier choice. House parties are great or a party at your hotel suite, even better. Booking outside of the club would mean finding an independent performer to perform in a location of your choice.

One of the pros of this is that it’s within your comfort zone. It is also usually within your budget. Each company has their own set of rules and established payment; also an established timeframe for the show.


House Parties Or Strip Clubs – What To Choose For The Night Of Freedom?

Deciding on a location is usually not as difficult as it might seem. Your budget, timeframe, ability or inability to travel for all guests, can help decide that. If you have an unlimited budget and can afford to splurge and let loose, then the strip club would be a good option.

However, if you are working with a set budget and have limited time, then booking the strippers for a house party might be just the thing.

Booking Stripper – Main Rules

The fact that they are strippers doesn’t mean that they come without rules. Know the rules, play by the rules. Whether you are partying at the strip club or at home, the last thing you want is to be kicked out or have the police get involved. If you decide on some engagement party games, it’s fine.

Just don’t allow things to get out of hand. Below are a few definite noes.

  • Do not take photos without permission – This is their job and they take it seriously. In general nobody’s photos should be taken without permission. The way you wouldn’t want lewd photos of you out in the world is the same you should think for other people, strippers or not.
  • Do not be inappropriate – Like mentioned before, know the rules and stick to them. Most of the time groping inappropriately is outside of the rules, so refrain.
  • Try not to lose yourself – You and your friends can be drunk, be loud, but do not be uncouth.


Always Plan Ahead

While it might seem cool to just wing it with a bachelor party and hiring strippers, nothing goes well without adequate planning, even this. So endeavor to always plan ahead. Plan the budget, plan the spending, plan the drinking, plan the location. Book everything ahead so you don’t show up and not have a table, extra seat or even space. Those who fail to plan, do plan to fail; and you will need the night to go exceptionally well if it is to be memorable.

If this is your first time arranging bachelor party strippers for your friend’s last night of freedom, then you’re going to need all the help you can get. If at a loss for ideas for entertainment, you can take a peek at some of the most popular bachelorette party games. Also, if you’re in need of male strippers and not female strippers, some of these rules apply too.

So, take your time, ensure to plan ahead adequately, and you all have the time of your lives.