Officiant Prices For Wedding: Your Guide In 2024

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A wedding officiant is an important part of any wedding, as they are the ones to ensure that the marriage takes place in the first place before any festivities. Important information to have when deciding on an officiant for your wedding is officiant prices for wedding.


Seeing as this would be part of your budget, it is important to know how much to pay the person who will work with you to create this meaningful experience in your life. This is why we have put together this vital information on the average cost of wedding officiant and additional fees.

What Is The Average Cost Of Wedding Officiant?

Depending on the type of wedding, the officiant can be secular, like a justice of the peace, or judge. He can also be a religious figure, like a minister, priest or rabbi.

If you are wondering how much do wedding officiants cost for your wedding ceremony. From our research, the average cost of wedding officiants ranges from $400 to $800 for professional officiants. Religious clergy can cost as much as $1,000 as couples might have to make donations to the church instead of paying directly.


What’s Included In Wedding Officiant Cost?

In figuring out the cost of a wedding officiant, check out what is included in the amount you will pay. This is beyond just showing up and performing the ceremony. Below is a standard breakdown.

  • Prep: A time of preparation for the wedding, will definitely contribute to the officiant wedding cost. They would have to meet with you to plan the wedding ceremony with all the right religious or traditional elements and any other extras. They might also help you plan the ceremony script.
  • Travel and time: You will be paying for the time the officiant will spend at the wedding and wedding rehearsal. Also, if there will be any travel involved in getting to the location, charges for this will be included as well.
  • License: The officiant is in charge of the marriage license, making sure it is filled out correctly, signed and sent back at the right time. This, as well as any other business expenses, will be covered by the wedding officiants cost.


Wedding Officiant Fee

The fee for a wedding officiant varies widely, depending on the type of wedding, wedding officiant, and even the location for the wedding.

So, when considering the wedding minister cost, you would first have to decide the type of officiant for your ceremony. An officiant is basically the person who performs your wedding ceremony. However, this can be a priest, judge, professional minister, or even a friend or relative.

The choice greatly determines how much the officiant would cost for the wedding. In our experience, the prices can vary from free to well above $1,000. Amateur officiants could charge pretty low, anything from $100 to $300; while a friend or family member could be free of charge. However, we have determined that the average cost of an officiant for a wedding is about $600 for a ceremony.


Religious wedding officiant fee

If you are wondering how much an ordained minister costs for a wedding, most religious officiants do not have a set fee. This can make it difficult to figure out how much to pay. If your wedding would hold in the house of worship, then the fee could be included in the price for the venue.

Otherwise, you would be expected to make a donation. This could range anywhere from $200 to $800. If you are still unsure, you could ask your officiant or their house of worship.

Civil wedding officiant fee

When hiring a civil officiant, it is easier to determine the fee. This is because they will usually have a standard price or quote for their services. This price may even be on their website, and the standard fee usually ranges from about $500 to $850. There might be prices for a few extras like premarital counseling, custom ceremony scripts or the rehearsal.

Should You Tip Your Wedding Officiant?

Make allowances for tips in your budget as this is customary. A civil officiant will usually receive tips of about $50 to $100 in addition to their original fee. A religious officiant, however, would not accept tips, but you could make this extra donation of about $100 to $200 or more, to their house of worship.

Before seeking a wedding officiant, it is a great idea to figure out average officiant prices for wedding; so as not to make mistakes with your budgeting. This will definitely contribute to ensuring everything is smooth sailing on your big day.