Cheap Wedding Venues For Couples On A Budget

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A wedding doesn’t always have to cost a leg and an arm, and if you find yourself on a tight budget, there are many ways to go about it. One thing that eats away at expenses the most is the wedding venue. So, being creative at finding cheap wedding venues should be at the top of your to-do list.


Sometimes the only way to achieve this is to forget all about traditional wedding venues and go with unique ones instead. Low-cost and sometimes free locations would be just as perfect. Come and have a look.

Brides often Ask

Where is The Cheapest Place To Get Married?

Without a doubt, the cheapest place to get married would be in your home. This location is free and would need minimal decorating.

What Is A Low Budget For A Wedding?

You can determine the budget for your wedding by price per head. This is often around $100 per person on average, so inviting as few people as possible would help. Some couples have been known to have a budget as low as $5,000 for their wedding.


Outdoor Cheap Wedding Venues

Public Parks

If you are considering having a small and intimate wedding, then you really have your pick of cheap wedding reception venues. Add the benefit of the outdoors and top of that list could be public parks. At anywhere from $50 to $300, you can secure such a public space with breathtaking views to tie the knot.

Considering the already dreamy background, wedding décor would be minimalist as well. On the other hand, you will need to stick with park regulations while using this venue. Below is a list of possible locations.

  • Central Park – New York, New York
  • Golden Gate Park – San Francisco, California
  • Griffith Park – Los Angeles, California
  • Millennium Park – Chicago, Illinois
  • Balboa Park – San Diego, California
  • Prospect Park – Brooklyn, New York
  • Stanley Park – Vancouver, British Columbia (not in the United States but nearby)
  • Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri
  • Grant Park – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Fairmount Park – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



One of our favorite ideas for cheap wedding venues is the beach. Beaches provide a fantastic setting for weddings with the sound of the waves, the sand and the backdrop of the water. As a pro, this inexpensive location can cost anything from $50 to $300 to secure. Cons wise, beach permits often last only about 3 hours, so you might be a bit tight on time.

A Boat

Give your wedding guests a venue that comes with an awesome experience by getting married on a boat. This cost-effective choice would be great for a nautical or tropical wedding theme and has the advantage of fantastic views. While sunset cruise weddings can be affordable and fun, the size of the boat will limit the number of guests. Also, seasick participants would have a far from great time.

Backyard or Garden

If you are looking for cheap outdoor wedding venues, then you might not need to look farther than your own backyard. Backyard or garden wedding ceremonies have pros such as, they cost less, sometimes even free. Also they can set the stage for the most sentimental weddings. Cons wise, if your own home is not appropriate, you might have to rent an AirBnB or lend a friend’s home. Backyard weddings are also almost always casual.


College or University Campuses, Libraries

You could also get married at your old college or university campus, or even a library if you’re thinking of wedding reception venues on the cheap. The cost associated with this would depend on the school.

Apart from the low cost, another advantage to this could be the sentimental value if this location holds memories from your time in school. While alumni could get special preference, the cons of this type of locations would be restrictions on décor and number of guests. Below are possible locations.

  • Duke University Chapel – Durham, North Carolina
  • University of Virginia Rotunda – Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Harvard University Memorial Church – Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • University of Notre Dame Basilica of the Sacred Heart – Notre Dame, Indiana
  • Princeton University Chapel – Princeton, New Jersey
  • University of Chicago Rockefeller Memorial Chapel – Chicago, Illinois
  • Yale University Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library – New Haven, Connecticut
  • University of Michigan Law Library – Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • University of California, Berkeley Campanile – Berkeley, California
  • University of Pennsylvania Fisher Fine Arts Library – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Indoor Cheap Wedding Venues


Town Halls And City Halls

Sometimes you might just be thinking of quick and cheap wedding venues near me. This would be great for an elopement, or just the simplest of celebrations. Town halls and city halls are perfect for this as there would surely be one not too far away.

This non-traditional option already has a limit on guests, plus you won’t have to think about wedding décor at all. Get your dress, suit and flowers, and get married spending anywhere between $30 and $50. Below are possible locations.

  • San Francisco City Hall – San Francisco, California
  • New York City Hall – New York City, New York
  • Boston City Hall – Boston, Massachusetts
  • City Hall – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • City Hall – Charleston, South Carolina
  • Town Hall – Greenwich, Connecticut
  • City Hall – Seattle, Washington
  • Town Hall – East Hampton, New York
  • City Hall – Portland, Oregon
  • Town Hall – Manchester, Vermont

Community Centers

Community centers are also great as cheap ideas for wedding venues. As low cost venues, the pros are that they can be used for free or cost a few hundred dollars to secure. As for the cons though, a permit would need to be secured, and being a public location, it could have regulations on alcohol, number of guests and so on.


Museums or Art Galleries

Choose to say your “I dos” at a classy museum or gallery. This option would appeal to art lovers and can have both indoor and outdoor options. The advantage of this is an already classy space that wouldn’t need much décor. On the other hand, while this location could be free or low cost to use for members, if you ae not a member you would need to find an in to help secure the place. Below is a list of possible locations.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York, New York
  • The Art Institute of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois
  • The Getty Center – Los Angeles, California
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston – Houston, Texas
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The National Gallery of Art – Washington, D.C.
  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art – Kansas City, Missouri
  • The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – San Francisco, California
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art – Chicago, Illinois
  • The Walker Art Center – Minneapolis, Minnesota


Another great option on our list of cheap wedding venue ideas is churches or other local places of worship. This is a great idea for religious couples and has the advantage of being free or low-cost to use. They also often have fabulous backdrops and need little to no décor. However, this option might not be open to non-religious couples or couples who are not members of the church.


Friends or Family Member’s Home

The home of a friend or family member can also be a low cost option for a wedding venue. The great thing about this is that it saves you money and furry members of the family can attend as long as no one is allergic. A big basement or backyard would usually do. While this is a fabulous idea, it would place a limit on the number of wedding guests, which would naturally depend on the size of the space.

An Airbnb or Hotel Rental

Vacation rentals such as hotels, bed and breakfasts or Airbnbs are also a great idea for cheap wedding venue spaces. One advantage to this option is that there is a wide range to choose from. You can find villas to private ranches as well as manors and estates. However, locations might have restrictions on how many people can be let into the property, catering and other vendors needed for the wedding.


Aquariums and Zoos

Couples that love animals can have the unique opportunity of getting married at an aquarium or a zoo. This type of wedding would have the most picturesque background and endless photo opportunities. While it can be a budget-friendly option, there is a limit on the number of guests that can attend, also securing the perfect date could be tricky.


Another affordable and unconventional option that would appeal to art lovers is a theatre. The cost for getting married on a stage would vary depending on the theatre and you can find a decent rate between productions. While this is a great opportunity for fun and interesting photo ops, securing this space would take some creativity and the décor would be specific.

How to Save Money on Wedding Venues Near Me

Here are a few tips to save money on wedding venues near you:

  • Consider off-peak seasons or weekdays: Wedding venues often have lower rates during off-peak seasons or weekdays when there is less demand. Consider scheduling your wedding during these times to save money.
  • Opt for non-traditional venues: Look beyond traditional wedding venues and explore alternatives such as community centers, parks, or private residences. These venues often have lower rental costs and may offer unique settings for your special day.
  • Combine ceremony and reception venues: Choose a venue that can accommodate both your ceremony and reception. This eliminates the need for separate locations and can save you money on rental fees.
  • Negotiate and ask for discounts: Don’t hesitate to negotiate with venue owners or managers. Inquire about any available discounts, promotions, or package deals they may offer. Be open about your budget and see if they can work within your constraints.
  • Limit guest count: Consider having a more intimate wedding with a smaller guest list. Fewer guests mean you can opt for a smaller venue or even host the wedding in a private residence, saving money on both the venue and catering costs.
  • DIY decorations and details: Get creative and make your own decorations, centerpieces, and other wedding details. DIY projects can save you money and add a personal touch to your special day.

Remember, while it’s important to save money, also ensure that the venue meets your needs and aligns with your vision for your wedding. Prioritize what matters most to you and allocate your budget accordingly.
It is not impossible to get married on a small budget. With these choices of cheap wedding venues, you can get one step further in having your dream wedding without breaking the bank.