Things To Do Before Getting Married

12 Important Things To Do Before Getting Married


Young and in love, time runs past us and we find ourselves engaged and married. This is the story of many, as they reminisce and wish they’d known the things to do before getting married. It’s absolute freedom today, and tomorrow they find themselves hooked to another person in marriage.


Marriage is a serious business, and you should never go into it without knowing the importance of marriage. It’s only when you understand that which you’ll create a bucket list of things to do before you get married. I mean, once you’re hooked to another, it’s no more about you, but a “we” affair.

So for women, travel with friends, explore the world alone, get that degree, and list up your non-negotiables. Ask those ideal questions, find yourself and conquer those fears.

Things To Do Before Getting Married:

Travel with friends

This is a piece of advice for married couples too, as it’s not too late. Take time off and go away with friends, or each other. You may not be able to do that when you get married, or when the kids start coming. Commitments and responsibilities will leave you wishing you’d done this earlier.


Explore the world alone

Right here is one of the things to do before getting married, if you have the means. This is the time to do you without any restrictions or loyalty. Have that fling if you’re the type, see places, go on adventures, and keep memories. These great times you had is one that will be with you forever.


Discuss your finances

Questions to ask before getting married features this one in the first five. You must ask and know your spouse’s ideals on finance. Do they take up all the bills, or you’d split? Do you designate certain bills to each other? Would you have joint accounts for projects? What percentage of your monies will go into it? Finance is very important and you must be clear on that before marriage.



Put your finance in order

If you plan to get married, then this is what to consider before marriage. Get prudent and plan your finances, because it isn’t about you anymore. Your dreams, aspirations, and growth are important. So is your marriage, and its ability to thrive. Bring something to the table.


Conquer your fears

When you can conquer your fears, then you’re ready to get married. Go skydiving, parasailing, hiking, zip lining. You could even touch that dolphin or go swimming in the sea. What’s your fear? Now is the time for adventure. Conquer it!

Live alone

One of the things to do before you get married is to live alone. You could share a house with a couple of friends. But never with family or close relatives. This time will prime you to be responsible. You’re on your own and whatever happens to you is a reflection of your great or poor decisions. If you can be responsible, then you can hold your own.


Enjoy your own company

No one can make you happy unless you’re a happy person. And if you can’t enjoy your own company, then you’ll be needy in relationships. Learn to be by yourself, and you’ll handle relationships with others well. This is a trial time of how self-reliant you are.

List your non-negotiable

It’s important that you know yourself well enough to list non-negotiable. There are things you can’t compromise on, list them out. How long to date before marriage, or if you want to have kids. What you can’t take in a partner and all that. These are things you can’t compromise on. And they help keep you grounded in your ideals.


Find yourself

Getting into a marriage with another is merging your ideals and values with theirs. If you don’t find yourself, you’d stand for nothing and get lost in marriage. You’d settle because you don’t know what you want. So, before you get married, find yourself!

Accomplish your dreams

There are few things that you must accomplish while single, as it’s near impossible to attain in marriage. One of which is getting a degree, another is floating a career you love. These are what to do before getting married. This is because once married, you could get overwhelmed with life. Do it now!


Get into relationships

You want to know your capabilities in commitments, attitude to conflict resolution and all? Get into relationships with several persons at different times of your life. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds with different behaviors and ideals. Your ability to accommodate them will tell of how you’ll be in marriage.


This may not go down well with traditional women. But for those that don’t mind, cohabitation is a great way to bond and know each other better. It’s more like a trial phase for both of you. You get to know each other better and create stronger bonds. If you care, this should be on your bucket list of things to do before you get married.

Once in a committed relationship, there are things to do before getting married. Few of which I’ve listed above which include conquering your fears, discussing finances, amongst others. These will help you become more grounded as a person and in a relationship with your spouse. Most important of all is finding yourself, and advice on marriage that will serve you. You must know yourself, and only then can you share yourself with another.