Important Things To Do Before Getting Married

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Getting married is the dream of many couples and individuals. However, before you get to the point of taking the plunge, it is important to consider certain things to do before getting married. No one wants to live thinking about the things that could have been. And while marriage might be a worthwhile endeavor, it does take from you a level of freedom you would otherwise have.

And so, before getting hooked or busy with questions on how to start planning a wedding. Perhaps it will be helpful to think of what you have to do before getting married. From personal preparations you can make on your own, to things you can do with your partner, we have put together a list of things you could do and what questions you need to ask yourself before getting married

Brides Often Ask

What do you need to know about your health before getting married?


Things Every Bride Should Do

Before getting married, preparing as an individual is just as, if not more important as preparing as a couple. If as a bride you have asked yourself, what things do I need to do before getting married, the following might be helpful.

Be Financially Independent

No one wants to be completely reliant on their partner, or anybody else for that matter. While you might be a team, it is important to have your finances in order before you get married. If this aspect of your life is organized, then you wouldn’t have to wonder what to do with the money before getting married.

Date and Have Relationships

It is a good idea to fully understand yourself as an individual and within relationships before you get married. Going on dates and having relationships, will reveal to you certain parts of yourself that you never fully understood. It will also show you how you function within a relationship as opposed to on your own.

Travel the World

Travel is an important part of life that opens our minds to the world and to ourselves. Whether you choose to travel on your own, with friends, or both, it is always a good idea to travel quite a bit before getting married. Experiencing different attitudes, cultures, foods and even religions gives us a new outlook on life and the opportunities available to us.

Stop Sharing Every Detail of Your Relationship with Others

A part of maturity is not sharing every single detail of your life with others. Not everyone can see your life from your perspective and be in a good position to judge your decisions wisely. This is doubly important in a marriage where two people are involved. For a good marriage, it would be much better to learn to discuss certain issues together than with outsiders.

Develop a Hobby or Two&lt

As much as marriage usually involves at least two people, it does not mean that you will be able to spend each waking moment together. This is why one of the things people should do before getting married, is to find and develop a hobby or two.

Conquer your fears

Getting married has often been described as taking the plunge. This is because there are certain fears attached to getting married. One thing that could help you get ahead of those fears, would be to conquer some of the other fears that you might have in your life. So, whatever it might be, swimming with dolphins, paragliding, zip-lining, or even just taking a driving lesson, do it!

Important Things Every Couple Should Do

Marriage takes two people usually. And so, asides from personal and individualistic preparation, there are certain things that a couple can do together before getting married. So, if you find yourself asking, what does one have to do before getting married, consider the following.

Understand each other’s values

Your values are a huge part of your life and the reason behind much of your decision-making. It is important to understand your values just as much as that of your partner and vice versa. This will give you a better insight into yourselves and the inner workings of your minds.

Have the money talk

Do not brush away the talk about your finances as it is as important, if not much more important than anything else. Know your expectations about bills, spending, spending ratios, saving, and so on. It is important that money talks be clear-cut before venturing into marriage.

Take dance lessons

Being married means that you might have to attend numerous events together. Taking dance lessons together is a good idea to prepare for the future. Doing things like this with your partner can also test your patience and give insight into how well you can perform together.

Take a class together

Similar to taking dance lessons, it is always a good idea to take a class together. It could be a cooking class, an art class, whatever you might wish. Whatever project-like activity you could take together will serve as a window into what your lives could be as a married couple.

Live together

While this may not be agreeable to some traditional couples, living together is a great way to dip your feet in the water. Get a better idea of what you’re stepping into and give yourselves the opportunity to bond better. If you are considering what you need to do before getting married, this should definitely be on your list.

What Questions Do I Need to ask myself before getting married?

Asking questions is a useful method to getting to the deeper aspect of certain topics or situations. And so, it can help to ask yourself questions. If you need any assistance with what questions to ask before getting married, you could consider these.

Is this relationship fair?

A relationship always involves a lot of giving and take. If one person is giving more and taking less, then there would be an imbalance and it would no doubt be felt. For a good marriage, it is important to maintain a certain balance and level of fairness for both parties. Be it in finances, emotional labor, physical labor, and so on.

What are my goals in life and are they compatible with my partner’s goals?

Each person’s goals are just as important as the other. This is why it is vital to know and discuss what these goals are and if they can sync in any way. If these goals can be achieved simultaneously, or if they are so far apart enough to affect the relationship.

Do I want children?

A simple, yet very important question. It is usually better if both partners are on the same page on wanting to have kids or not. Varying thoughts or opinions may not change after marriage and could cause a lot of friction. So decisions on having kids, and if yes, how many, as well as thoughts on how they will be raised, should be discussed.

Marriage brings with it a lot of changes, compromises, and responsibility. So, like every other journey in life, to fail to plan and prepare for it, would be to plan to fail. Consider this list of things to do before marriage, for a healthier, happier married life.