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Unique Wedding Venue Ideas For Every Budget


Your big day is a special one and the wedding venue is more than just a place. From the theme to the decor and landscape, there’s a message. You want memorable and fabulous settings, so we’ve helped you come up with creative wedding venue ideas.


Wedding venues will normally take a chunk of your budget, but don’t worry about your heart. We’ve chosen breathtaking wedding venues that are both perfect and in different budget ranges.

1. Botanical garden

Botanical gardens are cool wedding venues for fairytale weddings. What makes them unique is their natural decor, scenery, space, and landscape. They’re very flexible and easy to design, with an effortless switch from ceremony to reception. See two beautiful wedding venues amongst many of our favorite botanical gardens.

  • Jardin du Buis
    Located in the heart of New Jersey, this is a unique wedding venue for the ceremony. The poolside is a perfect place for the cocktail.
  • Dunaway Gardens
    In Newman Georgia, this stunning wedding venue is located. Perfect for an outdoor wedding in the woods, under the historic wedding tree.


2. National park

Thinking of unconventional wedding venues that can pull off the enchanted wedding theme? Use a national park that brings you close to nature. The beautiful part is that you get permits for as low as $100 to have a fabulous wedding.

  • Rocky Mountain national park
    Found after a one and half miles hike in Colorado, the open meadows make it worthy. For $250, you can get a special use permit.
  • Olympic national park
    The Washington Hoh rain forest serves as the perfect enchanted chuppah and altar. The ferns and mosses form a canopy. Get a special permit for $50.


3. Beach wedding

Talk about unique wedding venues where you can say your vows with your feet in fine sand. You can hear the wave in the distance and your hair pays homage to the breeze. The beach is a natural relaxed ambiance that makes a wedding feel like a sweet destination vacation.


4. Wedding on a boat

Looking for an open-air wedding venue where you don’t have to use flower decoration? Boats, ferries, yachts or cruises are the plug. Your photographer will thank you for such creative wedding venues. Boats make snapping of wedding pictures a delight because the background keeps changing. All-natural and untouched.


5. Museum

Museums are alternative wedding venue ideas for the classic and conservative. Showpieces can serve as ever stunning backdrops for wedding pictures. You can also have more fun by booking a tour guide to take your guests through the museum.

6. Hotel

Is your wedding very formal and sophisticated? Have you dreamed of getting married in a ballroom or classic hall? Hotels are the way to go. Although, it may cost you a bit, but the aesthetics give you the freedom to be creative. You can manipulate the ambiance into what you want.

  • Acqualina Resort and Spa
    This is a hotel located right on the beach in Florida. It has an in-house wedding planner to help customize your wedding.
  • The American Club, Wisconsin
    Here, you don’t have to worry about anything. The in-house planner helps with all the details, from cakes to flowers, spa, etc.


7. City Park

City park gives a vibe of both indoor and outdoor weddings. It’s a cheap venue that brings you closer to nature while maintaining intimacy. At city parks, you can get affordable luxury. You get to have your dream wedding for only a token. Simply apply for a special permit.

  • Vancouver parks
    Make historical romance comes alive by making an entrance in a horse-drawn carriage. Enjoy the gardens, restaurants, and conservatory for indoor and outdoor weddings.
  • San Diego Parks and Recreation
    From meadows to Victorian gardens, gazebos, custom indoor venues. This place is perfect for formal, informal, intimate or elaborate weddings.

8. Farm wedding

Bring your rustic theme to life with farm weddings. Farms bring a country vice and the perfect backdrop for wedding pictures. They are also one of the few places that can hold a wedding at any time of the year. In summer, winter, or fall, they blend into the weather.

  • Ranchos dos pueblos, California
    If you’re a fan of glance, this is your perfect wedding destination. Begin your honeymoon in one of the farm tents.
  • The Ashford Estate, New Jersey
    Sitting on 100 acres of land, this place holds fountains, waterfall, floating gazebo, stone ruins that form stunning photo backdrops.


9. Abandoned building

Do you have a thing for history and elopement? Having a wedding in abandoned buildings gives a feel of both. Surround yourself with ruins as you say vows and feel like you’re the only one in the world. From Santa Barbara to Bermuda, see some of our favorite ruins.

  • The Knapp’s castle
    This spot in Santa Barbara is now a popular hiking destination. It gives a view of Lake Cachuma and Santa Ynez Valley.
  • St. Pete’s church, Bermuda
    This is the perfect ruins for Gothic-inspired weddings. This place was quite damaged by storms and is an important St. George’s landmark.

10. Castle wedding

If you want to be Cinderella for one day, get married in a castle. They’re historical with grand ballrooms, large windows, famous grounds and more. Found in some of the most beautiful parts of the world price, they’re quite pricey. But for a fairytale? It’s worth it.

  • Chateau d’Esclimont, France
    This place is well situated about an hour outside of Paris. It sits on 150 acres of land and has 52 guest rooms designed with pure romance in mind.
  • Belvoir Castle, England
    Want to feel like royals? Get married at Belvoir castle, with a chapel for the ceremony that can seat 120 guests.


11. Windmill

Although an unusual wedding venue, windmills are quite symbolic. Exchange your vows in the belief that the elements will always be on your side. They will always propel you with enough energy to keep yourselves happy. Check out some windmills around the world open for wedding day celebrations.

  • Wymondham windmill
    This place in the United Kingdom is a pure representation of charm, beauty, and romance. The perfect backdrop for photos with its stunning landscape.
  • Cley windmill, Norfolk
    This is a very small wedding venue with a capacity of 22 people. It’s a perfect beauty and is great for intimate celebrations.

12. Zoo

For couples who love animals, a zoo is a perfect place to wed. This is a very unusual wedding venue that will wow the guests. It also allows going sight-seeing even in a celebratory mood. This fills up activities for the guests and they’ll never get bored.

  • San Diego zoo
    A combination of adventure and romance, couples will have a swell time saying their vows here. There’s a lot to look out for with the thrilling ambiance.
  • Detroit zoo
    The wildlife and exotic venues make for a stunning backdrop of photographs and portraits. Everything sweet dreams are made of.


13. Balloon festival

A balloon festival is one of the most creative wedding venues any day. Couples want to have something different from the norm. But a ballot festival is as unconventional as it can get. It also doubles as an experience of a lifetime. It doesn’t get simpler than saying “I do” in the sky.

  • Albuquerque international balloon festival
    At the balloon festival, you get the opportunity to go up in a hot air balloon to say your vows. The balloon can accommodate 75 more people, and you’ll bring two witnesses. You can also get a package that will handle catering, photography, flowers, videos, etc.

14. Cave wedding

Are you a couple who loves to defy the norm? Get your team down the caves and say your vows. Don’t worry, shadow cat won’t come through the walls. Caves are shrouded in mystery and experience. Getting married in a cave will leave you with the memory of a lifetime.

  • Jenolan caves, Australia
    This cave is well buried in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. It’s a unique underground cave that leaves a beautiful and memorable experience.
  • Kent’s cavern, UK
    This prehistoric cave in Devon is a beauty to behold. It has a stalagmite chandelier that echoes the waves of the nearby waterfall.


From a heartfelt vow recitation to the killer dance floor with ample spaces. You’ll get all in an art museum. Romance is art, and what better way to seal your love than in a museum. More than just the perfect first date venue, it also a breathtaking place to say your vows.

  • Milwaukee art museum
    This place boasts an ample space that takes in the light which hits the sculptural backdrop. This forms the perfect juxtaposition for your wedding dress.
  • Blanton museum of art
    With 50-foot ceiling iridescent blue walls, impressive atrium, and ethereal beauty. This place can hold 150 guests.

16. Waterfall

Do you want a water-themed wedding without getting on the beach or boat? The waterfall is your perfect option. It produces a frothy white lace landing that best compliments the bride’s wedding dress. It’s also very romantic and unconventional. All over the world, we’ve picked some of the best waterfalls.

  • Toccoa waterfalls
    Located in the serene state of Georgia, this waterfall can take more than 100 people. And it is wheelchair accessible to guests.
  • Multnomah Falls, Oregon
    This is a two-tiered fall in Portland. It tumbles over sturdy granite cliffs and it’s dotted with pines all the way.


17. Theatre

Couples who love the performing arts, music and cinema will have a swell time getting married in a grand theatre. There are so many theatres to choose from and the ample space makes it all better. Music will be the highlight of the day because your sounds will be perfect.

  • Sheldon concert hall, Missouri
    This spot in Missouri is unique, with its views and dramatic ambiance. The Spielberg hall can sit up to 500 people.
  • Vox Theatre, Kansas
    This place was a silent movie theatre in the 1920s, but now open to the public. Perfect for a vintage themed wedding.

18. Rooftop

Rooftops are memorable, chic and glamorous for weddings. They possess a flexible and versatile backdrop that makes it all perfect. This space is stripped back and you can bathe them in lanterns or string lights or leave bare to compliment the natural surrounding views. Best for evening weddings.

  • Lebua Skybar, Bangkok
    Famed from part 2 of “the hangover” movie, this 63rd-floor rooftop is a sensational wedding spot. It gives a stunningly breathtaking view.
  • Villa la Vedetta
    This venue is backed by rolling hills and gives a perfect view of river Arno. This place is perfect for a sunset wedding.


19. Terrace

Terraces are venues of understated elegance and style. Whether a rooftop terrace, loft or raised platforms, its simplicity and beauty make it a dream wedding venue for couples. A tough one, but we searched and came up with two gorgeous terrace venues you’ll love for nuptials.

20. Disney

Disney themed wedding destination offers something romantic, unique and dreamy. The impressive resort hotels, famous theme parks, and luxury ocean liners make your wedding one of a kind. Get married in a romantic castle. For a start to the rest of your lives, you can’t have it any other way.

From the rooftops high in the sky to the windmills and back to the grounds, find your dream venue. We’ve put together 20 wedding venue ideas that serve different purposes. From Gothic to romantic, intimate to historical, there’s something for everyone. And for budget sake, we chose across different price range to suit. So look through our list and pick your dream wedding spot.