Unique Wedding Venue Ideas For Every Budget

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The wedding venue is arguably the most important task to complete during planning. This is because there can’t be a wedding without a venue. More so, it’s important to make the right choice because it sets the ambiance for your big day. It also brings your theme to life while giving guests ample space to move around.

Wedding venues take the second largest chunk of your wedding budget, and it’s only right to make it perfect. So regardless of your wedding theme, we’ve got you covered with the most unique wedding venue ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a wedding venue include?

Whether a venue is big or small, it should have a sizeable ceremony area and another section that can fit the audience. The venue should also have two separate lounges where both sides of the wedding party can change into something different. Lastly, a sizeable stage area for activities will nail the appeal.

What do couples want in a wedding venue?

Couples want a venue where they will feel comfortable. They want to be able to picture their wedding memories there. Couples want a place with a good transport network and an ambiance that guests will gush about. Couples love perks and discounts that will help them save on their budget.


How to Book an Affordable Wedding Venue

Once you’ve picked a date, the next wedding step is to choose a wedding venue. See how to book an affordable one and things you should consider.

  1. Hire a wedding planner to take charge of your venue. They always know what you need, the best layout, packages, and venue owners that will cut a bargain.
  2. If you’re working without a planner, create a vision board. Choose a venue that suits your team, like a warehouse, hall, restaurant, etc. For modern weddings.
  3. Think about your guests, especially for destination weddings. Choose a place that’s close or linked to a hotel and has good transportation.
  4. Check for what’s included in the venue and compare to getting them yourself. For instance, compare if rentals would be cheaper from the venue than when you get them yourself. Also, the rentals may not suit your taste, so decide what you can put up with.
  5. Find out the catering options and work out the tax plus gratuity up to 30% of your venue budget.


Unique Wedding Ideas

From national parks to forests, lakes, mountains, and other adventurous locations, the options are endless. See unique wedding venue ideas that can inspire you.


Adventure Locations

Adventurous wedding locations or mostly outdoors in their natural elements. They include mountains, caves, hills, lakes, woods, and more. These venues are earthily and possess distinct nature untouched. They are raw and wild which gives them their appeal. They need little or no decor. Wedding venues like these are perfect for adventurous, wanderlust, and happy-go-lucky couples. Suitable for outdoor, coastal, intimate, and laid-back weddings. They make serene ambiances and stunning backdrops. It’s always best to have a small number of guests at these kinds of venues. And from local to destination venues, they can cost between $4000 to $20000 and more.



National Parks

  • Bridal veil Falls, Yosemite National Park, California
    Bridal Veil Falls is the dream venue for its breathtaking waterfall, granite boulders and cliffs, lush woods, serene creeks, and more. The ceremony spot shines brightly down the path from the parking lot and stone bridge. It’s a stunning spot for an intimate and romance-themed wedding. This venue takes a maximum of 50 guests, so make it about your dearest ones. It will cost between $3000 to $5800 for a 15-hour event, excluding set-up and clean-up time.
  • Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington
    Hoh Rain Forest is a hit as far as alternative wedding venue ideas go. Characterized by heavy rainfall, it is one of the most beautiful places in North America. It gives a Jurassic park-like setting with towering trees, hanging mosses, and carpets of fern. Hoh Rain Forest national park is the perfect elopement destination. It costs from $5600 upwards of $11000. This includes venue, couple outfit, marriage license, Airbnb, etc. Guests allowed are from 50 persons below.
  • Moran Point, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
    Moran Point is suitable for different outdoor themes for weddings. Whether you’re eloping, want something laid back, coastal vibe, or earth charm, this is your stop. The stunning weather-beaten cliffs, desert views, rivers, Grand Canyon, and more make for spectacular backdrops. You can also have your wedding while watching the beautiful sunset. The place accommodates a maximum of 70 guests. Wedding costs range from $800 to over $6000.



Museums, Libraries, and Galleries

  • George Peabody Public Library
    The garden, landscaped grounds, parks, landmarks, and historical buildings will appeal to the nerdy couple. Have a laid back yet elegant wedding amidst towers of beautifully arranged books indoors or stunning landscape outdoors. The venue can seat 170 for a ceremony, stand 300 for cocktails, and sit 220 guests for the reception. The maximum capacity for this venue is 250 guests. The cost for a wedding here starts from $5500 to $9900 and upwards depending on the package.
  • Providence Public Library
    Providence Public library boasts a magnificent Grand Hall overlooking an indoor Garden Courtyard. Get to enjoy a grand vintage-themed wedding within original arched clerestory windows and skylights that create a dramatic light-filled space. There are also classical detailing and artistry from daintily hand-carved floret adornments to marble-paved, rich-toned flooring. It sits 160 guests and stands 200 guests. The cost for a wedding here starts at $2000 up to $5000 and other charges.
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
    Cleveland Museum of art is a cool wedding venue idea. Dotted with beautiful landmarks and historic sites, it’s the place for modern weddings. It’s huge and can seat 650 guests comfortably. Guests will also enjoy the best cuisine. Wedding at Cleveland costs between $3500 to $11000, which includes 5hours of event and catering.
  • DE Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum
    Landscaped meadows, forests, and woods are some of the breathtaking views you’d see outdoors. If you want an indoor wedding, there are patios and terraces to dazzle you. The place holds a maximum of 200 guests. A wedding at the venue costs between $3500 to $11000, and it includes a whole banquet.
  • American Visionary Arts Museum
    This museum is an award-winning architectural classic filled with works from self-taught artists. It has an ethereal feeling to it, with space available for outdoor and indoor weddings. It’s best for barn and garden-themed weddings. The museum can sit 450 people maximum and costs between $2000 to $7000 for a 5-hour event.



Historic Venues

  • Rhodes Hall
    Tagged the Romanesque revival mansion, it’s the perfect site for fairytale and vintage-themed weddings. The sturdy mahogany staircase the grand room and the classical piano, it’s every girl’s dreams. It costs between $2000 to $4000 to hold a 4hour event, complete with rentals. Extra hours after that cost $500/hour. The venue sits a maximum of 150 people.
  • The Ancient Spanish Monastery
    If you want an intimate or rustic wedding embellished with history and old-world charm, this is your venue. The landscaped grounds, stunning indoor and outdoor setting, and magnificent structure will dazzle you. It can seat 200 guests indoors and 400 outdoors. The ceremony alone costs between $1500 to $5000, while the reception costs between $3000 to $6000. A combination of both and rentals cost between $6000 to $9000.
  • 16th-Century Fenton Tower
    Fenton Tower is a 16th-century fortress that has been well-remodeled. Sandwiched within golf courses and located in the countryside, it’s an ideal place for an intimate country wedding. The tower can take 32 guests and the built marquee can take up to 300 guests. It also has bedrooms that can take up to 12 guests. Two nights at this place with catering costs an average of $10,000.


Gardens and Greenhouses

  • Garfield Park Conservatory
    If you dream of a whimsical or nature-inspired wedding, the best venue is Garfield Park Conservatory. With over a century of history expressed within, you’ll get married in the most beautiful outdoor. Beautiful gardens, palm houses, fern rooms, desert houses, and other stunning venues. The place seats a maximum capacity of 400 guests and costs between $1500 to $6500.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
    The lush gardens, water features, ecologically sustainable atrium, all-glass Victorian style conservatory, and more make you swoon. The live roof of wildflowers and native grasses makes for the perfect wanderlust and intimate experience. It costs $10 per person to host a wedding here. This includes food, beverage, rentals, etc. It can seat a maximum of 250 guests.
  • Wave Hill Gardens
    There are so many places to say your vows at the Wave hill Gardens. From the Armor Hall to the aquatic garden, the birds, plants, and other wonders of nature, this place is made for intimate weddings. It can seat up to 180 guests. To have a wedding here, get a membership between $10000 to $25000 and a rental of up to $6000.



City Hall

  • St. Louis City Hall
    St. Louis City hall is a serene and intimate environment for elopement. It has ample space, a good transport network and is easily accessible. Here, you can go with two to ten guests and it costs between $1150 to $2350. There are affiliated vendors to help realize your dreams for a fee, but you can bring yours in.
  • Philadelphia City Hall
    This is the perfect place for an intimate, laid-back, and budget-friendly wedding. Philadelphia City Hall is impressive and historic with architectural pedigree. You have options of marrying in the Mayor’s reception room, Conversation Hall, bubbling fountains, vibrant plaza, and more. The venue takes a maximum of 8 guests. Get your wedding license for $80 and take care of other bills by yourself.
  • Brooklyn Borough Hall
    New York City is a lively city and Brooklyn Borough Hall is just perfect for an upbeat wedding. The landscaped grounds, beautiful structure, and serene environment amidst the chaos in perfect contradiction backdrop. To have a wedding here, it’ll cost between $25 to $2000 upwards, depending on how simple or elaborate you want your wedding to be. Brooklyn Borough Hall can take a maximum of 30 guests.


A Courthouse

  • The Historic DeKalb Courthouse
    If you’re particular about an Enchanted, Edwardian, or Victorian-themed wedding, this is the best spot. It boasts marble walls, terrazzo floors, and intricately arched windows that form perfect backdrops for your ceremony and reception. It’s a classic wedding venue laced with mystique and intrigue. The venue can take up to 150 guests seated and 200 guests standing. For a 4hr weekday event, the price starts at $650, while the weekend event starts at $3900 for 50 people. If you need a caterer, it will cost a starting price of $1000.
  • Beverly Hills Courthouse
    Sweet, intimate, romantic, beautiful, and stress-free are some attributes of this stunning venue. The vintage architectural structure takes you back to the old world; perfect for rustic, elopement, and vintage weddings. Getting married here will cost about $750 for the license, officiant, ceremony fee, photo, and witness if needed. You could also encounter other fees as required. So reach out to verify other hidden charges.
  • Santa Barbara Courthouse
    This is an elegant courthouse perfect for civil ceremonies and elopements. The building sucks in natural sunlight and celebrates Spanish heritage through its architecture. Enjoy open grand hallways, serene grounds, and vibrant views of the mural rooms, sunken gardens, and more. The venue takes about 20 guests. You’ll spend up to $300 to get married here, including the marriage license. However, holding anything flamboyant will cost you more.

Enjoy a beautiful and unforgettable wedding with our long list of unique wedding venue ideas. There’s something for everyone from coastal to intimate, garden, nature, wanderlust, whimsical, romantic, and other love-inspired weddings. They’re also affordable and float across different price ranges. Bask in a swoon-worthy ambiance, make it memorable, and give your guests a good time by choosing the right wedding venue.