54 Unique Engagement Gifts To Take To An Engagement Party

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Friends and family getting engaged is a beautiful affair because forever is about to begin. Commemorating the good news with a gift is the way to go if you’re up to it. However, shopping for engagement gifts isn’t the easiest thing to do because you’ve got no registry to rely on. It becomes worse if you don’t know their taste, needs, or style.

Not to worry, no registry, no problem! We’ve got an array of engagement gift ideas for you to choose from. We have from unique to custom, funny engagement gifts, and more. Your options are endless. These gifts also cut across all budgets so that there’s something for everyone. Also, we’ve answered some of your lingering questions to set you on the right path!

Engagement Gift Etiquette

Do you bring a gift for an engagement party?

The fact is that bringing gifts to an engagement party isn’t necessary but appreciated. If you aren’t too close to the couple, then you can skip it. But if you have a bond with them and have the urge to commemorate their day with a gift, do so.

What is an appropriate gift for an engagement?

An appropriate engagement gift is something simple and not elaborate. It can be practical or aesthetic but cost relatively little. You can only splurge if you won’t be attending other activities like the wedding.

Do you give money for an engagement party?

Yes, it’s a very acceptable gift, but there’s a caveat. Give only checks and state your intention for the money even though it could be used for something else. This helps the couple feel more comfortable with accepting it.

How much money should you give for an engagement gift?

There isn’t a hard and fast rule, as it largely depends on your relationship with the couple and budget. But for the purpose of a guide, give about one-quarter of what the actual wedding gift will cost.

Trendy Engagement Gifts For 2021

Trendy engagement gifts are not only in vogue and gorgeous, but they’re also meaningful and long-lasting. See some trendy presents that the couple is sure to like.

Charm Engagement Bracelet

Present her with a rose gold charm bracelet that will last forever. For more personalization, have it studded with crystals, engraved with the couple’s engagement date. The bride will carry her beautiful memories with her everywhere she goes. It will subsequently become a keepsake, which she can pass on. Buy here

Price: $34

Bridal Subscription Box

Happiness is the only thing you wish to the ones you love. The best gifts warm up hearts and bring smiles but the perfect gifts give the happiness, the sparks of the love lasting from the very Engagement to Honeymoon and ever after! The subscription box is a shower of tiny beautiful perfect sparks carefully picked, wrapped and delivered just in time with all the love.

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Personalized Photo Moon 3D Lamp

Help the couple bring the moon down to earth by presenting them with a Luna photo 3D lamp. Personalize it by incorporating their pictures and beautiful love quotes. They say that they love each other to the moon and back. Make it a reality by gifting them a trendy moon. Buy here

Price: $29.95

Traditional Engagement Gifts

Traditional engagement gifts are old and true, with a sentimental touch. They’re ornate, beautiful, and practical engagement gifts for couples.

Custom Framed Gifts

Custom framed gifts are lifelong keepsakes for the sentimental couple. Get them custom frames featuring loved up pictures of them. It could also be prints of their favorite places or quotes. Have the frame monogrammed with their names or initials. Buy here

Price: $89

Wedding Ring Dish

Whether ceramic, steel, porcelain, or chinaware, this gift is a very practical one. An active and meticulous couple will love somewhere to put their rings while they’re busy. Personalize it with their engraved initials or wedding date at the bottom. Buy here

Price: $85

Engraved Candles

For the sensual and romantic couple; candles are very thoughtful and heartfelt. They curate an assortment of scents that will lift the couple’s mood. Get them engraved candle holders with cute quotes and their initials on the body. Buy here

Price: $23.80

Unique Engagement Gift Ideas

Unique engagement gifts are practical but aesthetically pleasing. They’re not your everyday kinds of presents, just like our ideas below.

Passport Cases

Passport cases are the best engagement gifts for couples who are modern. Get them passports cases that are both functional and ornamental, space for IDs and cards. These cases could be marble, leather, holographic foil, or whatever else you fancy. Buy here

Price: $22.99

Luggage Tags

The couple with a travel lifestyle will love this gift as it helps them identify their luggage in quick time. Choose cute luggage tags that fit their personality and style, with space for the owner’s identification. Buy here

Price: $12

Wedding Planner Checklist

A wedding planner checklist is arguably one of the most unique engagement presents for her. It’s perfect for the bride who will begin wedding planning after her engagement. You can gift planner books or pay buy wedding planning subscriptions for her. Buy here

Price: $1.99

Funny Engagement Gifts

Funny engagement gifts are cute, edgy, and creates a room for fun bonding. See some fun engagement wedding gifts to buy.

Funny Couples Aprons

Funny couple aprons are cute his and hers engagement gifts for those who love to cook. Get them handmade or custom aprons with funny quotes or words. Ensure that there’s a way to distinguish his from hers to avoid funny problems. Buy here

Price: $12.88

Funny Engraved Glasses

Get this set of glasses for the couple who loves the good life. It could be stemmed glasses, sturdy ones, or flutes for night caps. Engrave them with romantic or cute funny quotes to remind the couple of their love. Buy here

Price: $24.99

Cute Couple Mugs

His and her cute mug sets are perfect for couples who love their morning coffee or tea. While shopping, ideas of their favorite movies, poems, songs, or quotes will help. You can also customize them by engraving sentimental information on them. Buy here

Price: $19.52

DIY Engagement Gift Ideas

There’s nothing more loving and sentimental than creating gifts by your hands for your loved ones. See some.

Custom Picture Frame

Couples with an aesthetic flair for decor will love this gift. Banking on the couple’s taste; create a custom vintage frame, wood-burned, cute circles, magnetic cardboard frames, Popsicle frames, etc. They can put loved up pictures in them. Buy here

Price: $26.95

Cake Kit

If the newly engaged couple loves to bake, then cake kits are great engagement party gift ideas. Get them a DIY cake kit that includes toppers, cake mixers, decorating tools, etc. Baking is a beautiful way to unwind and they’d love it. Buy here

Price: $20.91

Canvas Portrait

Canvas portraits are beautiful gifts to give the artsy couple. Look out for their preferences like vintage, watercolor, quotes, or movie heroes. You can also go for their best animals, weather, typography, holidays, or anything else that they would appreciate. Buy here

Price: $29.95

Personalized Engagement Gifts

Personalized engagement gifts are ideal and specific to the recipients. See some personalized engagement party gift ideas that are too special to ignore.

Personalized Glass Gifts

Gift the couple personalized his and hers engagement gifts to last a lifetime. Have the glasses etched or stained glass for more class. Beer mugs, novelty drinking glasses, steins, wine glasses, decanters, etc. Are some options to choose from. Buy here

Price: $39.99

Engraved Pillows

Engraved pillows will add a cozy to the home of a laid back couple. Engrave these pillows with their names, dates, initials, and more. You can insert their pictures in the pillows or cases if you think they’d love it. Buy here

Price: $24.90

Personalized Keychains

The sleek and meticulous couple would love personalized keychains that are both aesthetic and functional. Make them in metals, acrylic, or leather for more durability. Include cute quotes, funny characters, and the initials or engagement date of the couple. Buy here

Price: $9.98

Engagement Gift Basket Ideas

Engagement gift baskets are nice gestures for a formal engagement celebration. Curate baskets that cover a shared passion of the couple like you’ll see in the ideas below.

Chocolate Basket

Chocolate basket is a brilliant way to present a ton of goodies to the sweet tooth couple. Select an assortment of chocolates, cookies, and candies for your box. Take for instance, Roger’s chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels and other gourmets, etc. Buy here

Price: $35.95

SPA Basket

This is a deserving gift for couples who’d love to relax to some pampering. Put together a basket of candles, bath puff, facial masks, washcloth, body wash, etc. You can also throw in a good book, cute cards, and some chocolate. Buy here

Price: $54.99

Wine Basket

For the wine connoisseurs with jaded taste buds, celebrate the event with some character and standard. Pair some Cabernet with Pinot Noir or any other wine of choice. Garnish with some chocolates, cookies, cashews, and an elite wine club subscription. Buy here

Price: $70

Cheap Engagement Gifts

You can give cheap engagement gifts that are meaningful and heartfelt. See some ideas that fit your budget range.

Craft Coffee Beans

Craft coffee beans place quality over cost and are the best gift for couples who can’t do without their coffee. Buy your coffee beans directly from a roaster or do the roasting yourself. Seal them up in fanciful containers. Buy here

Price: $89

Cute Coasters

The couple who loves to host or bond over drinks will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Opt for custom coasters on marble or polished wood. Buying them in interesting shapes, patterns, colors or drawings will make your gift even more beautiful. Buy here

Price: $15.99

Custom Wine Corkscrew

Fun-loving couples deserve their own custom wine corkscrews. Celebrate the occasion by presenting them with metallic, steel, or wooden engraved corkscrews. Put their initials, engagement date, or quotes on it. Buy here

Price: $15.99

Eco-Friendly Engagement Gifts

If you’re thinking about how to contribute to a healthier and safer environment, give sustainable gifts. Below are meaningful gift ideas for you.


For the couple with green thumbs, present them with their own succulents. Wrap in a box with some pots and cards. Lotus, cactus, eucalyptus, mint, spices, or herbs are great options. Let them plant and watch their love grow. Buy here

Price: $16.99

Bamboo Sheet Set

The couple that loves comfort will appreciate a luxurious bamboo sheet set. Perfect for traditional bedrooms, they’re hypoallergenic, made from viscose and natural Bamboo fiber. They wick off moisture and help couples enjoy a restful sleep. Buy here

Price: $42.90

Recycled Glass Vase

Environmentally conscious couples are the perfect recipients for recycled glass vases. These vases are ornamental and useful around the home for flowers, pebbles, keys, and the likes. Go for sets of antique, frosted, French, or vintage glasses in creative shapes. Buy here

Price: $34.66

COVID Engagement Gift Ideas

Staying healthy is essential during the COVID 19 pandemic. So let your gifts reflect the messages of keeping safe and protecting yourself.

Matching Masks

Score a point by offering the health-conscious couple some matching masks. Choose breathable materials like natural fibers, 70D nylon, cotton, or even paper. Create them in cute colors with educative or funny quotes on them. Personalize by including their initials. Buy here

Price: $19.99

Personalized Hand Sanitizers

The neat freak couple will like this his and hers engagement gifts. Arrange for private labeling of the sanitizers in beautiful containers. Pack them in a decorated box with cute cards and all. These are very thoughtful engagement gifts. Buy here

Price: $30

Funny Covid Sign

Funny COVID signs are the best gifts for couples who look for jokes. These signs are also a way to pass serious messages through humor. Buy these signs in canvas, marble, cardboard, wood, or on acrylic platforms. Buy here

Price: $3.60

Best Engagement Gifts For Couples

Gifts focused on couples are deliberate and offer them a way to bond over shared activities. See some of the best gifts for couples to choose from.

SPA Session for Couple

The couple who loves life will enjoy a spa session and unwind from all the stress. You can hire a masseuse to their home. You may also offer them a gift card that pays for sessions at their favorite spa.

Engraved Cake Knife

For the couple that loves to entertain, a cake knife will go a long way from wedding to keepsake. Gift them a marble, glass, steel, or polished wood knife for their impending wedding cake. They will also use this knife in their home almost forever. Buy here

Price: $25.90

His and Hers Coffee Mugs

His and hers coffee mugs are sentimental engagement gifts for lovers of coffee. It’s beautiful to have couples taking their morning coffee from matching mugs. Get them a set engraved with their initials, proposal date, or cute favorite cartoon characters. Buy here

Price: $35.99

Miss To Mrs Box Unboxing new

Engagement Gifts For Her

Engagement gifts for her are specifically for the bride, mostly to satisfy a need. Check out unique engagement gifts that you can get for her.

Fruit Basket

A bride who is a health enthusiast will love fruit baskets. Put together an assortment of fruits in a woven basket and seal it up with fanciful nylon and ribbon. She needs fruits to keep healthy for her impending wedding. Buy here

Price: $112

Makeup Set

Going the whole nine yards for a full makeup set can be quite pricey unless you can afford it. So, you can buy in fragments like different powder consistencies, or assorted eye-shadow palettes, brushes, etc. A fashionable bride will love this. Buy here

Price: $35.28

Jewelry Box

For the modern and meticulous bride, a jewelry box will prove very useful. Opt for engraved leather, polished cedarwood, acrylic, steel, or studded plastic boxes. Over time, it will serve as a keepsake, which accommodates other sentimental keepsakes. Buy here

Price: $24.99

Engagement Gifts For Him

The groom-to-be also deserves some gifts for his comfort, enjoyment, and care. If you don’t know what to buy, here are some engagement gift ideas to guide you.


For the stylish man, some high-quality cufflinks will do. Opt for pairs of fixed BAC, torpedo, caliber cut, fabric, fixed back, dress set, bar cufflinks. For the caliber cut set, ensure to choose only real gems. For the rest, have them engraved or monogrammed. Buy here

Price: $54.40

Whiskey Stones Set

Get some whiskey stones as an engagement gift for the refined man. He’s going to celebrate this huge step and needs his whiskey cold all the way. Whiskey stones are affordable, durable, and easy to handle, with options on amazon. Buy here

Price: $32

Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is a great gift for a man with an exotic taste. Choose a humidor made from maple, rosewood, cherry, mixed wood, or wood and glass. They last longer, making the air moist and helping the cigars retain their moisture. Buy here

Price: $38.70

Gift Ideas For Couples Who Have Everything

What do you give to someone who has everything? There’s always something to give, such as our examples below.

Matching Bathrobe

For the couples who love to cozy up, matching bathrobes are the best gifts. Go for fleece, silk, or cotton bathrobes. Pick two colors, one for each person, and have them monogrammed for the couple. Buy here

Price: $46.79

Monogrammed Towels

Monogrammed, embroidered, personalized, or initialed towels are beautiful gifts for romantic couples. Buy absorbent and organic wool for the sake of durability. Have them embroidered or monogrammed with the couple’s emblem or initials. You can also write meaningful quotes. Buy here

Price: $12

Mr. Mrs. Ring Dish

Mr. and Mrs. ring dish is very good for a tidy couple. They will put their rings in this dish when they don’t have to wear them. This dish often comes in ceramic; so you can customize it with vinyl. Buy here

Price: $18.99

Best Engagement Gifts For Sisters

Your sister is like your best friend, so your gifts must be thoughtful no matter how cheap. See some great options to inspire you.

Custom Dessert

If your sister loves the good life, treat her to a session of unforgettable decadence with custom desserts. An assortment of Brownies, cupcakes, Pies, Cake Pops, Chocolate dipped confections, Truffles, Cookies, Cheesecakes, and American Macaroons is amazing. She’ll never forget. Buy here

Price: $13.50

Flower Basket

If she loves nature and nurturing, buy her some cute flowers and vases to go. Roses, orchids, carnations, hydrangeas, and tulips are some of the most beautiful flowers. If you know her preference, even better. She’d groom them with care. Buy here

Price: $99

Personalized Wine Bottle Label

If a sister has got a rich taste, get her a personalized wine bottle. Select your wine, and then choose a label that best describes your sister. You can also personalize a wine case or engrave beautiful details on the bottle. Buy here

Price: $4.79

Cute Engagement Gifts For A Best Friend

Getting cute engagement gifts for a best friend can be tricky because you don’t want to splurge before the wedding gift. You can get them these affordable yet classy gifts instead.

Wall Art

If your friend appreciates art, get them cute wall art to amp their decor. It could be something inspiring or beautiful places. You can also have a pencil creation of your friend and their partner, or abstract things. Buy here

Price: $24

Phone Case

For the picture freaks, get them befitting phone cases that will protect and beautify their phones. These cases could be studded elastic pouches, bejeweled casings, or self-lighting case. They’ll grab all the attention while protecting their phones. Buy here

Price: $17.55

Wedding Planning Book

If your friend is already planning the wedding, then it’s not too early. To avoid them becoming a wreck, present them with a wedding planning book. It will guide, inspire, and help with tips on how to plan a wedding. Buy here

Price: $27.62

Engagement Gifts From Parents Of The Bride

The wedding will come and go, but the engagement gift from parents will last forever. Make it count with these engagement gift ideas.

Mr. Mrs. Silver Spoons

For the laid back bride, a silver spoon set is of sentimental value to her. Shop for pure steel or high steel-plated spoons. Have them hand-stamped or engraved with the couple’s initials or heart sign. Your girl will love it. Buy here

Price: $32

Custom Wedding Address Stamp

The creative couple will love custom address stamps their invites, save-the-date, and thank you cards. It’s a personal and heartfelt gesture. Choose calligraphy, modern art, floral, geometric, vintage newspaper wedding date invitation stamps, or any other style that appeals to you. Buy here

Price: $13.50

Custom Date Sign

For the whimsical woman, a custom date sign is a beautiful addition to her forthcoming wedding day. Buy a custom date sign on wood, acrylic, or ornate glass. She can hang it in her home as decor after the wedding. Buy here

Price: $27.20

Engagement Gifts From Parents Of The Groom

Make the groom feel like a child one more time with your thoughtful gifts. Get inspired by the gift options we have below.

Personalized Throw Blanket

For the groom who’d love to cozy up in some warmth, a throw blanket will do. Get microfiber fleece, Sherpa, plush woven cotton blankets. Choose a blanket with his favorite movie, a loved up picture, or football club engraved on it. Buy here

Price: $40

Matching Couple Pajamas

For the couple who loves to cuddle, a satisfying sleep awaits them in their pajamas set. Opt for wool or silk in different colors. Throw in some comfy bedroom slip-on and monogram everything with their names or initials. Buy here

Price: $76.73

Picnic Basket

Whether he’s hanging out with the boys or his bride, a groom who loves the outdoors needs a picnic basket. Opt for a wicker basket that has enough room to hold plates, spoons, meals, wines, and flutes as a gift. Buy here

Price: $80.97

Taking engagement gifts to parties isn’t mandatory but a welcome gesture. However, you must consider your relationship with the couple and your financial capability. We’ve put together an extensive list of engagement gift ideas to inspire you. They gifts span across different financial budget so that there’s something for you. And whether the recipient is laid back, modern, whimsical, or bohemian, there’s a gift to suit their personality on our list.
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