Planning A Quick Wedding: Plan A Wedding In 4 Months

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Planning a wedding can seem like a herculean task, especially if you have limited time on your hands. However, with the right organization and assistance, you can turn all of the anxiety of a quick marriage into a breeze. Taking each task, one step at a time, this wedding step that seems so huge, can be one of ease.

Allow us to help you transform what seems like an insurmountable challenge, into something fabulous. So, if you have six months or less to plan such an important day, know that it is doable. Even though most traditional wedding timelines are planned over a year, there is nothing wrong with stepping outside the norm. With your wedding detail checklist and the right steps, you’d be surprised how easy it can be to pull off a spectacular wedding within such a short period.

Best Wedding Checklists For Quick Marriage Planning

Stick with us, and we’ll show you how you can plan a wedding in 4 months.



4 Months Checklist

Even if you have a 5 – 6 month timeline, it’s a good idea to organize your planning around 4 months. So, you can use any extra time for u foresaw situations that might come up.

  • Pick the date
    This is the very first item that you should have on your checklist, whether you are planning a wedding in 3 months or not. Everything revolves around your date; from vendors to your venue, invitation cards, and so on. You might want to have your wedding in-season or off-season. Keep in mind that vendors and locations should be easier to snag off-season.
  • Decide your budget
    Another important item that is vital to most of the decisions you will make in planning, is your budget. And so, it is important to determine your budget ahead of time. If you are thinking about how to plan a quick wedding on a budget, then deciding the budget should be one of your very first steps.
  • Choose the venue
    Finding a venue within a short space of time can prove challenging. However, if you’re willing to think outside the box, you’ll find that you might not be short on options. Considering alternative days like Monday, Friday or Sunday will open up a number of choices. Unconventional spaces too, like an art gallery, the beach, or even your backyard, will open up more.
  • Secure your vendors
    Make a list of the main vendors that you need, and set about securing them as soon as you can. Florists, photographers, DJs, and cake bakers usually get booked well ahead of time. So, you’ll need to start early if you are to mark this off your list.
  • Choose your dress
    While most custom-made wedding dresses would need at least six months to be ordered, there are other options for a quick wedding plan. You could pay a rush fee if you still want custom-made. There is also the option of ready-to-wear bridal shops, non-bridal dress shops, or bridal rentals. Remember to schedule fittings close to your wedding date for a perfect fit.
  • Book guests’ accommodation
    Accommodation for any guests coming from out of town is something else that would need to be sorted early, as they get booked quickly. Reserve a hotel room block if possible, for easier access and organization. It is also easy to get a discounted rate when paying for such a number of rooms at the same time.
  • Plan an engagement shoot
    Establish your wedding photographer early and schedule an engagement shoot as part of the full package they will be providing. This will ensure that you have photos early on for invitations, save the dates, and any monogrammed party favors.



3 Months Checklist

As the time gets closer, this checklist will help ensure that you stay on top of everything without any added stress. If you find yourself wondering how to plan a wedding in 3 months, this is how.

  • Create your guest’s list
    Your guest list is an important item on your list that will factor into a large part of your budgeting for catering and entertainment. It also factors into your venue, the size, and the type of venue you will be getting to accommodate your guests. So, at this point, you should have your guest list down pat.
  • Send Save the Date
    Once you have your guest list and venue, then it is time to send out the save the dates. You can decide to send hard copy, but with such a short timeline, it would be better to go digital. Custom or semi-custom save the dates can be made at several websites online and sent out easily.
  • Hire a wedding planner
    If you want expert advice and secret insider tips on getting your wedding done in record time, then consider hiring a wedding planner. This is the expert that knows not only how to plan a quick wedding, but also how to plan a quick inexpensive wedding if that is what you need. They have access to all the vendors in different price ranges and can handle all of the organization while keeping you within budget.
  • Order the cake
    Don’t forget to go for cake tastings and to order your cake on time. You’re almost halfway through your planning. This is the time for a little treat.
  • Book the officiant
    Officiants, like venues, also get booked ahead of time. So, cross this item off your checklist, find the right officiant for you who is free for your chosen date. The one who also ticks all of the boxes for the type of wedding you want.
  • Establish your wedding party
    If you are having a wedding party, then choose them and get them on board and up to date, early. Even though it might be easy to get bridesmaids’ dresses, and attires for the groomsmen, it would still take some time. With such a short timeline, ready-to-wear alternatives would be great.
  • Create your wedding website
    A wedding website saves a lot of trouble for guests and everyone involved staying updated on dates, schedules, venues, dress codes, maps, and anything that might change along the way. It is also a lovely place to share your beautiful photos and your love story.



2 Month Checklist

The date is even closer, but there are still a few things that you can get done before the big day.

  • Menu tasting
    Be sure to taste and test your menu, so there are no surprises on the main day.
  • Plan your honeymoon
    Plan your honeymoon. Check flight prices if needed, your hotel accommodations, activities and be sure that they are all available for your chosen dates.
  • Send invitations
    Time to send out the invitations. By snail mail or digital, it is best to send them out as early as possible. For a local wedding, eight weeks to the date is best. For a destination wedding, however, at least 12 weeks, so guests have the time to prepare.
  • Order your marriage license
    Your wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without this piece of paper. So, pay the clerk’s office a visit, and get your marriage license.
  • Do a hair and makeup trial
    Scheduling a hair and makeup trial is highly recommended beforehand, so there are no funny surprises on the wedding day.
  • Pick a date for the bachelorette party and bachelor’s night
    Ensure to schedule your bachelor and Bachelorette party a month or two before the wedding, so there is no last-minute stress close to the wedding day.



1-month Checklist

Just one month left, and while you should have most things taken care of, a few might remain.

  • Confirm all the details (vendors, set up emergency contacts etc)
    Confirm every detail to do with your vendors, don’t assume that the first meeting was sufficient. Set up emergency contacts, and make sure you are all on the same page.
  • Shop appreciation gifts
    If you need to get appreciation gifts for your bridal party, or party favors for your guest, this is the time to get all that together and strike it off your list.
  • Finish your seating and table plan
    If you have received all of your wedding RSVPs, then it’s time to print your escort cards and finalize your seating chart.
  • Pack an emergency kit for the wedding day
    An emergency kit is a great item to have for any unforeseen circumstances on your big day. From a tiny sewing kit to mints, wipes, and lipstick. Just some of the handy items you might need on the go.
  • Do a total garb rehearsal
    Do a complete dress rehearsal to ensure that nothing might give you problems and everything looks as it should. From your dress to the fit of your shoes and the accessories. You still have time to change anything you are uncomfortable with.

Postponed Wedding Checklist – Quick-changing Help

In the event that your wedding gets postponed, don’t feel overwhelmed. With these simple steps, you can easily reorganize around your new date.

  • Discuss it with key decision-makers
    It is important to discuss this change of date with the key decision-makers in wedding planning. From your close family and friends who have been involved to your vendors.
  • Inform your guests
    Next, be sure to inform your guests about the change so that they can re-schedule their time as well to attend.
  • Contact with all your vendors
    Be sure to contact each and every vendor, make sure that they have the details of your new dates, and that they would be free during that time period, to provide their services.
  • Send change the date card
    Send change the date cards to your new guests, updating them on the changes.
  • Update your wedding website
    Update the details of the change on your wedding website. It will be easy for all involved to get important information from the website.
  • Contact with venue, hotels, or room blocks
    Remember to contact the booked hotels, the venue, officiant, and Co, to reschedule their dates as well.
  • Cancel and update your travel plans
    Update your travel plans. You can cancel or reschedule, depending on the situation.
  • Update all appointments to reflect the new date
    Any and all appointments you might have had in relation to the wedding should be re-scheduled to reflect the new date. Appointments with makeup artists, hairdressers, caterers, bakers, and more.

Planning a quick wedding in a short period of time is no easy feat. However, you do not need to wonder how to plan a quick simple wedding for too long. With these few tips, you should be on top of things and well on your way to having the wedding of your dreams in just a few months.