Gorgeous Flower Girl Gifts That Your Girls Will Appreciate

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From princess crowns and tiaras to personalized shoes and outfits, we have hundreds of unique flower-girl gift ideas for little girls in all different shapes and sizes. Flower girl gifts are the perfect way to welcome a little girl to your wedding. Whether you have a toddler or preschooler, these cute gift ideas will make her feel special. If you are looking for a unique gift idea for your little one’s on your big day, scroll through our selection of cute flower girl proposal gifts.


Brides Often Ask

Do you get a gift for the flower girl?

Flower girls are adorable and they deserve flower girl gifts. It is a gesture that their parents will not forget in a hurry. So, make sure to get their parent’s consent first.

How much should I spend on a flower girl?

$15 to $35 is a good amount to spend on flower girl gifts. Make sure to let your budget be your guide.


Best Flower Girl Gifts

We have plenty of great options if you are looking for the best “asking flower girl gifts” that are sure to make this little one feel special. Check below.

Rag Doll

Flower girls who are obsessed with babies and dolls will love this rag doll. It can also serve as a piece of art to decorate their rooms.
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Makeup Bag

Little girls who love to role-play adults and look pretty will value this gift. They can also put their baby stuff in this little bag and carry it wherever they want.
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Bloomsbury “I’m a Flower Girl” Activity and Sticker Book

This sticker book would light up the little princess who loves cartoon characters. It will keep her busy decorating her favorite belongings with these best flower girl gifts.
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Flower Girl Tote Bag

You can customize this bag with flowers, funny art, and the little girl’s name to make it super special to them. They will carry this bag for as long as they can
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Flower girls from ages 4-6 will appreciate these customized tiny pretty socks. This flower girl proposal gift is simple and special.
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Unicorn Blanket

Every girl loves a pink unicorn blanket. They sleep on it like princesses. This gift would make them always look forward to bedtime.
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Tulle Hair Bows

These bows look cute on every little girl’s hair. They are a perfect accessory to match their dresses and keep their hair clipped all day.
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Flower Crown

This flower crown will serve the girl for a couple more outings after the wedding. The girl who loves flowers would cherish this gift.
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Girls Hoodie

Make sure to customize this hoodie to look attractive to the little girl. It will be more special if these flower girl gifts come in their favorite colors. The hoodies will also come in handy in cold seasons.
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Kids Camera

This gift is for the girl who loves adventure and also loves to capture moments. Please pick the camera with the best colors and features.
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Flower Girl Gifts For Toddlers

Here are flower girl gifts for a toddler who will be available to walk down the aisle with you on your special day.

Satin Flower Girl Robe

These flower girl robes make these little ladies look chic. You can customize it to make it more appealing to the girls.
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Flower Girl Denim Jacket With Pearl Detailing

For a fashionable little lady, this denim jacket with pearls is a treasure. Denim Jackets are elegant gifts for a flower girl.
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Flower Girl Sequin Proposal Pillow

This throw pillow is a super fun gift to give your flower girl. You can decorate it with rhinestones or cartoon character artwork.
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Petal Patrol Bottle

Your flower girls will take this gift personally. Please do well to put the colors into consideration.
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The Wall Street Journal Women in Science

The baby girl who loves science will love to get one of these as a flower girl gift from the bride. This wall street journal with pictures and details of women in science is inspiring.
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Personalized Flower Girl Gifts

Gifts to the bride from flower girl are great but a personalized gift from the bride is a lovely way to invite her favorite girls to be part of her wedding, especially if they have been looking forward to it for months.

Flower Girl Name Puzzle

This wooden name puzzle with colorful decorations is perfect for your flower girl. You can engrave a customized message on it.
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Personalized Bunny Rabbit

This cute little bunny gift is adorable. Every girl loves to have a bunny rabbit as a playmate. This personalized bunny will make them happy.
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Personalized Money Box

Money boxes are gifts that a girl will treasure for as long as they can. They use it to keep their money and other treasures safe. This flower girl proposal gift lasts a long time.
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Personalized Compact Mirror

The girl who loves to take care of her looks will love to own a custom-made compact mirror. This is a special accessory for a little lady.
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Personalized Necklace

This personalized necklace is a thoughtful gift to give your flower girl. They will always wear it on their neck and in their heart.
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Personalized Gift Box

The luxurious little girl will love to get an “asking flower girl gift” that features some items she loves. The floral design on the box makes it so beautiful.
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Custom Flower Girl Handkerchief

A custom handkerchief is a simple and super cute gift. The girl who gets this gift will always take it to school to show off.
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Custom Aprons for Girls

Every little girl will love to rock this apron while helping mum in the kitchen. It looks so adorable on little girls.
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Personalized Flower Girl Book

The Little girl who loves to read will appreciate custom flower girl gifts. It is a thoughtful gift that tells that you pay attention to what they care about.
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Flower Girl Hanger

While picking a hanger, make sure to consider their favorite colors. You can also write their names boldly on it.
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Disney Flower Girl Gifts

Disney flower girl gifts are a fun and whimsical way to thank the little ones for their important role in your wedding day. From Minnie Mouse ears to personalized princess dresses, there are plenty of Disney-themed gifts that will make your flower girls feel like they’re part of the magic.

Disney-themed Apple Watch

This Disney-themed Apple Watch band features a design inspired by Mickey Mouse, making it perfect for Disney and Apple fans alike. Buy here.

Decorative Pillow

This decorative pillow with a design inspired by Mickey Mouse is great for adding a touch of Disney atmosphere to any living space and is ideal for all interiors of children’s rooms. Buy here.

Minnie Mouse Earrings

A pair of dainty silver Minnie Mouse earrings are just an amazing gift for flower girls of younger ages. They can add a touch of Disney magic to any outfit and cheer up the whole day. Buy here.

Knitted Socks

This pair of knitted socks for flower girls is made of high-quality materials and features intricate detailing, making them a fun and unique accessory. Buy here.

Candle Burner

A magical candle burner can create a mystical vibe in any children’s room. The burner’s design allows it to hold both tea light and votive candles. Buy here.

Disney-Themed Water Tumbler

A Disney-themed water tumbler is good for staying hydrated both during a Disney vacation or a city walk. The tumbler is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for taking to the parks. Buy here.

Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Gifts

If you are having a flower girl and ring bearer walk you down the aisle, it is vital to get matching flower girl and ring bearer gifts for both, so that everyone will be happy. Here are some ideas:

Water Bottle

This gift is unisex. Both children will love it. Customizing their names on it will make them overjoyed.
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Customized t-shirts are also nice little bride and ring bearer gifts. It will make them look uniform and adorable for pictures.
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Picture Book

The two books-in-one picture books will surely keep the little ones busy. It is a cute gift.
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These sunglasses are matching gifts to give the flower girl and ring bearer. Make sure to get their favorite colors.
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Proposal Puzzles

These floral two pieces puzzles are gorgeous. Your flower girl and ring bearer would love these flower girl and ring bearer gifts.
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If you are looking for flower girl gifts that are unique and special, our collection of unique item ideas is a great option. You can choose anything from custom hairstyles to cute photo books within your budget.