Casual Wedding Planning Guide For 2024 + FAQ

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More and more couples are attracted to the idea of casual weddings. The laid-back approach encourages couples to personalize their experience and usually provides a few budget saving opportunities.
Casual wedding planning should start with a theme and a few key elements to create a unified experience. Here’s your inspiration.


Brides Often Ask

What is a casual wedding?

Casual weddings involve replacing traditional gowns and suites with less formal attire. Casual weddings are most commonly held outdoors.

Casual Wedding Ideas

A casual wedding theme can be pretty much anything you want. A common approach is to let the vibe of the venue and dress code be the theme. Other couples go with a minimalist approach while others lean into cosplaying their favorite movies. It’s all about what you love.


Сasual Wedding Invitation

A casual wedding invitation doesn’t imply skimping on quality, it’s all about the info. The imagery should reflect the casual nature of your wedding but, more importantly, you should define expectations.
Describe what you want to achieve. Feel free to provide examples If you’re concerned about the message being received accurately.


Casual Wedding Dress

A casual wedding dress can be, depending on your tastes, subtle or drastic. The common approach is to mostly stick with tradition, but tones down the formality.
Popular casual wedding dress ideas include non-traditional silhouettes, prints, and the addition of color.
Aim for comfort and showing off your personality.

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Casual Wedding Shoes For Bride

Your venue will guide you towards the best casual wedding shoes choice. It’s a natural look to go shoeless on the beach. Sandals, sneakers, wedges, and cowboy boots are all on the table.
Just make sure you can walk properly and that your choice matches the rest of your outfit.

Casual Mens Wedding Attire

Men have it easy. The easiest way to approach casual wedding attire for men is to choose a modest color (ideally matching the theme) and start removing items from the ensemble. One by one, drop the vest, tie, belt, and jacket until you reach the desired level of laid-back.


Casual Wedding Decor

Casual wedding decor involves a lot of natural elements. Wood, stone, and flowers account for the majority of decorations while other materials (like glass and plastics) are tasteful and simple.

Casual Ceremony Decor

The archway is the centerpiece to casual ceremony decor. Couples have fun flexing their creative muscles while exploring atypical shapes, materials, and adornments like florals and fabrics.
Again, the locale has a lot to do with the decision. Make sure you consider your surroundings when making your decision.


Casual Wedding Reception Decor

Casual wedding reception decor should not be too dramatic. Use the same natural elements as your ceremony to create a comfortable atmosphere. Less is more.
As often as possible, take advantage of the outdoors. Hang romantic lighting from trees. Bales of hay make for creative seating.

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Casual Wedding Table Decor

It’s standard to keep using natural elements with your casual wedding table decor. Simple and clean table settings are a more relaxing, free-flowing energy.
Take things a step further by setting up a comfortable lounge area. A few stools and antique sofas provide a change of scenery that encourages intimate conversations.


Casual Wedding Menu

A casual wedding menu can be anything you want! A lot of couples ditch fancy catering for savory BBQ. Others embrace their inner child by going overboard on dessert stations.
As long as you stick to your budget, feel free to serve any food that makes you smile.

Casual Wedding Music

There’s no specific definition for casual wedding music. Mostly, this involves dropping traditional wedding music. Here comes the bride, for example, is often replaced with pop music.
Just because you are ditching traditional music doesn’t mean you have to skip tradition altogether. The first dance is very much still alive.

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You can see why casual wedding planning is getting so popular. It’s fun, freeing, and often less costly than traditional options. Make sure to follow the same planning process and timeframe as any other wedding style, but always keep in mind that there are no rules. Do what makes you happy.