Complete Wedding Day Timeline


It’s nearly here! Your big day! The moment you have been waiting for and dreaming about, for months; years, even! You’re probably a nervous wreck so we have compiled a complete wedding day timeline. So chillax!

1. Bridal Party Prep-Time

Make-up: You should schedule about 30-45 minutes for each of the bridesmaids and 45 minutes to an hour for the bride herself. It’s best if the bride goes first, so she can relax for the rest of the time. Figure on about 2 hours, depending on the size of the bridal party.

Hair: The bride should definitely go last; this way the photographer can get some candid shots of the “finishing touches.” Figure at least an hour for the bride and 30 minutes per bridesmaid. If there are more than four bridesmaids, arrange for the hairstylist to bring an assistant. An hour for the bride allows for time for tweaks and last minute touch-ups.

Add additional time for travel to the salon or other location.

The final step, of course, is for the bride to put on her veil/hair accessories.

Photos: The photographer should arrive an hour before the prep time is finished, This way there can be lots of candid, fun shots and the bride should be ready. Factor in about 2-3 minutes each for pre-wedding shots. It also helps to discuss all your shots in advance to save time.


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