Fall Wedding Invitations To Complement Your Wedding Stationery

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If you plan on hosting a wedding this season, the first way to send a message is through your fall wedding invitations. To pull this off, you will have to take advantage of the autumn, earthy, and gemstones hues which range from ruby to ochre, orange, red, emerald, and yellow tones. Also, consider natural seasonal elements like birds, leaves, and pumpkins.


Every time of the year is beautiful, but the romantic enchantment of fall weddings is what dreams are made of. Talk about September, October, and November. The season is characterized by soothing cool air, dreamy changes in colors of nature, delicately falling leaves, and more. These dynamic elements lend a beautiful significance to your autumn nuptials.

All of these are entirely valid for modern, vintage, contemporary, garden-inspired, rustic wedding invitations, and more. To get ahead, see our collection of styles, designs, and tips on wedding invitations for fall.

Brides Often Ask

How much do wedding invitations cost on average?

The wedding invitations cost on average is about $400 to $800 for 100 guests. Couples should keep about 5% of their wedding budget for invites.


Fall Leaves Wedding Invites

Curate fall leaves wedding invitations in botanical portrait style featuring your engagement photo for your modern celebration. It is minimalist and features brass accents, clean lines, and glimpses of burnt orange beneath deep burgundy florals.

For a boho and romantic feel, opt for the whimsical floral crowns peppered with sage greenery. If you want something gilded for a formal black tie wedding, choose a foil-pressed black table cloth illusion containing floral centerpieces with spruces of green conjures, bright reds, yellow and burn orange florals. Pair a simple maple leaf in the colors of fall or pampas and wild grass on a blush background. Throw in a gold wax seal for a vintage look.


Rustic Fall Wedding Invitations

Rustic wedding invitations are perfect for barn weddings, wood-themed weddings, outdoor weddings, and country weddings. Choose an invitation with baby’s breath for a more romantic and whimsical feel. If you’re going for a more natural look, make fall tree wedding invitations out of wood or opt for burlap. Throw in some dried gypsophila on Marsala paper for a more budget-friendly November wedding.

To evoke the romantic visions that are magical fall weddings, use leaves, fairy lights, candles, and lanterns everywhere on your invites. Another beautiful romantic option is the combination of wheat and wildflower on a deep tone navy blue color stock card.


Elegant Fall Wedding Invitations

Bring sophistication to your country or Halloween nuptials with unique fall wedding invitations featuring a burst of yellows, rich reds, and oranges. Incorporate scrawling text to finish the look. For a modern affair, choose fall-themed wedding invitations with hand-painted background, a copy of night skies. Go whimsical by following the wedding invitation fall theme of classic autumnal colors in cascading gold leaves and twisted vines.

Combine classic and contemporary backdrops with elegant fall wedding invitations of bold oak leaf motif. The beautiful acorns and vibrant orange leaves bring a cheery spin to the season. For a look of contrasts, opt for gem-colored simple wedding invitations with delicate foil scrollwork. This contrast boldly complements the breathtaking pigmented hue of the background.


Unique Fall Wedding Invitations

Consider incorporating fall colors like deep jewel tones such as burgundy, emerald green, navy blue, and gold or shades of orange, yellow, and red to reflect the colors of autumn leaves when creating unique fall wedding invitations that set the tone for a beautiful and unforgettable autumn wedding.

Make your invitations truly unique by adding textures like velvet or suede that give a luxurious feel and a personalized wax seal for an extra-special touch. Foil accents, calligraphy, personalized illustrations, or a unique quote add an elegant and sophisticated look and a personalized touch to your invitations.

Fall Wedding Invitation Packages

If you are artsy, then the possibility of creating cheap fall wedding invitations is endless. It’s said that couples should spare 5% of their wedding budget on the invitations. Be that as it may, it is good money depending on your spending capacity. Getting your fall-themed wedding invitations cheap is possible once you can make your own, as you can save tons of cash. The idea is to know your fall colors properly first, then decide on your wedding theme and palette. This will help determine the types of paper, textures, sizes, colors, and design styles resources in your fall wedding invitations kits.


DIY Fall-Themed Wedding Invitations

Discover charming DIY tips for crafting fall-themed wedding invitations, adding a personal touch to your special day’s first impression.

Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Create custom hand-lettered wedding invitations with these steps:

Practice on scrap paper.
Use quality pens or brushes.
Consider online tutorials.
Embrace imperfections for a unique touch.


Dried Flowers and Pressed Leaves

Incorporate natural elements into your invites:

  • Collect and dry fall leaves and flowers
  • Arrange and press them between heavy books
  • Secure them on invitations with adhesive

Wax Seals and Ribbons

Elevate your invitations with wax seals and ribbons:

  • Select a wax color that complements your theme
  • Use a seal with your initials or a design
  • Attach ribbons for an elegant finish


Personalized Stamps and Embossing

Add a personal touch to your invites:

  • Create or order custom stamps
  • Use embossing powder and a heat gun
  • Experiment with various ink colors for a unique look

Wedding invites lend a magical touch to the entire day. They come in rich colors, tones, and elements giving them an earthy and natural appeal. Invites lend an allure to the overall fall wedding invitations packages with their various styles and designs. So let these wedding invitations fall ideas inspire you.