Top Fall Wedding Colors: Eye-Catching Combinations For Your Day

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Almost everyone who loves nature wants to have an autumn wedding. And bringing nature to life entails choosing the best fall wedding colors. Now, this is where you get into a dilemma and pause. You neither know the right colors for fall nor how to form a cohesive fall color palette.


Anyways, you don’t have to stall any longer because the earlier you finalize your color scheme, the better. Finalizing early helps you work at a better and faster pace with clearer goals. Everything stays cohesive from your venue to stationery and final look.

We know that this is a tough task, but don’t worry, you have help. We’ve put together creative fall color wedding ideas for your pleasure. And regardless of your wedding style or theme, there’s something for you in this post.

Brides Often Ask

How to choose wedding colors?

Your color scheme for the wedding sets the tone and mood of the day. So when choosing colors, you must consider your personality. Pick colors that you love, and then incorporate your theme, wedding style, and venue. Balance these colors by infusing neutral or pastel tones to give an aesthetic appeal.

How to combine wedding colors?

A cohesive color combo helps tie all your wedding details together. The elements include popular wedding colors like green, red, orange, yellow, and brown. Combine any of these along the same gradient on the color wheel. You may also create a palette of unified contrasts as we’ll see below.

Wedding color mistakes to avoid?

Your wedding color scheme can make or mar your overall look of the day. To ensure a perfect-looking setting, avoid the following mistakes.
A rigid color palette
The truth is that you will change your mind a million times as you plan your wedding. So you may switch your wedding colors until you’re satisfied. Don’t fight it or feel awkward doing that. Instead, keep switching colors until they suit your wedding theme.
Discarding nature
While we enjoy electric colors, it is important to choose or incorporate hues that match nature. Adding natural gradients makes your color sourcing easier. For instance, you may never find a neon or electric blue flower. But you can easily find a maroon or moss.
More tradition, less personality
Traditions, seasons, or trends should never be your basis for choosing wedding colors. Tradition stifles you, seasons change, and trends fade. Your personality is yours and evergreen. You don’t want to hate watching your wedding videos a few years down. So even if you must embrace tradition or trends, do you. Let your individuality shine through
Color rush
We love so many colors that we are quite tempted to choose them all. But dear bride, that’s a riot waiting to happen. Cohesion is the ultimate even when dealing with contrasts. If you’re bent on colors, incorporate neutral tones instead.
Neglecting the background
Every venue, whether indoor or outdoor has natural or artificial backdrops. Your color palette should complement and not clash/struggle with the background. Choose colors that blend into it or bring the background to life.


Pros and Cons of Wedding Season

Fall is a beautiful and cozy season to tie the knot. But before you jump right in, let’s look at the ups and downsides to help you prepare better.


  • With the leaves changing their colors and falling foliage increases. All of these combine to form a stunning natural background for outdoor weddings. Autumn is the best time to have your dream outdoor wedding.
  • With autumn being a colorful season, fall wedding color schemes options are endless. Enjoy a range of statement colors like orange, red, bronze-green, and purple. These beauties will merge with nature to give you an amazing wedding and pictures.
  • The weather in the fall is very stable and predictable. You’re almost sure of having a hot or extremely cold-free day.


  • The holiday’s approach and guests need to save up for the holidays. Due to this, there could be a low guest turn up to the wedding.
  • Some regions are very chilly by October/November and can’t host a late fall wedding. In such places, weddings are confined to indoor venues.
  • Couples, especially brides, spend tons of money on their skin pre-wedding. But a harsh autumn season can dry out the skin, making it almost scaly. Skin like that will look bad in pictures.


Wedding Colors For September

The best fall wedding colors for September are red, marigold, and green. These colors go well with flowers like Astilbe, Dahlias, Gladioli, Achillea, Alstromeria, and Delphiniums.

Dusty Yellow And Maroon

Dusty yellow and maroon are fall colors perfect for a backyard wedding.

Styling Tips: They blend well to create a beautiful woodsy theme, setting a romantic mood. Have your bridesmaid’s dresses in maroon color. Match these with maroon, dusty yellow, and ivory bouquets. Use the same color blend plus greens for your venue floral arrangements.


Rust Orange With Greenery

For the perfect barn wedding with a rustic theme, rust orange and greenery is a hit.

Styling Tips: Get the men in a grey suit and rust orange boutonnières. Pair these with rust orange bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets of amber and greenery. For table settings, make table runners from a blend of greenery, rust orange, and cream flowers. Complement with green tablecloths, rust orange napkins, and centerpieces made from greenery infused with cream crystal balls.

Rich Yellow And Royal Blue

Rich yellow is a fall wedding color that infuses playfulness to the regal blue color. This fall color combo is perfect for a princess-themed ballroom wedding.

Styling Tips: Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear royal blue dresses and suits. Match these with pale pink boutonnières for men; yellow, blue, and pink bouquets for the girls. For a cohesive look, create your stationery suite in royal blue with yellow lettering.


Evergreen And Blush

Fantasy-themed garden weddings can’t get more beautiful than evergreen and blush.

Styling Tips: Let the girls stun in blush dresses with evergreen and blush flower crowns and bouquets. Give your venue a facelift with evergreen, blush, and red wallflowers. Set the tables with blush table napkins, evergreen place cards, and a combination of tall centerpieces.

Emerald And Gold

The emerald and gold combo is a fall color palette perfect for lakeside weddings.

Styling Tips: These jewel tones create a sophisticated and romantic ambiance. Choose a deep emerald for your table clothes and set table with gold dinnerware. Make place cards and other stationery in emerald green with gold lettering. For your cake, ice with white and decorate with gold.


Green And Maroon

For fiesta-style weddings; gold and maroon help make a playful, yet sophisticated statement.

Styling Tips: Incorporate these colors by having the men wear beige suits with maroon boutonnières. The bridesmaids will wear maroon dresses paired with green, maroon, and yellow bouquets. Set your table with cream table cloths, green napkins, and maroon table lamps. For your cake, leave it near-naked and decorate with greenery.

Dark Red, Copper, And Grey

A combination of these three fall wedding colors suits the retro theme.

Styling Tips: To work with this combo, let the groom wear grey suits with dark red ties. Have the bridesmaids wear dark red dresses to match with red, copper, and grey bouquets. Make your stationery with copper background and grey lettering. You can make your cake in dark red with grey decor.


Red Pear

The beautiful red pear is suitable for an outdoor tented wedding.

Styling Tips: Have the bridesmaids wear red pear dresses, and as the bride, you can wear red pear shoes. Make your stationery in red pear with white lettering. Pair this color with hot blush for your lounge, table décor, and floral arrangement.

Crimson Red And Grey

Crimson and grey are good fall wedding colors for indoor and outdoor boho-themed weddings.

Styling Tips: Get the men to stun in grey suits with crimson red bow ties. Have your girls match the men in crimson red dresses and combo color plus yellow bouquets. For the venue, set up the lounge with mismatched chairs of grey, crimson red, and dogwood. Set the tables with crimson red napkins on grey table cloths, and dogwood, red and grey alternative centerpieces.


Wedding Colors For October

Popular fall wedding colors for October include burgundy, peach, and pumpkin. In this category, we will see how to create the best fall wedding colors schemes

Burgundy And Gold

Burgundy and gold are the perfect combos for vintage weddings.

Styling Tips: They’re two strong colors and they need the stable turquoise to create a balance. The Burgundy color is a hit for the bridesmaid’s dresses, chair decor, table cloths, and cake. For the dinnerware, place cards, and menu cards, use gold. Complement these with turquoise napkins and a combination of all three colors for floral arrangements and centerpieces.

Maroon Wedding Theme

Maroon complemented by dusty rose and teal are great for a terrace or loft wedding.

Styling Tips: Opt for maroon bridesmaid’s dresses with dusty rose and teal bouquet. Make your stationery suit the dusty rose background and maroon lettering. For your venue decor, choose maroon table clothes, dusty rose napkins, and silverware. Set the tables with maroon candles around roses and pampas grass centerpieces

Maroon And Navy

Maroon and navy are two of the best fall beach wedding colors.

Styling Tips: Work this blend by having the men wear charcoal suits with maroon boutonnières. The bridesmaids will wear maroon dresses with navy and maroon bouquets. Extend this palette to your venue by making charcoal signage with white lettering. Decorate your wedding arch with red and blue flowers. Seal the look by giving your photo booth a navy backdrop with maroon and ivory accents.

Peach and Dark Grey Wedding Colors

Peach and dark grey fall wedding colors are great for industrial-chic Villa weddings.

Styling Tips: Peach supplies warmth to the cool dark grey. So let the cool gentlemen wear dark grey tuxes with peach boutonnières. The bridesmaids will wear peach dresses and the bouquets will be a combination of both colors plus greenery. Spread these colors through your entire decor as there can never be too many of them.

Pewter Tone With Pink And Peach

Pewter tone, pink, and peach are perfect colors for fall casual weddings.

Styling Tips: These colors transmit warmth and passion. Adorn your bridesmaids in pewter tone dresses and bouquets in all three colors. For the decor, fix up peach lanterns, pewter-tone carpets, and peach table clothes. Workaround these three colors for stationery and cake.

Peach And Charcoal

Peach and charcoal are the ultimate fall colors for nature-inspired park weddings.

Styling Tips: Set the venue backdrops with peach drapes and hanging rose mason jars. Beautify the tables with peach table clothes, grey table napkins, and illustrated charcoal place cards. Continue with peach, silver, and green table runners. Finish this look with glass flower vases filled with peach, silver, and green flowers.

Orange And Blue

These colors are great for outdoor weddings with the wanderlust vibe.

Styling Tips: Step out of the box by sporting blue stilettos and a blue and orange flower crown. You may also have your bridesmaids wearing blue dresses. Work orange and blue colors into a nude color background for your wedding decor. The nude color does a great job of balancing the brightness of orange and depth of blue.

Orange And White

Two of the most agreeable colors for a fall wedding are white and orange.

Styling Tips: The neutral white color absorbs the powerful orange color. Together, they make an ideal combo for a cozy and romantic home wedding. Lean towards white decor for the background, couches, gloss flooring, and table cloths. Infuse the orange color for throw pillows, napkins, and candles. Combine both colors for centerpieces, stationery, bouquets, and cakes.

Pumpkin, Sage, And Blush

These bright, serene and warm fall colors combine to give off a whimsical vibe. This combination is quite suited for minimalist winery weddings.

Styling Tips: Explore sage color for bridesmaid’s dresses and a color combo for bouquets. Have the men wear black suits with blush waistcoats and boutonnières. For the venue, choose sage for the table cloths, pumpkin napkins, and a combination of all three colors for crystal and vines centerpieces.

Wedding Colors For November

The primary wedding color schemes for fall are blue, gold, and brown. We’ll work with shades along their gradients and contrasts to create a stunning wedding overall look.

Deep Blue And White Color Schemes

Planning to have a nautical wedding? Explore the intense blue and romantic white fall color wedding schemes.

Styling Tips: For venue decor, lean towards a white background and accentuate with deep blue elements. Try out white chairs and tables attached to deep blue garlands and table runners. Set a table with cotton and deep blue crystal balls in transparent vases. For attire, the groom can wear a white suit with deep blue boutonnière. The bridesmaids on the other hand can rock deep blue dresses with white and blue bouquets, keeping it simple.

Gray And Navy Colors For A Fall Wedding

These colors are easy to work with because there are many shades of them. Together, they form a classic duo for hip outdoor weddings.

Styling Tips: Get the groomsmen in Navy blue suits and grey ties. Have the ladies in grey bridesmaids dresses plus cream, blue, and grey colored fall bouquets. You can make your stationery in Navy blue with grey lettering. And for your cake, lean towards navy blue frosted icing and white decor.

Purple and Navy Blue Wedding Colors

Purple and navy blue are the hit colors for camp-style weddings. Both colors work beautifully with olive-green to give nature’s aesthetic appeal.

Styling Tips: Choose purple for bridesmaid’s attire and the triple color combo for bouquets. Apply navy blue as the base color for your overall layout and incorporate purple and olive-green elements in the mix. Do this for your table settings, stationery, and venue decor.

Gold And Elegant Navy

Gold is a statement color, and with elegant navy, they speak class and sophistication. These are good fall colors for indoor and restaurant weddings.

Styling Tips: Maximize the use of elegant Navy for suits and bridesmaids’ dresses. Seal the look with boutonnières and combination fall wedding bouquets. Choose elegant navy table clothes with laced edges for table covering. Complement this setting with gold flatware, pace cards, and cream table napkins.

Gold And Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are serene, making them a hit for nature-inspired sophisticated indoor weddings.

Styling Tips: Lean towards deeper shades of jewel tones for attire, décor, and floral arrangements. Infuse gold accents sparingly to create an overall sophisticated look.

Gold And White

These two colors are perfect for a grand ballroom celestial-inspired wedding.

Styling Tips: Cover tables with a white tablecloth. Then set them with gold dinnerware, place cards, and white napkins. Complete look with chandeliers, torches, and tall gold and white centerpieces.

Yellow And Brown Wedding Theme

This rustic color wedding combo gives off a laid back vibe.

Styling Tips: Apply them by choosing brown suits for the men and combo color stripe ties. For the bridesmaids, opt for yellow dresses paired with combo color corsages and bouquets. Extend this palette to your dessert by baking chocolate cakes with yellow dressings. Finish with hard brown invites and signage with yellow lettering.

Grape And Walnut

Grape and walnut colors for fall give of the timeless vintage vibes.

Styling Tips: Portray this mood by opting for walnut suits for the groomsmen and grape dresses for bridesmaids. For table decor, fill grape and ivory florals in walnut holders as centerpieces. And for your dessert, bake naked cakes with grape fillings and greenery topper.

Green And Brown

Green and brown is a laid back yet lively combination for castle weddings.

Styling Tips: Opt for the timeless green stationery suite with brown floral accents. For your venue decor, create a cohesive look by using brown as the background color. Then incorporate different shades of green into the brown backdrop to create a vibrant look.

Best Fall Wedding Colors

Warm and Inviting Hues

Embrace the cozy beauty of fall with deep oranges, rich browns, and warm yellows.

Styling Tips: Balance warm hues with softer neutrals for a harmonious look that complements the season’s charm.

Captivating Jewel Tones

Elevate your wedding decor with emerald green, deep purple, and ruby red jewel tones.

Styling Tips: Use jewel tones sparingly as statement pieces to create a sophisticated and eye-catching ambiance.

Timeless Neutrals

Create a classic look by incorporating versatile neutral tones like ivory, taupe, and charcoal gray.

Styling Tips: Enhance neutral palettes with textures like velvet and linen for a rich and elegant touch.

Enchanting Metallics

Add a touch of luxury and shine with enchanting metallic shades like copper, gold, and bronze.

Styling Tips: Use metallic accents in candle holders and tableware to create a glamorous and magical atmosphere.

Fall wedding colors come in many shades of natural tones. So before choosing colors for a fall wedding, think of your theme, the mood, and wedding style. Consider your personality and color preferences too. With these facts locked in, choose any of the color combos in this post to help you plan.