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The fall is a wonderful time for flowers because odds are in your favor. You can choose fall wedding bouquets based on the most stunning colors and availability. There is also an abundance of accents that give floral arrangements an instant boost. It is a bride’s dream to walk down the aisle with the most beautiful fall wedding bouquet and what better place to get spectacular ideas? We’ve brought together some of the most innovative wedding bouquets you can imagine. Formal, bohemian, rustic, beach, and everything in between for fall, you will find. So, check out this post and get inspired.



Brides Often Ask

In autumn, almost any flowers can be chosen for the bride’s bouquet, but large peony roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers and dahlias are most often used. If you order seasonal plants, you will not only get a stylish composition, taking into account the time of year, but you will also win financially, because the ensemble will be inexpensive.


Fall Wedding Bouquets With Feathers

Some of the most ingenious and unexpected fall wedding bouquets ideas include feathers for embellishment. If you are leaning towards a rustic affair, large quill feathers like pheasant work well to create a wild look. Whereas, the fluffy feathers of an ostrich will create an elegant, soft appearance. If you want to bring natural glamor to your wedding; fitting the theme, use peacock feathers. Peacocks possess an array of colors ranging from blue and green, to teal feathers are versatile and you can add flowers and accents for a facelift. Pheasants would match with yellow roses and dried leaves while anemones and crystal accents love turkey feathers.


Fall Wedding Bouquets With Autumn Foliage

Create beautiful autumn fall wedding bouquets using foliage to a lush bouquet worthy of the aisle. Combine the round-shaped silver dollar eucalyptus and various ferns to create a bundle fit for whimsical weddings. We love the solo use of sage to create a gigantic wedding bouquet perfect for woodland weddings. If you want an effortless country wedding vibe, consider a combo of sage, succulents, and wheat. Sprinkle this creation with lavender to finish the look or you can opt for the understated elegance of dusty miller combined with sprigs for texture. However, for a truly tropical look, combine multiple textures and shades of foliage inspired by your destination.


Wedding Bouquets With Fall Fruits, Berries And Veggies

The best way to include earthy, organic, and unique ideas in wedding bouquets’ fall colors is through fruits and veggies. Bouquets made out of fruits and vegetables are eco-friendly perfect for nature-loving couples, and budget-friendly. Combine fall silk wedding bouquets with a touch of lemon slices for a forest-themed wedding. The bouquet would also smell nice. If your wedding is in the fall; add some squash, pink, and red strawberries to create an ombre effect. Bundles of radishes added to bouquets can create a novel pop of colors, whereas apples, yellow peppers, lemons, and bananas make the perfect yellow-themed wedding. Purple and green cabbage, green wheat, aromatic lavender, or a bundle of artichokes make the perfect bohemian bouquet.


Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas With Protea

Protea fall wedding bouquets are luxurious and come in variations of shapes and colors. They are native to South Africa and a favorite for wedding floral arrangements. However, for bouquets, combine protea blooms and eucalyptus leaves for a simple bouquet but if you want something more flamboyant, consider adding some ranunculus, garden roses, gomphrena, and pepper berries to tulips and protea. For an eclectic mix, match protea, ranunculus, feather, and air plant with protea and if you want bold and dramatic, combine king protea and blushing bride protea with Heart-shaped Anthurium leaves or carry a huge protea with scattered thistle for a sophisticated look.

Beautiful Fall Dahlia Wedding Bouquet

There is nothing more in-season than a fall dahlia wedding bouquet. They are very sophisticated and will bring an air of elegance to your floral arrangements with their unique shapes, they can easily band up with other flowers to form magic. Create an oblong clutch of color using Peach, blush, beige, and bright pink dahlias, or express the colors of a sunset using dahlia, ranunculus, and astilbe. But if you fancy a half and half, combine equal dahlias, anemones, and roses or choose pretty pastels like garden roses and leafy greens, and baby pink dahlias for a moody curation, choose wine hued dahlias paired with black centered anemones. Spice up the bundle with textured greens and purple leaves.


Wedding Bouquets Fall Colors: Burgundy & Orange Bouquets

All flowers in shades of orange, burgundy, and yellow are the perfect fall colors wedding bouquets deserve. However, for inspiration purposes, we will look at the combination of orange and burgundy. If you prefer a bold and bright wedding bouquet, opt for a combination of garden roses, ranunculus, tulips, and berries in orange color. However, a bohemian wedding will appreciate trailing vines of clematis and jasmine accented with orange roses. An orange and burgundy combination will include Phalaenopsis Orchids, Dahlias, Amaranthus, and botanical fillers, like spiral eucalyptus and fall foliage. This will create a romantic aesthetic for your big day but for a vibrant lush look, orange tea roses, white cymbidium orchids, and purple Vanda orchids are perfect.

Small Fall Wedding Bouquet

A small fall wedding bouquet is a great creation for the bouquet toss. It is also romantic, minimalist, and ethereal; a trait associated with petite things. For inspiration, choose springs of astilbe dotted by dahlias to create a garden-inspired wedding bouquet but if you lean towards the rustic, match dried lotus pods with wheat grass for a sophisticated neutral affair. Do you want to keep your bouquet small but vibrant? Pair deep plums with burgundies and peonies but if a foliage-inspired look appeals more to you, dahlias in peach and bright orange are your best bet. A combination of white and peach oatmeal ribbon, garden roses, and fresh greenery is the perfect rustic meets romantic fall wedding bouquet for country weddings.


DIY Fall Wedding Bouquets with Dry Flowers

DIY fall wedding bouquets are the toast for brides because of their rustic, nostalgic, and unique nature. They are also some of the best choices for fall wedding bouquets because you can keep them post-wedding. Don’t worry about versatility because there are so many dried flower variations than you can imagine and the best part is that you can DIY these bundles. Create a rustic meets boho with brown sunflowers, braided wheat, and rust-colored leaves. A combination of rosy thistles and wildflowers will give vibrant pops of pink whereas a single oversized rose, dried hydrangea, leaves, and grass made the perfect fall scene. When curating dried flowers, always start with the biggest pods, then add a few main elements, include the next largest flowers, and then add a few of the smaller grasses and flowers. Keep alternating between elements, flowers, pods, and grass while rotating the bouquet. This method would take you from the center to the highest point. Adjust some of the flowers for shape, trim the stem, and secure it with your chosen band.

Simple Fall Wedding Bouquets with Dark Greens

Simple fall wedding bouquets are moody yet vibrant if you can imagine that. These bundles are welcome to nature in shapes, textures, and shades that make you nostalgic. You can create a modern bouquet with the combination of True Blue and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, succulents, and blue thistle for a cool-toned organic look. If you want the tropical feeling, pair Air Plants with Anthurium, Peace Lily, Monstera, and palm leaf. For a garden-inspired wedding, a simple blend of eucalyptus and rosemary is all you need. But if you want some contemporary laced drama, combine an assortment of ferns with poppy pods, trailing Amaranth, and wispy Clematis Vine.

Are you looking for the most unique fall wedding bouquets for September, October, and November weddings? Take a sneak peek into this post and see what works for you. There is something for you, especially if you’ve got taste and personality. With the versatility of these floral bundles, you will be wowed and your guests will drool.