Sunflower Wedding Bouquet: 20+ Ideas & FAQ

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Everyone who appreciates the brightness of summer will love sunflowers. Why not transfer some of that cheery brightness and warmth into your wedding with a sunflower bridal bouquet. A sunflower bride bouquet symbolizes all our marriage wishes like joy, longevity, loyalty, and adoration. Sunflowers have varying heights, shapes, colors, and types that you can find all year round. They are versatile and affordable, elegant and timeless. You can opt for a sunflower-alone arrangement or other beautiful complimentary flowers from classic to boho. To inspire you, work out your style with our sunflower bridal bouquet ideas.


Brides often ask

Are sunflowers good for a wedding bouquet?

Yes, they are perfect for wedding bouquets, whether as accents, additions, or lone arrangements. They are top bouquet choices for laidback, relaxed weddings in the barn, countryside, and outdoors. Besides, they are very cheap and lend a natural elegance to the ambiance.

What flowers go well with sunflowers in a bouquet?

A bridal sunflower bouquet is versatile and complements the bride, whether big or small. They work in harmony with other flowers like rose hips, bunny tails, sunflower daisies, and helianthus. If you want some character, include some pampas and Stipa Gigantea.


Sunflower Wedding Bouquets in Yellow & Red

You can stick with the traditional-hued lone sunflower affair as they come in shades of yellow, red, and marigold. If you want variety, pair sunflowers with red roses, dahlias, and carnations. Amaryllis, tulips, anemones, marigold, and zinnias paired with sunflowers add an earthy vibe to your look. For a classic yet delicate look, pair oriental poppies with red rose, sunflower, sweet yellow begonias, and pansies.



Blue & Purple Bridal Bouquets with Sunflower

Wedding sunflower bouquets are enchanting choices for bohemian, coastal, and contemporary weddings. Create an ethereal arrangement by combining sunflowers with hydrangeas and delphiniums. Or display organic tone with sunflowers, sweet peas, and calibrachoa. Test the wild look with geraniums, bellflower, leadwort, grape hyacinths, clematis, Bluestar, and sunflowers.



Sunflower Bouquets with White Flowers

The combination of white blooms and sunflowers gives a summer effect. Options include white marigold with baby’s breath and sunflowers. White calla lilies, white roses, and sunflowers also make a stunning combination. Nosegay, white daisies, and sunflower is an expression of bright and eccentric.



Colourful Wedding Bouquets with Sunflower

Consider colorful sunflower bouquet ideas featuring bursts of colors like red, pink, and yellow. Pair roses in these colors with the brazen yellow petals to give a touch of class. Set up a unique bright arrangement of sunflowers with gerbera daisies. They pair well together as they are from the same family but have different branches. You can incorporate the regal white lilies to the bold yellow for a boisterous bouquet. Sunflowers and bouffant carnations add a bit of sunny joy to the flowers.



Only Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Whimsical brides will love strictly sunflower bouquets for weddings. With over seventy varieties available around the world, they can do without addition. Curate the skyscraper sunflowers flowers with the sun forest variety for a traditional bouquet. If you are going bohemian, the American giant sunflower, Russian mammoth, and Schweinitz’s Sunflowers make a perfect arrangement. The romantic bride will love a combination of the Sundance kid sunflowers, little Becka, and Santastic yellow sunflowers.


Beautiful Ideas for Your Inspiration

Sunflowers are a symbol of loyalty, adoration, and strength. They come in every size and shape and are a fun way to brighten your day. They are beautiful and simple, perfect for rustic bouquets when you match them with daisies. And for classic bouquets, they work with traditional roses of any color. Their brilliant hues will not go unnoticed, leaving a striking contrast to your white dress.



Tender Ideas with Sunflower

Sunflowers are about some of the easiest flowers to arrange. Condition your sunflowers with trimmed stems and bunch them together. If you want variation and texture, inset a tulip at the center and scatter in-between. On the outer part, add Limonium, moving between the flowers and tulips. Wrap up the stems with burlap for a rustic look or floral tape for a contemporary look. Start at the top of the trimmed flower stems, and move to the bottom.

You couldn’t ask for a brighter day than a sunflower bridal bouquet. They come in stunning varieties that can either stand alone or pair well with other flowers. Check our catalog for your sunflower bridal bouquet ideas.