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51 Must Have Family Wedding Photos


There’s no better time to plan to start shooting your family weddings photos than a few days before the big event. Your family is about to grow, and some people will be arriving early. Whether they’re from near or far and regardless of how long it’s been since you’ve seen them, take pictures as they arrive and prepare for the big day. Of course, this is just the start! Here’s a list you can bookmark to help you keep track of all the pics you’ll need to take.


Main photo: Jessica Frey

Gorgeous Fatherly Wedding Moments

Some of your family are around the same age. Your brothers, sisters, and cousins all remember what it was like when they got married, or they dream about what it will be like once they finally do. They can all relate to exactly what you are going through. These moments are special, so make sure to snap photos with as many different combinations of portraitss, couples, and groups as you can.
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Favorite Shots With Mother On Wedding Day

Mothers on both sides of the family share a special camaraderie on your wedding day. They’ve taken care of you since before you were born and today it’s “mission accomplished”. You’ll have plenty of photo ops as they run the gamut of emotions as they watch you walk down the aisle or they (not so subtly) hint at wanting grandchildren in the near future.
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Wedding Photos With Children

Fathers and father-in-laws typically walk their daughters down the aisle but, aside from that, don’t get much action. A growing trend is to plan a little something extra for dad. Instead of the standard father-daughter dance, spend a little time with him before the wedding to choreograph a special number. If dad isn’t the dancing type a spotlight reading of a meaningful passage or poem will do nicely. Either way, make sure to get a ton of photos along the way.
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Family Wedding Photos

You’ve always had your family. You have some form of mom, dad, sisters, and brothers. You’ve had unique relationships with each of them, you’ve had family dynamics, and you’ve built a ton of memories. Your groom can say the same thing. Try to capture each of these for your wedding album. You’ll be also gaining new family members today and will start to establish the same types of memories. You simply can’t skip capturing this process in motion!
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Great Family Wedding Pictures

There will be tons of interactions on this busy night, and it may be awhile until you can get this many of your closest friends and family together again. Commit a healthy balance of new relationships being built and old friends loving the fact they they are seeing each other again. Anyone flipping through your album will appreciate seeing everyone come together for this special day.
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So Cute Wedding Photos!

When you picture your friends and family you don’t imagine a face. You recall a personality, experiences, and memories. You look back on those road trips, that vacation when you were a kid, and that time your brother chipped his tooth on his bike. Your wedding day is most definitely one those special days that people will look back on for years. Snap a healthy mix of prepared poses and mid-convo candid shots to capture the memories they’ll build on this special occasion.
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Have No Time To Be Serious!

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Bride Dances With Her Father

Source: Booth photographics Hello Love photoJosh Bennett

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Bride And Her Father Walking Down the Aisle

Source: Nichols Photography Jessicahaley PhotographyBenbullphotography

Your wedding day is romantic. It’s fun, and it’s passionate. It’s also a whirlwind of people you’ve never met before, friends and family that you may not have seen for awhile, and your closest connections wanting nothing but the best for you. These are a lot of names to keep track of which only gets more difficult over time. Do yourself a favor and try to get everyone’s name and connection so that you can keep track of the family tree.

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