Must Have Family Wedding Photos

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Candid, romantic, and emotional moments of the couple are better saved on the camera. But beyond that, what can we do without family? The presence of your family at the wedding heightens your joy while bearing witness to your love. And one of the best ways to honor them is by including them in your photo collection. In the end, your family wedding photos are the beautiful memories you hold onto, long after your big day. So to help you make the best shots, we’ve summed up some creative wedding family photo ideas. From the parents to children and blended families, see options for your photo checklist.


Gorgeous Fatherly Wedding Moments

The first man who loved you, your protector and hero, deserves a spotlight at the wedding. Here are some unique family wedding photo ideas for the father.
Bride and Father
Go for a mushy first look hug with daddy. Fathers get emotional because they can’t believe their girl is a grown woman, so the first look is a must-have. Another moment is when he walks his girl down the aisle and the father-daughter dance during the reception. Other beautiful photos include capturing the giveaway from father to groom. The bride’s dad can also drop a kiss on her forehead and part ways with a hug.

Groom and father
Grooms can also be very emotional with their fathers and cherish private moments. Capture the groom’s father helping him get ready. It could be when popping his collar, knotting his tie, or hands-on the shoulder in last-minute talks. Capture the groom making a grand entry with his dad by his side. And don’t forget to capture that father-son portrait in a firm handshake, emotional hug, or hearty laughter.



Unique Family Wedding Photos With Mother

Who’s happiest at the wedding? Mama, and you’ll see her everywhere in the family wedding photos. But there are special wedding family photo ideas that put mothers in the spotlight. Capture portrait photos of her face while hugging the bride or dancing with the groom. She could also hold hands in semi-hug with the couple while sharing smiles.

Take photos of the mother helping her daughter get ready. Don’t miss the look of admiration, the love-filled touches, and the whispers from Mother to daughter. Capture the mom kissing her daughter and the moments when she holds back happy tears. Photograph when the mothers give their blessings and other candid places she appears.



Must Have Family Wedding Photos with Children

The best wedding photos family ideas are incomplete without the little munchkins that made your day a blast. Children are pure and bring the sparkle to your day with the little unplanned things they do. Catch your ringbearer as he takes his task seriously while walking down the aisle. Capture your flowers girls and little bride as they smile, twirl, and preen in their fluffy dresses or walk down the aisle. Snap those candid moments where the ring bearers and flower girls get to know each other. Who knows the future love connections that could build? The silly, cute, and fun moments would be in abundance. Don’t miss anyone because you’ll look at those pictures in the future and smile.



All Together: Blended Family Wedding Photos

The guests are as important as everyone at your wedding. Catch the beautiful people as they move around and reacquaint themselves. Who knows when next they’d all be together? Catch those unplanned moments when they’re teary, smiling, dancing, or in deep conversations. Snap some coordinated pictures with them, especially if they’re step-siblings or children from previous relationships. If the parents of the bride or groom are divorced, let their partners join in the blended family wedding photos. Involve your guests and blended family in the ceremony rituals and reception. They will feel seen, appreciated, and important. Don’t forget to take goofy pictures with ever-smiling faces.



Fun Family Wedding Photos

Some of the most fun family wedding photos are unplanned. Capture when the couple goofs around with their wedding party without a care in the world. You can also get all the guests and family members to throw confetti with you in the middle for the ultimate portrait. Enjoy some couple-friends moment where they sandwich you with love. You all can make funny faces, serious faces, or leap high up in the air around the couple. The couple may also leap in the air while everyone looks on in awe. Another beautiful family wedding photo idea is capturing everyone in their different moods.

Family wedding photos are sentimental and memorable souvenirs that last long after the wedding. They also serve as reminders of one of the most beautiful days in your life and those who love you. Embrace our family wedding photo ideas and capture the best shots that will stay with your forever.