11 Tips And Ideas For Planning A Perfect Beach Wedding

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A beach wedding is the dream of everyone who loves the outdoors. Planning a beach wedding is one of the most interesting projects anyone can take on. The soft sands, clean breeze, and pristine waters, an ocean themed wedding screams freedom.

With various beach wedding ideas such as beach wedding decoration ideas, favors, etc. There’s a lot to learn. Read this post to see gorgeous and simple beach wedding ideas that fit your budget.

Nautical Invitations For Beach Wedding

Thinking of beach wedding invitation ideas? Then think of tropical and sailor themes. You also have the choice to stay laid back. It is the first real information that you give guests about your wedding. So, make it count by using a vibrant color palette that is consistent with all your wedding stationery. The idea of making your invitation into a sailor’s map and tree palms is an outstanding one. You can also work with a laid back stunning motif of the sunset and some calm relaxation. This will take the guests into some realm of nostalgia.

Other unique beach wedding ideas for invitations include seashells and start fish invites. Make them into key holders and send them to your guests as invites. They will not forget your wedding because they’d use it every time. Whenever they pick up the seashell or starfish key holder, they know they have a wedding to attend.

Another style you can adopt is the sailor’s anchor and knot. This is a classic way to tell guests that you’re inviting them to a beach wedding. The anchor and knot are very symbolic to sailors. Guests can never miss that signal.
If you decide on having a cruise, make that anchor into a luggage tag as invites. Beach wedding invitations are some of the most beautiful wedding invitations ever!


Beach Wedding Dresses Ideas

For beach wedding dress ideas, there is a variety of colors to choose from. First off, the beach is calm, relaxing and has natural beauty. So, you want to wear a color that doesn’t compete with that, but blends in. By this, make your beach wedding dresses in colors of blush, cream, and hues of soft blues.

Go with something simple and not a ball gown. If you want to work with a heavy dress, make sure it’s one that bustles with ease. But for more comfort, wear something lightweight like a chiffon dress that flows in the wind. Stay away from trimmings of lace or ruffles, as they pick beach debris. This could pose a trouble when you go photo shooting.

Do away with veils in total. As refreshing as the sea breeze is, it’s a nightmare for your veil. It can pull off or stay disturbing which can frustrate your photographer. Fascinates and fresh flowers work best for your hair.


Beach Wedding Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is essential for both style and practicality. Here are some ideas to help you choose the ideal beach wedding shoes that combine elegance and functionality.

  • Barefoot Sandals: Embrace the natural surroundings and go barefoot with delicate and decorative barefoot sandals. Adorned with beads, shells, or pearls, these ethereal foot accessories provide a bohemian and beachy vibe while allowing you to feel the sand between your toes.
  • Strappy Flat Sandals: Choose flat sandals with multiple straps for a chic and comfortable beach wedding look. Metallic accents or embellishments like rhinestones can add a touch of elegance while still allowing you to move freely on the sandy terrain.
  • Beach Wedding Boots: For a unique twist on beach wedding footwear, consider wearing stylish ankle or calf-length boots. Look for boots made of lightweight materials like suede or canvas that provide protection from the sand and allow you to navigate the beach with ease. Embellishments like fringe or lace-up details can enhance the bohemian vibe of your beach wedding attire.
  • Ballet Flats: If you prefer a classic and feminine look, opt for ballet flats. These comfortable and versatile shoes offer a graceful touch to your beach wedding ensemble. Look for flats with lace details, floral accents, or metallic finishes to add a touch of elegance.

Remember, comfort is key for a beach wedding, so choose shoes that are breathable, lightweight, and suitable for walking on uneven surfaces. Additionally, consider the color and style of your dress to ensure your shoes complement your overall bridal look.


Beach Wedding Guest Dresses Ideas

Beach guest dress ideas are more casual than formal. But depending on how upscale you want to look, you can combine a few stuff. For beach wedding guest dress ideas, we’d advise you go light. Embrace pieces of cotton, linen, silk, and a little satin for some shine. Wear something that breathes.

For the ladies, deck up in a sundress if it’s a daytime wedding. But for evening time, go in an elegant maxi dress with some pop of color. Do not forget any reason wear white unless you plan to upstage the bride. Do not wear black either, as it’s not a formal wedding. Your footwear should include espadrilles, flats, and wedges, depending on if it’s sand or grass. Don’t wear heels unless you want to harvest the sand on the beach with your shoes. If you are a heels addict, you can do kitten heels. Those are safe.

For the gents, if you opt for beach wedding suit ideas, rock khaki or light shade of tan. Pair it with pastels, pink or yellow shirts. You can also rock pant or shorts with open-collared shirts. No tuxedos, please! If you do, you’d become a sweaty mess before the wedding even starts. Get your pedicure done and show up in sandals. Ladies and gents, do not forget your hats and sunshades for the perfect finish!


Beach Wedding Decorations

Beach wedding decor ideas must be simple and harmonious with its surrounding. The aim of a beach wedding decoration is not to disrupt but to complement the environment. So for beach wedding ceremony ideas, vibrant tones like corals and greens will contrast well. Florals will also add some demure charm to the setting. Work with only blooms that tolerate tropical weather. There is also the option of decorating with fresh fruits or other nautical elements. This is blowing away from the normal.

Now, about the beach wedding, there are unfortunate incidents of the aggressive wind. Hence, you should exempt glass items from your ceremony and beach wedding reception ideas. Do away with flower vases or lanterns that could get broken on the sand. Adopt hurricane style lanterns or LED candles for lighting instead. Anchor every other thing to stay put. If you always dreamed of tall beach wedding centerpieces, you can go ahead and use them. But you’d anchor them with palm or heavy objects. If you need beach wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget, use driftwood. This will stand the wind.

The beach wedding arch ideas to use when decorating in palms. Intertwine palms into an archway, leading towards the aisle for the couple. Decorate with anchored lights and fresh fruits. Beach wedding decoration is about creativity and simplicity.

DIY Wedding Beach Ideas

A beach themed wedding is one of the times to show your most creative. This is especially if you are thinking of small beach wedding ideas. The same goes for couples who are looking for wedding ideas on a budget. If you are planning a wedding for the beach, there is a lot you can DIY. We will show you a few DIY cheap beach wedding ideas below.

  • Surfboard sign is a stunning DIY item for your beach wedding. They are quite pricey, but you could get an old surfboard and paint your names on it. This will tell guests who are getting married once they get to your venue. It is also a way to differentiate if more than one wedding is happening.
  • Beach wedding guest book ideas is another one. Get the paper yourself and create a guest book you love. It will always be in your treasure box because your hands made them. The beautiful starfish boutonnieres isn’t an exception. Get the regular boutonnieres and stick it to a starfish. This is classical and looks out of this world. Your groom can sport it on his suit for the wedding.
  • Escort cards made of a seashell is one that is in trend these days. They are beautiful and gives your wedding a classic look.
  • A seashell bouquet is a beauty to behold. Start picking them beforehand, so that by your wedding, you’d have enough. Ditch the flowers and string your shells together in a jaw-dropping bouquet.
  • A program fan is one that will come in handy when the weather is hot. Get some Popsicle sticks and staple or adhesive. Take your program and pin it to the Popsicle stick and you’re good to go. It will double as fan and program.


Seaside Bouquet Ideas For a Bride

We came up with some beach wedding flowers ideas. You also can DIY, especially if you’re hunting for beach wedding ideas on a budget. What to do is go for beach colors, this will complement the beach, and not compete. Bundle them together with ribbons, and then fix in some corals and seashells in-between.

You may also bundle your flower together with nautical ropes or blue and white striped sailor scarf. Finish it off with ribbons inspired by the sea. Another one is to make your flowers from starfishes, pearls, and sea urchins. A style that would make your guests’ jaws drop. These and more are magnificent beach wedding ideas DIY seaside flowers.

Favors For Beach Wedding

Beach wedding favor ideas are interesting to create. This is because you have everything from the sea to draw inspiration from. From the sea urchins to the crabs, seashells, and starfishes, you’re in luck. Candy rock and pebble favors are something your guests will love. In quick time, you can make candies in the shape and colors of rocks. Your guests will not believe. Usher them to the wedding with some sea goodness.

Do you want guests to have a bad memory of your wedding, because they lost shoes? Save the guests from ruining their shoes by gifting them some personalized flip flops. You can also opt for hat gifts to protect them from sun, or beach towels they can use in the future.

Another unique beach wedding ideas for favors are cookies! Make them into starfishes, crabs, snail shells, oyster shells and others. Gift boxes with various goods are also a good idea. Again, guests will be coming in from out of town for your wedding. The weather in their zones may be different than yours. So, hand them gift bags which will contain everything and sunscreen. They shouldn’t come to your wedding and leave with tan lines.


Cake Ideas For Your Beach Wedding

Beach wedding cake ideas can be colorful, huge or small. But they must be simple because that is what works. First off, flavors are in trend with beach wedding cakes. So feel free to make your cakes in decadent chocolates, or shades of fresh fruits. Decorate the cakes with beach themed colors and nautical motifs. These will include boat, ships, sea or the beach. Make them into tiers if you want a huge cake. Shape each layer into things ranging from a tavern, seashells, etc.

Embellish the cake with toppers like coconut, macaroons, oyster shells, carbon shells, etc. Do this for every tier of the cake. And the last and most important is to make small cupcakes for guests. Adorn them with a beach motif on each cupcake.

Sand Ceremony

This is the perfect kind of wedding to have on the beach. A great way to put the beach sand into some usefulness. Sand blending ceremonies are unique and having it on the beach is symbolic. This ceremony signifies the coming together of two people from different cultures, beliefs, and families.

The bride and groom will each hold a jar of sand. They’d pour them at the same time into another clear case. The sands blends as they pour it in, signifying unity. As no one can separate sands, so they will stay united for life. These sands often times come in different colors or your favorite colors. Family and children, if any from both sides can partake in the unifying of both families. After the wedding, the sand becomes ornamental in the couple’s home.


Beach Wedding Photo Backdrop

Beach wedding photo ideas will come out breathtaking using the natural backdrops. Make no alterations, rather use the elements around you to your advantage. Hire a professional wedding photographer that can come up with great wedding picture ideas. Savor in the beauty of the sea, hanging cliffs, sweeping breeze, swaying palms and waning sunset. These give stunning backdrops to your beach photoshoot. There is nothing better than looking like you have the whole big world to yourself.

Take pictures of the decor for your wedding. This includes the wedding arch, cakes, a boat if there is one. And if there are fireworks going up into the sky, take some pictures with you in it. These are memories forever treasured. Alter nothing in your environment. Contrast, yet blend into it.

Tips To Organize a Perfect Beach Wedding

Do I need a special permit for a beach wedding?
Yes, you do if the beach requires you to get it. In general, not all beaches need a permit but check with the authorities in your city. The beach may have rules on space usage, guest counts, alcohol and noise curfew, amongst others. Be thorough in reading and understanding policies. Like the fees, liability insurance, and approval process.

Think about food storage
Most beach weddings happen in the summer months, so it will be hot. Serve light food and foods that can withstand warm temperatures. Avoid foods that will melt or spoil in a hurry. Fish tacos are the most popular for such periods. For cakes, avoid butter-cream for warm weather. It will turn into a melted mess before you even get to cut it.

Don’t forget about the weather
Guest can get very uncomfortable in the hot weather. Hence, fix your ceremony for the morning or late afternoon time. If it is in rainy months, prepare against the wind and hurricane. Before you book a venue, check for weather reports in that area. Use shades to shield guests, and put lemonades, cocktail and ice water on standby.