Best Bridesmaids Photos You Should Make

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When it comes to your wedding photo album, bridesmaids photos are always a fan favorite. These are the shots that get shared and liked across your favorite social media and set as profile pictures. To make sure that they stand out it’s best to have a plan. The best bridesmaids’ photos tell a story and offer something creative and unique. You’ll also want to show how epic your wedding is, so you’ll want to plan a fewfun photoshoot ideas too.Your bridesmaids have helped – from picking your dress to giving you that final pep talk before your ‘I DOs’ – you through the entire process of walking down the aisle. You owe them something they’ll be proud to share. Instead of crossing your fingers that your wedding photographer is going to cover all of your expectations, follow our guide for inspiration and a proper plan.

Bridesmaids Photos

Getting Ready On The Wedding Day Morning


First up in your bride and bridesmaid photoshoot is a pic of all of you getting ready for the day. Capturing the events that occur before your walk down the aisle is essential. Make sure to include a healthy balance of serious, happy, and maybe a little bit silly.

Raise All Hands Up


There is an interesting pose for photos of bridesmaids when everyone raises their hands up. These photos are interesting from any angle. You can make them with the bride or only with bridesmaids, outdoor or indoor. It’s all up to your imagination.

Different Colors Of Bridesmaids


You put a lot of thought into the bridesmaids dresses. Very likely, they came with you for fittings with all sorts of different cuts and colors on the menu. Beautifully colored bridesmaids dresses next to the pure-white bridal gowns make for the perfect moment for a wedding album inclusion.


Girls Wanna Have Fun


Funny photos with bridesmaids can not be forgotten.
A special day or night out with the bridesmaids is a great opportunity to capture the fun side of the party. With all the stress and preparation, a ‘girls just want to have fun’ moment is definitely in order. Capturing the group in it’s natural fun-loving modus operandi is a can’t miss wedding album must-have.


Beautiful Back Details


Most of the night people – and your photographer – will be focused on fronts and faces. But, let’s be honest. Your updo is gorgeous, your lacework details are stunning, and your open back is beautiful. These can be shots of individuals or contribute to your group photo ideas, but either way you absolutely must include group photography poses that feature everyone’s back side.

You can show off your matching bouquets or use photo props like giant balloons (get a pack of 6). This is also a perfect shot to capture the gorgeous wedding dress train.

Elegant Bridesmaids


Plan for the bride to be shot outside of the venue with her entire bridesmaid party. The moment after they’ve primped and preened and have gathered all of their courage just before the walk down the aisle is when they’re at their best. Every hair is in place and their heads are held high, making for the perfect elegant photoshoot sequence.


Nothing Wrong With Acting A Little Silly


What’s a wedding photo album without a little bit of ridiculousness?? Make sure your photographer is constantly on alert for ‘blooper moments’. A few of these may make into the official album, but the majority you’ll want to keep for a private few just between you. Instead of banking on a few fail moments, make sure to plan a group shot in matching bridal party pajamas or another organized fun moment.

Hiding Behind Flowers


Another wedding photo album idea growing in trend is hiding behind bouquets. So much thought and attention goes into the bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses, but they’re often overshadowed by those who wear them. Covering faces with beautiful bouquets is a fun way to make sure the gowns get the attention they deserve.

Wedding Photos With Best Friends Ever


There’s a certain friend responsible for making this special day happen. Photos with the best friend capture special moments and embody the spirit of life-long love. Capture as many photos of this as possible.


Jumping On The Bed


We mentioned funny photo of the bridal party earlier, but it’s justified to make another suggestion. Fun shots of the bride and bridesmaids jumping up and down on the bad captures all of the fun and silliness that the group represents.


Creative Photo Ideas


Tossing the wedding bouquet is an exciting and dynamic moment. The rush of the throw and the anticipation of who will catch it to be next in line are great action moments to capture for the wedding album. There are so many memories to care about, it’s very important to make a list with your photographer to make sure that not a moment goes unnoticed.