Green Wedding Florals That Are Gaining Attention Guide for 2024

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Lately, green wedding florals have been the decor of choice for stunning backdrops, centerpieces, garlands, arches adornment, and even bouquets. It is the bare essence of nature, very beautiful, and budget-friendly. When styled correctly, they will present pops of color against any backdrop. They come in many shapes, sizes, and shades. With an array of greens to choose from, let’s show you how to create varying textures and combos.


What do you put in a greenery bouquet?

Magnolia and fern leaves, rosemary and myrtle will be a great addition to your wedding bouquet or they can make a beautiful composition for your bouquet.

Green Wedding Flowers For Bouquets

Whether in shades of colors or varying sizes, see some of the most beautiful greens and how to pair them.

  1. Dusty Mille
    To create a rustic perfection, curate dusty Miller, eucalyptus, pops of Ruscus, and gypsophila in a set for a winter wedding.
  2. Seeded Eucalyptus Wedding GreeneryFor an enchanting and cool-toned organic arrangement. Pair seeded eucalyptus with blue thistle (Eryngium), and succulents. Perfect for autumn weddings.
  3. Aspidistra
    For the love of greens, pair aspidistra with ferns, trailing Jasmine, Eryngium, air plants, and succulents. They are earth bohemian.
  4. Banana Leaf
    Try a bold and inexpensive look with banana leaf, trailing ivy, baby eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, and privet berry in diverse green.
  5. Monstera Leaf
    For a tropical vibe, pair monstera leaf with Airplants, peace lily, and palm leaves. They’re budget-friendly options for floral arrangements.
  6. Magnolia Leaf
    Magnolia leaf, Russian olives, berry pops, ferns, and vines are the perfect summer wedding, budget-friendly creation.
  7. Sword Fern
    Craft a modern and uber-chic look by merging sword ferns with textural green elements like viburnum berries, hellebores, and caladium.
  8. Leather Leaf
    Pair leather leaf with soft-toned and billowing branches of eucalyptus, bay, and olive to create an epic centerpiece or bouquet.
  9. Myrtle
    To create a winter pop of color, combine myrtle with olive branches and sprigs of rosemary. They’re perfect whimsical beauties.
  10. Maidenhair Fern
    Pair Maidenhair ferns with Rosemary, wispy Clematis Vine, poppy pods, and trailing Amaranth, to create a romantic yet contemporary look.


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Green wedding florals are trendy, meaningful, and colorful. We’ve shown how to style them correctly, creating stunning combinations. Get inspired and go green.