Lavender Wedding Decor Ideas For The Prettiest Wedding Ever

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A romantic, soft, and often known as a sweet-smelling shade of purple due to the flower of the same name, lavender is a great choice for a wedding ceremony. It is so easy to use as it combines well with almost any color palette and is great for all kinds of weddings, from rustic and bohemian to formal, modern, and even vintage. Use lavender for the most sophisticated of events, to a beachside or rustic barnyard party. You will not be disappointed.


If you feel short of ideas for lavender wedding decor ideas, allow us to show you the many ways this color can bring romance into your wedding celebration. This relaxing color can give you the right ambiance for a serene summer or spring celebration. Whether you are having a most elegant or casual day, you can work lavender into the fabric of your wedding theme to produce the wedding of your dreams. Stick with us as we show you some of our top lavender wedding ideas for the most spectacular wedding celebration.

Ceremony Lavender Wedding Decor

The color and beautiful scent of lavender can completely transform the ambiance of your ceremony venue. Arrange sprigs of lavender in vases all around your venue. Your guests are sure to love it.


Wedding Arches Lavender Decor

A casual, rustic, or whimsical wedding would look great with a whimsical wedding arch. Adorn it with sprigs of lavender, blooms of lilacs, and lupines for the very best fairy tale wedding arch. The stuff of wedding dreams.


Wedding Chairs Decor With Lavender

Your wedding chairs should not be left out of your wedding theme. Wedding decorations lavender can include bundles of lavender tied to the upper arm of each chair. The color and fragrance would add some extra beauty to your day. You can also opt for seasonal blooms in similar colors or huge lavender ribbons tied to the back of each chair in a huge celebratory bow.

Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

Whether you are having a casual, formal, or even a vintage theme, there are so many ways that you can infuse lavender in your lavender-themed celebration. The plant is extremely versatile and can be mixed in flower arrangements alongside seasonal blooms, wheat, and baby’s breath. You can place these flower arrangements in vases or mason jars and place them on each table. They can also be hung from the arms of the wedding reception chairs to add a natural décor to your wedding.


Lavender Centerpieces and Table Decorations

A lavender-themed wedding would be incomplete without wedding centerpieces. Place dried lavender stalks in copper vases or votives for a mix of modern and sweet on each table. Arrange them alongside lanterns or sweet-smelling candles. If you would prefer something bigger, make bouquet arrangements with lavender, white peonies, pink sweetheart roses, ranunculus, and white roses.
For the most elegant table numbers, consider a unique design of little lavender watercolor painted numbers, framed for each table to fit into your wedding theme tablescape.


Table Runners Ideas

For a reception, use sheer silk table runners in lavender or purple. For something extra, especially for a rustic or outdoor celebration, you could create garlands out of sprigs of lavender bunched together and interwoven with blooms of lupines and lilacs to line the tables.


Table Setting Ideas

There is nothing as sweet as having the smell and feel of lavender follow you all across the room throughout your special day. For color combinations, consider lavender and white wedding decorations for your table settings. Cover your tables in white linen and use lavender table napkins alongside white or silver platters. Lavender bouquets as centerpieces can add a stunning look to your tablescape.


Lavender Flowers Decor Ideas

There are so many lavender wedding decoration ideas options for incorporating these lovely flowers and their scent in your wedding. Tie bouquets of lavender sprigs on their own or combine them with other beautiful flowers with white and purple ribbons and place them all about your venue. Apart from being eye-catching, the scent is one you won’t want to miss on such a beautiful and important day.

Whether you are having a lavender and purple wedding theme or a white and lavender wedding, there is no limit to the ways you can implement this color and sweet-smelling plant in your wedding. With so many possibilities for wedding decor ideas, you cannot go wrong.