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30 Silver Sage Wedding Ideas


If you planning wedding this year? Pay attention to one of the trending colors for 2020 weddings – silver sage. This timeless neutral color that gives you the opportunity to bring elegant and romantic feelings in to your celebration. We want to share you silver sage wedding ideas. Check out our gallery to get inspired and start planning!

Photo 1-3: Flower And Greenery Table Runner Ideas

Source: federicabeni_ed via Instagramfedericabeni_ed via InstagramEmma Pilkington Photography


Photo 4-6: Silver Sage Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Source: Bek GraceAgnes BlackOnelove Photography


Photo 7-9: Outstanding Wedding Table Decorations

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Photo 10-12: Fairy Reception Ideas With Candles

Source: paulaohara via InstagramWhite Ash PhotographyYeray Cruz


Photo 19-21: Silver Sage Wedding Centerpieces

Source: Simply Bloom PhotographyAlmond Leaf StudiosFiglewicz Photography

Photo 22-24: Silver Sage Wedding Ideas

Source: Lucy Cuneo PhotographyCarol OlivaLighthouse Photography