Bring The Shine Into Your Wedding With These Silver Wedding Decor Ideas

silver wedding decor
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Silver is one of the most sparkly and glamorous colors for a wedding. If you are planning a classy and sophisticated celebration, then silver would make a good color theme. Are you having a winter wedding? Then silver wedding decor ideas can give you the best background to display a winter wonderland wedding. This stellar color breathes prestige and class and can become the foundation for realizing the wedding of your dreams.


Choosing silver for a wedding, winter-themed or otherwise means that you have several colors shades, and hues to play with This sparkling color is not only great for winter weddings, but modern, vintage, rustic and all formal weddings can also benefit greatly from the shine and sparkle of silver. Scroll on for tips and more inspiration on silver wedding decoration ideas and the many ways you can incorporate them into your wedding.

Silver Decoration For Ceremony

Having an outdoor wedding ceremony does not mean that you cannot implement your silver wedding ideas. Consider large silver chandeliers if you have the space for them. Would be especially sparkly under a white tent or beneath the trees.


Wedding Arches Decor

Surely a silver wedding would be incomplete without a sparkly silver wedding arch. For your wedding ceremony, do well to consider metallic arches to go with your silver theme. You can adorn them with white and silver fabric or brightly colored flowers for a stunning effect.



Wedding Backdrop And Aisle Decor

You can either purchase the elements for your wedding backdrop or have fun creating it DIY. Either way, it is a great idea to tie it in with your theme for a silver wedding. Consider an acrylic backdrop with a mirror for the background or even a grey fabric. Complete with metallic accents and you will have something truly shiny and unique.


Reception Decor Ideas

An outdoor silver-themed wedding is a perfect event for a myriad of silver wedding decorations. If there are trees at the venue, you can spray paint the branches in silver and white. You can also place mini trees in pots to add to the number. Silver fairy lights crisscrossed in a canopy above will also provide the sparkle that you would want from a silver shine.


Table Cover Decorations

Whether you are having a garden wedding or a backyard wedding, setting up silver wedding table decorations can help you transform your space into the venue of your dreams. Cover round, tall tables in swaths of silvery tablecloths. Decorate with bright flowers or greenery, and they would be perfect for cocktail hour and for guests who desire to roam much rather than sit.



Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Discovering decor items to use for silver wedding centerpieces is not as difficult as it might first seem. Silver vases filled with seasonal blooms will look great on rustic wooden vintage tables or modern-looking tables for that matter. Add silver candelabras for that not-so-subtle finish, and your centerpieces are complete.


Table Setting Silver Wedding Decor Ideas

Complete your silver wedding reception with sparkly table settings. Use silver plates or platters paired with glittery cutlery and sparkly white tablecloths. Also consider napkins and napkin holders and table runners in shades of silver, white or grey. Create an elegant and stunning tablescape with the right dishware to fit your wedding theme.



Table Numbers And Chart Displays

Consider stand-alone metal numbers that will impress your guests and they are sure not to miss. You could also frame numbers in cute little vintage picture frames that are just as unforgettable. Make number chart displays using silver sparklers as sticks to hold each display. Sparklers can be used to kick off the evening party part of your wedding celebration.

Wedding Bouquets Ideas

A silver wedding bouquet might seem far-fetched, but it is quite easy to create this elegant beauty for your big day. Combine roses in colors of your choice with silk silver roses and sparkly brooch accessories for a most spectacular bouquet arrangement. For a monochrome look, place only white roses side by side with the silk silver ones. Add the brooches as sparkly accents and the perfect finish.


Silver Color Combinations For Your Wedding Decor

Silverworks beautifully combined with several colors that would be perfect for a bridal theme. When you are thinking about silver wedding table decor ideas and colors that would match you have quite a number of options. From white and gold to baby, navy and royal blue, red, and even black, silver is a color that can provide you with limitless options.


Silver And Pink Color Combinations

Pink is a color that when paired with silver, creates a warm and inviting environment. Carve out an elegant and sophisticated space with pink and silver wedding decor ideas. This pairing can work with almost any type of wedding, from a winter wedding to summer, spring, or even a casual or vintage wedding. The metallic palette of the silver acting as perfect accents on a pink and white flowery background. Consider your table linen, flower arrangements, and even your backdrop when decorating with this exclusive color theme.



Matte Silver And White Color Combinations

Create the perfect modern color-themed wedding with white and matte silver color combinations. You can achieve the best in monochromatic designs with this color pairing. For elegant flower arrangements and flowing wedding ceremony decor. Consider decorations of white flowy tulle, pastel flower blooms, white and matte silver tableware, and linen for the dreamiest wedding.

Whether you are having a modern, formal, rustic, or vintage wedding, with this collection, you won’t have to look far to find the right silver wedding decor ideas to inspire you.