Wedding Colors – Complete Guide + Popular Palettes & Trends for 2021

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are hundreds of details a couple needs to have in place to make the day perfect. Selecting wedding colors is a task that is more important than you might think since several other details will be built on the color theme you choose.


From selecting a venue to bridesmaid dresses to table linens and invitations, selecting a wedding color theme early on is a critical step in having the rest of your planning process running smoothly. With a full rainbow of possibilities the sky’s the limit for selecting a wedding color combination but to help you zero in on what we know to be some of the best combinations for each season we have put together this helpful guide.


Brides Often Ask

We’ve asked wedding planners and experts, for what they think will be trending next year, and here are the color trends they all agree on.

Top trending color palettes for 2021:

  • Dusty Blue and Blush
  • Sage Green and Cream
  • Light Gray and Gold
  • Black and White

The Pantone Color Institute has rolled out not one but two colors for the incoming year 2021. They are illuminating and ultimate grey. These colors will work side by side to create the brightness and calm needed in the New Year.

One of the hottest color combinations for 2021 is dusty blue and blush. There is just something very calming and romantic about this color combo all the while having it work with a variety of backgrounds and locations.

Another very popular wedding color combination we are seeing in 2021 is sage green and cream. These two lovely colors work well in any of the four seasons and can be both dressed up or dressed down depending on how formal the wedding is.

A surprising recent color standout has been light gray and gold which seems to be a favorite by both elegant outdoor brides and modern industrial style brides.

Black and white is a classic and chic color combination. It easy to work with and black and white color theme will look stylish whatever season is.

When thinking about your wedding day you probably already have a sense of the look and feel you want the day to have and your color choices are an important aspect of making that day come to life. Millions of weddings happen every year and from those weddings, we know there are some popular color combinations that seem to be used over and over again.

Here are the most popular wedding colors:

  • Navy, White and Gold
  • Black and White Combination
  • Petal Pink, Cornflower Blue & Mauve Purple

One of the most popular wedding color themes we see almost every year is Navy and White and sometimes Gold is thrown in there as well. Navy is such a classy looking color that it automatically makes an event feel elegant and when you add in Gold you up the formality of this event even more. Another popular and well-trusted color combination is your traditional White and Black. Taking its cues from the classic men’s wedding outfit, the tuxedo, black and white are perfect in every season and works well with all locations.

If you are looking for something a little more trendy, a hugely popular color theme is the Petal Pink, Cornflower Blue & Mauve Purple look. This fashionable color union has boho brides, outdoor brides, and modern romantic brides everywhere filling up their Pinterest boards.

How To Choose Wedding Colors?

The first step to choosing your wedding color palette is to consider things like what season your wedding will be held, the venue for the event, and how formal the event will be. You can either have the colors you’d like to use guide the venue search, or you may want to decide on the venue first and then pick the colors to match the space.

Consider your must-have ideas to help narrow down your wedding color selection. If you absolutely must have pink peonies for your bouquet then make sure your color palette has shades of pink in it.

Every season has a color combination that pairs especially well, that’s why we have grouped wedding color ideas below for each season.

And the last tip – collect lots of inspiration. From magazines to art, from your favorite clothes to your favorite Instagram influencers, find your favorite saturated color and then use a color wheel to pick other more neutral complementary colors. See our Wedding Colors Pinterest board for more inspiration. Follow @WeddingForward on Instagram.

Wedding Color Mistakes To Avoid?

The good news about having an entire rainbow of colors to choose from is that you have endless possibilities however this can also lead to a few mistakes and common blunders.

One of the biggest wedding color mistakes is selecting too many colors that you want to use on your day. Most of the time couples select two or three colors to use together and every once in a while we will see a fourth color added but anything more than that and you are on the road to a color disaster.

Another very common mistake is a couple selecting a color theme that is too similar to each other. Selecting a combination of creams, whites, and beiges which you might think is very simple can actually turn out to look like a bunch of mismatched colors. If you are looking for a color theme that is all in one close color family consider working in the light blue, pink, or neutrals.

Choosing your wedding colors is a task the couple needs to tackle early on. The wedding color palette will guide many of your other decisions like your wedding invitations design, bridesmaids dresses, and overall floral decor.

What season will your wedding take place?

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall

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Summer Wedding Colors

Warm temperatures and sunny weather make almost any color look great, so the best colors for a summer wedding reflect all of the things we love most about this season. From light and airy blues to bold pops of pink and green, summer weddings have so many great options when it comes to wedding theme colors.


Marigold Yellow, Navy Blue & Slate Gray


wedding colors palette combination combo marigold yellow navy blue slate gray

It’s A Match:
This color combination is perfect for a classic outdoor wedding complete with yellow bouquets, navy bridesmaid dresses, and elegant tablecloths. If you are loving this color theme it is a good one to have on hand since it works well with a variety of venues especially vineyards, country clubs, or a historic mansion. One of the main reasons this color theme is such a hit with couples is because both bridesmaids and groomsmen look great in navy dresses and suits with added details either in the yellow or gray make the cute wedding colors come to life.

When working with this color theme you should reach out to your florist and consider adding yellow roses, daffodils, or gerbera daisies to your flower selections. Pairing your flowers with elegant vases and adding navy blue or slate gray ribbon details to your centerpieces completes the look. Warm, vibrant, and upbeat is the exact look and feel you will achieve with this pretty color theme.


Petal Pink, Cornflower Blue & Mauve Purple


wedding colors palette combination combo petal pink cornflower blue mauve purple

It’s A Match:
If you are looking for a serene and tasteful color theme for your summer wedding this is the one for you. The mixture of petal pink, cornflower blue, and mauve purple creates an upscale garden atmosphere and works perfectly for an afternoon event. If you are considering venues such as a botanical garden, park, or historic estate this is a color theme you will want to consider. While the petal pink and mauve purple add a delicate feeling the cornflower blue adds a lovely pop of color and plays up the beauty of a summer blue sky. Hydrangea flowers and roses are the go-to flowers for this color theme and we envision flowy bridesmaid dresses in either the petal pink or mauve purple.

Forest Green, White & Gold


wedding colors palette combination combo forest green white gold

It’s A Match:
When you want to bring a nature-inspired motif to your big day but want to do it in the most elegant way you should consider working with the trusted trio of forest green, classic white & gold. Wedding venues such as a barn, farm, or rustic style location work especially well with this color theme since it plays up the natural surroundings of these areas but brings in the upscale classy look couples want on their wedding day. Long wood tables with swags of greenery, gold vases and candleholders matched with white drapery help to make the venue look elegant while adding a light and airy feeling to space.


Mint Green, Peach Pink & Watermelon Pink


wedding colors palette combination combo mint green peach pink watermelon pink

It’s A Match:
Upbeat, vibrant, and perfect for a beach wedding this color combo screams summer fun. Working perfectly for a beach, outdoor or backyard venue, this color theme is nothing short of amazing. To get the full scope of this color combo, envision mint green bridesmaid dresses paired with lovely peach pink bouquets wrapped with a watermelon pink ribbon. There is something about these wedding color combinations that remind us of beautiful flowers and aged green sea glass making it the most perfect wedding colors for the summer months.

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect summer wedding colors we also suggest taking a look at a few of these:

  • Classic Blue, Coral Pink & Soft Pink – This nautical-inspired wedding theme has us dreaming of seaside events with ocean backdrops.
  • Cherry Red, Bright White & Old Glory Blue – Backyard BBQs, summer picnics, and Fourth of July festivities help to inspire this patriotic color theme. Mason jars, picnic tables, and bistro lights help to complete this look.
  • Sage Green, Cream White & Blush Pink – For the couple looking to have a simple yet chic wedding theme colors this is the one for you. The subtleness of this palette allows for a tranquil and understated mood yet does not skimp on elegance.

Fall Wedding Colors

The fall season brings crisp autumn air, pretty color changes, and stunning nature scenery lending itself to be the perfect backdrop for a wedding day. When thinking of this popular wedding season, it is easy to conjure up familiar seasonal colors in the orange, red, and green family but true autumnal beauty can manifest itself into several different varieties. It is extremely popular for couples to work with the colors that can be found in nature such as burnt orange, burgundy, copper, and gold seem to be the most popular colors for a fall wedding.


Rose Gold, Burgundy & Oatmeal Beige


wedding colors palette combination combo rose gold burgundy oatmeal beige

It’s A Match:
If elegance is on the top of your wedding style list you need to take some time to discover the beauty that can be found in this color theme. Working with rose gold, burgundy, and oatmeal beige this combo crafts the perfect theme when paired up with a historic estate, grand ballroom, or museum type of venue. Rose gold decor items such as vases, candleholders, and table runners will look stunning when teamed up with an assortment of burgundy colored flowers and beige accents.

Plum, Gray, Copper & Dusty Rose


wedding colors palette combination combo plum gray copper dusty rose

It’s A Match:
When you take a classic vintage color like dusty rose and copper and combine it with modern colors like gray and plum you get this stunning wedding color theme. The richness of the plum color adds drama to the wedding theme while the gray and copper add some depth and when you bring in the dusty rose you balance it all with a delicate feel. Planning a vintage style wedding at an urban rooftop or at a historic estate this color theme will bring your modern vintage look to life.


Burnt Orange, Cream & Moss Green


wedding colors palette combination combo burnt orange cream moss green

It’s A Match:
Taking its cue from the lovely colors of the fall leaves this wedding color combination is sophisticated with a country chic twist and lends itself to a stunning outdoor ceremony followed by a barn, farm, or winery location. This color scheme makes us want to welcome wedding guests with a lovely hot cup of apple cider and bring nature into the centerpieces by working in leaves, moss, and mini pumpkins.

Crimson Red, Gold, Magenta & Raspberry Red


wedding colors palette combination combo crimson red gold magenta raspberry red

It’s A Match:
If a moody color board has caught your eye in the past you will want to explore the color combination of crimson red, magenta & raspberry red. This color theme adds a little drama to your wedding look and creates a chic backdrop for all of your wedding decorations. Bridesmaids in rich crimson red dresses with red and magenta followers will look stunning both at indoor and outdoor receptions. We love this color theme for venues such as historic hotels, New England style farms, or elegant barns.

Fall has so many wonderful color themes the possibilities are really endless so we can’t help but share a few more of our absolute favorites.

  • Harvest Gold, Burnt Sienna & Honey Orange – This harvest-inspired color theme is perfect for an outdoor fall wedding with rustic decor, a farm-style backdrop, or a family-style gathering.
  • Airy Blue, Cranberry Red, & Ballet Pink – A simple color scheme but one that fits almost any destination and blends nicely into a venue and its decor. The Cranberry Red color really pops while the Ballet Pink and Airy Blue bring a more gentle feeling.
  • Dark Blue, Mahogany Red & Ivory – Having two dark colors brings out a moody atmosphere while adding a lighter third color to the mix brings a much-needed brightness to the theme. Combine bridesmaids in mahogany red dresses with groomsmen in lovely dark blue suites and you get one heck for a fall wedding event.

Winter Wedding Colors

If you plan on celebrating in the winter months you have some wonderful color themes to pick from. Drawing inspiration from colors motif such as icy blues, romantic berry reds, and hunter greens this season offers so many unforgettable combinations. Whether you are looking to have a winter lodge theme, a snowy mountain look, or a festive holiday feeling, bringing in the beauty of this season is a must when planning a winter season wedding. When planning your 2021 winter season wedding you will most definitely want to pay close attention to adding in some sparkle to your wedding colors since a big trend coming up is adding decor items such as glittery table linens, metallic vases, and shimmering dresses.


Silver, Ice Blue, Frost White & Metallic Gray


wedding colors palette combination combo silver ice blue frost white metallic gray

It’s A Match:
Winter months can bring beauty to a wedding scene and often couples who lust after a winter wedding want to bring the shimmer of snow and ice to their wedding day so why not select a wedding color theme that reflects that beauty. The shimmering silver color mimics the frosting of the season while the ice blue, white, and gray add a snowy calmness to the look. Perfect for a mountain resort or a grand hotel venue this wedding theme is cold yet warm all at the same time.

Hunter Green, Garnet Red & Snowy White


wedding colors palette combination combo hunter green garnet red snowy white

It’s A Match:
Taking its cues from the Christmas holiday season there is nothing wrong with playing up the green and red color palette. Many winter weddings incorporate a holiday feeling so why not go with the traditional colors and bring out the merriment. Working well with almost any wedding venue and location this color motif shows that its timeless style.

Black, White, Taupe Gold & Shimmery Gold


wedding colors palette combination combo black white taupe gold shimmery gold

It’s A Match:
Looking to elevate your winter wedding color theme from something basic to something fabulous? Black, White, Taupe Gold, and Shimmery Gold give a nod to the festive season while bringing in a little enchantment to the wedding look. Imagine a classic hotel ballroom filled with tall gold candle holders, white table cloths, and elegant flower centerpiece – this is the look you achieve by working with this color theme.

All White Theme


wedding colors palette combination combo all white theme

It’s A Match:
Many couples are opting for a single color theme such as all white. This wedding style means the couple, bridal party, and perhaps even all of the guests wear white and all of the decor and flowers are also just white. This wedding theme has become very popular for tropical and destination weddings – think sunset on the beach.

Spring Wedding Colors

There is nothing quite like spring when everything is in full bloom and the colors of the season start to pop. Spring is the season of new beginnings and renewal and with that in mind couples who decide on a spring wedding find unique and lovely wedding color combinations just waiting for them. The primary colors used in spring weddings are generally in the pink, light blue, cream, and yellow pallets.


Rose Quartz, Dusty Blue, Light Pink & Cream


wedding colors palette combination combo rose quartz dusty blue light pink cream

It’s A Match:
When searching for a soft color palette that blends a touch of old-world style with wedding day glamour you end up finding this one-of-a-kind combination. The mixture of the delicate colors brings a type of serenity to the overall style and works with the natural light colors in the spring season. If you are planning a garden venue wedding or a tented affair this is the perfect color theme to work with.

Lilac, Blush Pink & Vintage Yellow


wedding colors palette combination combo lilac blush pink vintage yellow

It’s A Match:
A classic spring wedding color theme consisting of familiar springtime flowers, this combination is the perfect match for anyone planning an outdoor wedding. These three pastel colors work so well with almost any flower, decor, or wedding style thanks to their versatility and simplicity.


Royal Blue, Champagne, Cream Rose & Mauve


wedding colors palette combination combo royal blue champagne cream rose mauve

It’s A Match:
A true blend of color families, this foursome of spring wedding colors are made for the fashionable bride. Perfect for when planning your country club wedding or hosting a resort-style event as the royal blue and mauve are classic colors while the champagne and cream rose to add a sense of balance.

French Blue, Vintage White & Navy


wedding colors palette combination combo french blue vintage white navy

It’s A Match:
This smashing color trio is a nod to an old-world sense of chicness yet brings a modern flair when teamed up with a seaside location or water view wedding venue. French blue is a color that really pops and brings an upbeat feeling to the wedding decor and when you balance it out with a vintage white and details in the navy you end up with one stunning display.


Unique Wedding Colors

Black + White + Gold


wedding colors palette combination combo black white gold

It’s A Match:
If you are looking for a truly elegant wedding theme that fits any season and almost any location this is the one for you. There is a good reason why this classic wedding color combo has been a long-standing wedding favorite given its timeless elegance and simple glamour. Couples planning a black-tie event can use this theme to produce a wedding that is the epitome of sophistication.

Forest Green, Chocolate Brown, Craft Brown & Cream: Rustic Wedding


wedding colors palette combination combo forest green chocolate brown craft brown cream

It’s A Match:
Rustic weddings have gained huge popularity over the last few years and it is easy to see why when you look at this color theme. Perfect for a barn wedding venue or an outdoor country location such as a farm or vineyard this rich yet elegant wedding color combination brings out the beauty of the natural style wedding.

Rose Pink, Blush Pink, Turquoise & Sky Blue: Beach Wedding


wedding colors palette combination combo rose pink blush pink turquoise sky blue

It’s A Match:
Crashing waves, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and a beautiful sunset are all part of an ideal beach wedding along with the colors in this combination. By having two colors of pink that play off each other and adding in the turquoise and sky blue which mimic the colors of the ocean you have perhaps the perfect beach wedding color theme. If you are tying the knot at a tropical resort or beach destination consider using this color theme for your beachy ever after!


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