Best Ideas For Outdoor Wedding Photos [2024 Guide]

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The outdoors is like a blank canvas that lets you get creative with your wedding. Everything is possible including capturing the most stunning outdoor wedding photos. Whether you’re getting married on a lake, in the wood, on the beach, or in a garden, get in here. We’ve got unique poses and ideas for your wedding day photos. Check our curated ideas and tap into your creative side.

Wedding Day Photos In the Wood

Rustic and whimsical are two words that describe wedding day photos taken in the wood. To get the best pictures, see some ideas.

Stand amidst the trees and loose soil and get lost in the eyes of your beloved. Complement this look with a gigantic bouquet of wildflowers, Greenery, and blooms in the brightest colors. Stand under a big tree, perhaps an oak, and share a kiss as the sun becomes your Backdrop. Take advantage of the lush greenery as they form a wall for your romantic picture. You can also walk away from the camera and towards the springs/waterfall if any. Embrace nature by taking off your shoes, packing your dress, and folding your trouser while holding hands.


Outdoor Sunset Wedding Photos

Getting married during the golden hour? You’re just in time to take the best outdoor sunset wedding photos. If your wedding venue is a tall building, go on the rooftops and take in the sunset glow. The outcome of such outdoor wedding photos would ethereal. However, a sunset picture of couples taken among pasture, reservations, grassland, or the gardens would rival an artist’s painting. If you love to hike, use a mountain landscape/Vista for your sunset outdoor pictures. The sunset could serve as your photographer’s light source instead of a Backdrop. But if you’re having a winter wedding and everywhere is iced over, outdoor night wedding photos are perfect!


Best Outdoor Wedding Photos On the Beach

The Beach produces some of the best outdoor wedding photos. Start with the classic idea of writing in the sand. Both of you could draw hearts, and write your names or meaningful quotes. Walk towards the ocean while the camera takes shots from behind as you begin your journey into forever. You can also leave your footsteps in the sands or join your toes and make a pact. If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, jump into the ocean with your spouse and splash around. Round up with the mother of all shots, a silhouette. The silhouette captures you basking in the attention of deep blue waters, blue skies, and sunshine.


Rustic Outdoor Wedding Photos

Take stunning rustic outdoor wedding photos by incorporating the barn in the background. If there’s a silo, all the better as the couple has an intimate moment. Rustic photos and sunsets are a beautiful combination for the perfect portrait. Bring in your favorite animals to feature in the photos. You can tie a corsage around the limbs or neck for a cohesive palette. Don’t forget the white picket fence picture which is the ultimate rustic signature. Walk through the tall grasses and hayfield while your photographer snaps away. The walk is beautiful, romantic, and authentic. Mix and match your bouquet and floral arrangements with greenery, colorful wildflowers, and a touch of romance.


Creative Ideas for Wedding Photos

Wedding outdoor photos are dreamy, so get as much as you can with these ideas. Start with an aerial view of your outdoor wedding. Capture the couple, guests, decor, and the details. Snap the couples walk down the outdoor aisle with guests on their feet applauding. If you’re having an elopement wedding, run a few steps with your back to the camera. You can also throw the bouquet in the air, depending on your plans. Make it romantic by closing your eyes and inhaling nature while the camera clicks away. Capture the first kiss, ring exchanges, and the couple’s solemn look into the sky on their bright wedding day.

Wedding Outdoor Photos near a Lake

The appeal of a waterfront wedding is unmatched and lakes are no exception. If you’re getting married in summer, here are some wedding photo ideas for the lake.

Catch the couple making their grand entrance on a boat, yacht, canoe, or anything that suits. Capture this moment in the film and still pictures because it’s iconic. Snap pictures of the couple under the arch adorned with foliage and seasonal flowers. This decor will complement the natural surrounding beauty. Take a graceful dip in the water with your spouse, especially at sunset for a picturesque view. You can also just jump in to create a goofy atmosphere. Incorporate your guests into the celebration by having them line up on a long, sturdy dock.


Wedding Photos Ideas in a Garden

Start your garden wedding day photos with the classic poses of one person carrying the other. However, add a twist by doing it among colorful blooms. You can also rest against a tree while your partner embraces and looks into your eyes. Such intimate moments are portrait worthy. Another beautiful photos ideas for weddings is the dip pose. Hold your wife or husband as they lose their inhibitions among the burst of floral colors. If you’re adventurous, lie among the flower, head to head, to create an intimate and magic look. Share intimate moments by plucking and fixing some blooms in her hair for that portrait shot.

Outdoor Wedding photos are cute, romantic, and refreshing. We’ve curated the best ideas for wedding photos that you must have. Catch the smallest details, organize a shot list, and choose only the best locations. Your pictures will come out beautifully while saving memories for a lifetime.