Nautical Wedding 35+Ideas

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A nautical wedding is both the face of adventure and the epitome of serene. A juxtaposition of the quiet sands and the billowing waves. So it is less exotic and more infused with naval and maritime influences. Putting a nautical-themed wedding together is an intimate and timeless affair from ocean-inspired colorways to anchors and buoys.


To activate a nautical theme wedding, evoke the seafaring vibe by incorporating coastal motifs like boats, stripes, navy blue, and emerald green. Work with lots of greenery, sea ready accents, sailboats, foods, décor, and outfit that infuses nautical details. For more inspiration, read this comprehensive nautical wedding themes guide.

Nautical Wedding Arch Ideas

Driftwood is a natural fit for a marine-themed wedding as it’s just like a canvas. Adorn it using decorative seashells, fresh florals, and tropical foliage. Alternatively, beautify your arch with blooms, gigantic palm fronds, and monstera leaves for that cozy tropical look. For a modern and aesthetic touch, opt for geometric arches and adorn them with greenery, fruits, or pampas grass. Please, do not use seaweed.


Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

Go simple on your nautical wedding aisle with greenery and lit lanterns lined on the ground. They may also line the aisle or come in small clusters every few rows. For a more elegant look, enhance natural beauty with light garlands and spaced-out white flowers. Finish the look with scattered petals. If you are going for an eclectic look, lay in carpets along the aisle to draw attention to your gorgeous arch. Loud aisles match simple arches and vice versa.


Nautical-Themed Wedding Reception

Incorporate a nautical vibe for your wedding reception using beach accessories and natural elements. Beachwear, seashells, sand, and boat motifs are simply inspirational. Include compasses in your nautical decor. Create a cozy ambiance under a tent of drapes and suspended tea lights or floating candles. Alternatively, use tea lights, a lot of greenery, wooden furniture, and accents like corals, starfishes, and sea urchins.


Wedding Table Number Ideas

For nautical wedding themes, the table number is a creative outlet. Choose watercolor table number on seashells. You can also go for a nautical knot ball table number and holder for a little rustic feeling. Consider navy blue stock card nautical rope accented table numbers. Other options include anchor table numbers in gold and navy blue, sailing burgees, buoy, framed, and more.


Wedding Place Settings

Spice up your nautical-themed wedding ideas by incorporating romance in the place settings. Opt for a combination of eucalyptus, printed plates, blue runners, and candles. For a brighter look, merge net table runner with air plants, bottles, and metallic goblets, dried herbs ad air plants. Going natural? Consider blue plates with fabric runners, and napkins, candles, and driftwood. Alternatively, gilded placemats pebbles, seashells, neutral porcelain, corals, grey table cloth, and air plants are perfect.

Nautical-Themed Centerpieces

Thinking about nautical wedding ideas for centerpieces? Work with the navy blue, white, sky blue, and emerald green color palette. Consider infusing sand-blasted driftwood with Spanish moss and coral blooms. Get transparent sand-filled trays and fill them with votive candles. You can also opt for deep blue lanterns, vases, or bamboo containers filled with roses, coral-hued amaryllis, and accents of green tricks.


Wedding Reception Signs

Choose the elegant watercolor welcome sign with an ocean illustration to start your reception. For some depth, place blanket favors besides it. Direct guests to where the booze is with a gold frame bourbon bar chalkboard mount. For the beach vibe, write your welcome in paintbrushes and emboss the board with ribbons. Use a nautical-inspired whale or anchor sign for seating direction and arrangement. And if you want to shout who’s getting married, a monogram turquoise anchor sign is perfect.

Nautical Details In Bridal Look

Look the part for your nautical wedding by kicking off your shoes and planting your feet on the boat or sandy beach. If that is overwhelming, opt for a deep blue pair of shoes or billowing frock. For a bohemian inspiration, pair a sea star crown with your wedding dress. But if you want to look preppy, op for a stylish dress in a deep shade of blue. Complement this look with matching boutonnieres in nautical ropes or accents like seashells, sea glass, or tiny wood slices.


Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Curate a jaw-dropping combination of your favorite blooms with beach-themed accents. Glue seashells and starfishes to a wire and insert them between the flower stems for a floating effect. For a more exotic look, opt for orchid bouquets held together by nautical rope. You can also mix them with other tropical colors for a dramatic look. Other unique nautical bouquet ideas include the addition of brooch and other sentimental accents, vintage maps, calla lilies, etc.

Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

Craft cakes in wave-like details of marbled tiers using an alight blue-and-beige color palette. Go tropical by incorporating exotic leaves on one tier and complementing the bottom tier with graham cracker crust for a sand beach illusion. Finish this look with a little floral arrangement for the beachy vibe. If you are opting for minimal and contemporary, muted accents like thin dune-like sticks, brush strokes, sugar crystals, watercolor, and seaweed flowers are perfect.


Nautical-Themed Favors

Give meaningful and symbolic nautical wedding favors like cream-hued lighthouse tea light holders and Personalized Glass Votive Holders. You can also opt for a practical old metal ship wheel bottle opener featuring nautical rope details or stemless wine glasses. Other options include coasters, anchor bookmarks, and soaps or muslin bags. For edible treats, curate candies, desserts, herbs, and spices in the shape of sea elements.

Whether you’re sailing wild and free on a sea vessel or you’re having a sand beach bash, a nautical wedding is intimate and romantic. Host a memorable event by taking note of our nautical theme wedding ideas. From appealing nautical decor and favors to sailing motifs and seafaring elements, and outfits, pull off your show in the chicest way!