Unique Rustic Wedding Signs To Guide Your Guests In The Most Amazing Way

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Signs can be an important part of a rustic wedding. With well-designed rustic wedding signs, you can communicate with your guests in some of the most fun and creative ways. Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding celebration, there are several rustic signs for wedding styles that can help you make a statement. From custom wood wedding signs to vintage wooden wedding signs, there are many ways to leave your mark on your wedding in the most casual and rustic way.
One of the most prominent detail in rustic wedding décor is nature itself. So, using the elements of nature in your environments such as tree branches, greenery, florals, and wildflowers, can really bring your rustic theme to life. Fret not, if you are wondering how to make rustic wood signs for weddings. We have listed here some of our favorite ways of incorporating rustic signs into your big day. Read on for more.


Brides Often Ask

What signs are needed at a wedding?

Signage is an important part of a wedding event. It communicates to guests and gives them a sense of direction that is crucial to the success of any celebration. Some of the signs needed at a wedding, rustic or not include:

  • Welcome Signs: To welcome the guests.
  • Order of Events: Let your guests know the timeline of events, and which event will be happening where.
  • Directions: If you have a large space, or the wedding ceremony and reception are at different locations, simple rustic wood wedding signs can point them in the right direction.
  •  Seating Charts: Let your wedding guests know where exactly they should seat and who they will be seating with.
  • Entertainment: If there will be any games, cash, or open bar or photo booth, nifty rustic wood wedding signs can show them the way.
  • Wedding Favors: Let your guests know where they can pick up their wedding favors on their way home, so they don’t get left behind.

What size should my wedding signs be?

Rustic wedding signs should not only be beautiful, but they should also be noticeable. So, you want them to be large, but also not too large. A perfect size would be a width of 1.5 feet and a height of 2 feet.


Rustic Signs At The Entrance

It is only proper for your wedding signage to start from the entrance to the wedding. You could have personalized wooden wedding signs with a personal touch. Perhaps a favorite sentimental quote, poem, or phrase. Something from your favorite author or even a movie.

Rustic Welcome Signs

Consider combining wooden wedding signs with greenery for a simple rustic welcome to your wedding guests. This type of welcome sign won’t need a lot of information. In its simplistic style, you can write a short welcome in your language of choice. The different rich textures of the wood and greenery will do the rest of the talking.


Directional Wedding Signs

Use cute directional wooden signs for weddings to show your guests where to go. For something both rustic and unconventional, consider a rugged leather sign with hand-painted lettering. Give your wedding signs an elegant, elevated look with leather signs with calligraphed words mounted on tree branches. Greet your guests with the best rustic wedding signs.

Rustic Wedding Ceremony Signs

If you’re having an all-natural outdoor wedding, consider incorporating nature in your wedding décor and signage. Stick rustic wood signs for the wedding on vertical tree limbs to personalize the rustic theme for the wedding. Words can be hand-painted, or even written in chalk.


Ceremony Program Signs

Your wedding programs don’t have to be handed out individually the usual way. You can make a rustic and unconventional statement with one ceremony program. For something truly unique, the program can be written on a recycled windowpane or even a mirror for something extra special.


Wedding Seating Signs

Allow guests to find their seats with a seating chart detailed on a large wooden board. Custom wedding signs wood can be eye-catching, especially when designed with delicately calligraphed lettering. Adorn it with seasonal blooms to add pops of color to the display.

Rustic Wedding Reception Signs

In addition to the entrance welcome signs and seating charts, your wedding reception will no doubt require other wedding wood signs rustic. If you are having entertainment at an indoor, outdoor, or even garden wedding, then well-designed signs on wood can guide them to the games.

Seating Chart

Whether you are having a rustic, casual, or bohemian-type wedding, these signs can give you the alternative style that you need to make your day extra special. Consider wood seating charts decorated with an abundance of greenery and blooms.


Sweet Treats and Bar Signs

The bar and dessert table should not be left out of your rustic wood wedding signs. Consider a mix of a chalkboard sign with information on the available signature cocktails, alongside vases with wildflower, wooden crates, and barrels. For the most unique rustic wedding bar.
The dessert table can have a similar sign displaying what’s available to guests, even up to the different flavors of the wedding cake.

Table Signs

If you are on a budget, consider adding little cheap wooden wedding signs to your reception tables that can double as escort cards. Add important dates and bits of info about your love story to each card to engage your guests. This can serve as a fun ice breaker on tables where strangers are seated together.


Funny Signs

For rustic wedding signs, you are free to use whatever words or phrases you desire to direct your guests. To add fun or clever greeting to your signage, you could consider hand painting cocktail or shots glasses with phrases such as, “drink up”, “drink me” or even, “bottoms up”. Use every stylish opportunity to dress up your wedding space with engaging rustic signage.

There are many ways to personalize your wedding with rustic wedding signs. From an embroidered “here comes the bride” flag that a little bride can hold, to a wooden welcome sign laden with seasonal blooms. Find a way to make your rustic wedding truly yours.