40+ Wedding Hymns For Your Religious Ceremony

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Picking out wedding hymns is the only aspect of your wedding you have total control of. This is because, no matter how original, even wedding vows have a template. This is especially if you’re having a traditional or Christian wedding ceremony of any kind.


So, if you’re looking for the best hymns for the wedding, we have a master compilation of best wedding hymns. From Lutheran wedding hymns to Episcopal, royal wedding hymns and more, find them ahead.

Best Traditional Hymns For Wedding

Traditional wedding hymns are classic music sung at church every wedding. They’re supercharged Christian wedding ceremony songs. They range from wedding procession and down to signing the dotted lines. They talk about love, hope, determination, endurance, faith and belief in the almighty. It is a blend of spirituality and love.

1. All Things Bright And Beautiful

This is one of the best wedding hymns used as wedding processional songs. It sheds a positive light on the day.

2. Amazing Grace

The lyrics say “how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me”. A powerful choir rendition for Christian weddings.

3. Bind Us Together

Looking for hymns about love for exchange of rings? This song is the perfect feature for that aspect of the wedding.

4. Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind

This is a song of repentance and seeking forgiveness. The audience will join in on this one, before exhortation.

5. Immortal, Invisible

This talks about the strength, splendor, and goodness of the Lord Almighty. It’s often rendered by the choir at weddings.

6. God Of All Living

This is another one sung before the couple takes their vows. It’s a song of love which invites God’s presence.


Catholic Wedding Hymn Ideas

The Catholic Church is one of the places where everything goes in an order. So, from the procession to the recession, there’s a Catholic wedding hymn appropriate. Remember that the priest will veto all your selected hymns. Let’s see Sox catholic wedding hymns that must be on your wedding playlist 2020 collection.

1. Gloria

This is a Catholic Christian wedding ceremony song for the processional. It talks about the glory and splendor of God.

2. Give Me Joy In My Heart, Keep Me Praising

This is a perfect hymn for a couple before having the homily. It talks about an endless joy for life ahead.

3. Ave Maria

For couples having unity candle session at their Catholic wedding, this is the song. Although, the unity candle is optional.

4. Here I Am, Lord

This is one of the best church wedding songs for gift presentations at Catholic weddings. It says “here I am.”

5. On Eagles Wings

Communion is very important at Catholic weddings, especially for the new couple. This is a perfect song for that stage.

6. Ode To Joy

This is one of the classic hymns of the wedding ceremony for a Catholic celebration. Perfect for wedding recessional, before the reception.


Lutheran Wedding Hymns

Lutheran wedding hymns are most of the times based on faith and salvation. They feature most of the classic Christian songs at the wedding. From congregational bests like “beloved, God’s chosen”, to the benediction songs such as “Jesus, come for we invite you”. Let’s see some of Lutherans popular wedding hymns.

1. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

This is celebratory and is so perfect for wedding entrance songs. This hymn talks about adoring God in his glory.

2. Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring

Great for the processional of the couple, this is an ideal Lutheran wedding hymn. It is soothing and soul touching.

3. Beloved, God’s Chosen

This is one of the hymns to sing at a wedding. It is the congregational song, rendered by the choir at Lutheran weddings.

4. Open Now, Thy Gates Of Beauty

For when it’s time to take vows, this is a beautiful rendition to the couple. An evergreen hymn about love.

5. Jesus, Come For We Invite You

This is a solemn Christian song ideal for when it’s benediction time. It says the couple and church invite God.


Episcopal Hymns For Wedding

Although, there are differences between the Episcopal Church and Catholics church. But they’re both Christians. As such, episcopal wedding hymns are Christian, classics, secular or traditional. While the wedding ceremony isn’t always a long one. We brought you a selection of hymns from start to finish which you can select from.

1. Canon In D

This is a subtle, yet very sentimental wedding processional songs. It plays with high use of background instrumentals for effect.

2. Rigaudon

A classic piece, this one. One of the best recessional songs yet sung. The direct fusion of instruments and dedication.

3. Now, Thank We All Our God

During episcopal weddings, the new couple must take communion. This one is perfect for when the time for communion comes.

4. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

After communion comes the offertory. This episcopal wedding hymn is a great one to scale you through this ceremony stage.

5. The King Of Love, My Shephers Is

Looking for episcopal wedding hymns for vows? This song is your best bet as it captures the essence of vows.


Wedding Hymns For Baptist Ceremony

Baptist wedding hymns are a combination of Christian, and love which contain the gospel. Everything they do revolves around love and salvation. So, wedding hymns for baptist are a reflection of that. We picked out a few for different stages of the ceremony. They include withering thou goest and more.

1. O Perfect Love

Walking down the aisle to this is beautiful. This is one of the best processional hymns one will ever find.

2. Savior Like A Shepherd

This should be in the wedding program as it’s a great congregational hymn. This is one of the best hymns to sing at a wedding.

3. When You Created Love

This song is a beautiful rendition for the exchange of rings between the couple. It is an evergreen piece of music.

4. Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go

One of the very best hymns so far for vows. It emphasizes every vow you make to your partner.

5. There Is No Love Like The Love Of Jesus

You’re now married to your beloved and everything is perfect. Slot in this perfect recessional hymn to seal the deal.

Methodist Wedding Ceremony Hymns

Methodist weddings are straight to the point. So one may not need so many hymns. But, all hymns must go through the vetting of the leader of your parish. So, while you may have your heart set on a billboard song, it could get rejected. But these Methodist wedding hymns below, are great passes anyway.

1. Heart To Heart

This is a solemn song sang by the choir right before taking vows. It’s reassuring and peaceful. One you’ll love

2. God Be With You

As the couple exchange rings, the orchestra will play this one. It goes straight through the soul of the couple.

3. As Man And Woman, We Are Made

This is a congregational hymn right before the priest gives a benediction. It can also pass for a processional hymn.

4. Come To A Wedding

The bride makes a grand entrance to this song on her father’s arm. It’s celebratory and joyful. A wedding must.

5. We Pledge To One Another

This is a song ideal for taking vows. It says it all in it lyrics of pledging to one another.


Wedding Hymns Ideas For Presbyterian Ceremony

The Presbyterian Church is a protestant body. But Presbyterian wedding hymns are no different from Christian wedding songs. We rounded up some of the most popular wedding hymns which are regulars at Presbyterian weddings. So if you’re a Presbyterian and marrying soon, check out hymns to use for wedding below.

1. The Lord Is My Shepherd

This is a classic wedding song any day! We love this one to bits. A perfect congregational hymn for Presbyterian weddings.

2. There Is A Balm In Gilead

Perfect for both the prelude and procession of the couple. One can use different songs for both stages of the wedding.

3. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

The song, “make me a channel of peace” is an evergreen piece for benediction at weddings. It is not stale.

4. Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord

This song is one of the best wedding recessional songs for Presbyterian weddings. It’s lively, yet soothing and very solemn.

5. Abide With Me

A divine rendition for right after the saying of vows. Also ideal for wedding readings, prayers, communion, blessings, and benediction.

Royal Wedding Hymns

May last year, we saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry. They took their time to pick royal wedding hymns through generations of royal weddings. So, I’d be listing out all the hymns and music they featured at each major stage of their wedding. Feel free to make your pick.

1. Lord Of All Hopefulness

This is the congregational hymn sang at the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry. The audience sang along with the choir.

2. If Ye Love Me

This song features during the reading taken by the Bishop at the royal wedding. The choir rendered solo here.

3. Eternal Source Of Light Divine

For the wedding procession of a wedding, this song came on. It’s perfect for you too, if you’re thinking royal touch.

4. Stand By Me

This song came on before the vows. A song of request, promise, duty, and determination to always stand together.

5. The Lord Keep You

The song, “the lord keep you” came after the exchange of rings and through the proclamation. Song to Bride and Groom.

6. Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Redeemer

This is a feature song for your marriage blessing. A great piece best played using the piano, guitar, and violin.

7. Après Un Rêve

From blessing the marriage, you move to sign the wedding register with your spouse. This is the song to turn on.

8. This Little Light Of Mine

Everything’s done and dusted, “this little light of mine” comes on to put everyone in a joyous mood before close.

9. Amen

Sing “amen” to recession as you go out of the ceremony with your new partner. Next, onto the reception party.


How To Choose Wedding Hymn


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Picking out hymns for the wedding ceremony should never be a random thing or what’s hottest. Always consider first, what your wedding and marriage mean to you. Then pick out songs with best convey that message to you. Look at each stage of your wedding and think of hymns that will set the appropriate tone. While at it, find some tips for choosing wedding hymns for your big day below.

  • Decide on where you want to marry and choose hymns that are appropriate. For instance, if you’re having a church wedding, then Christian hymns are a must.
  • Pick out hymns that draw emotions from you, your spouse and guests at the end of the day.
  • For those who will prefer a civil wedding, do not pick any religious hymn. It isn’t allowed.
  • Consult your family members, it’ll be great they hear hymns that make them feel included on your day.
  • Decide on your wedding style and choose hymns to match.
  • Picking hymns also depends on the presence of a choir. If you’ll use one, that’s fine. If your budget can’t handle, pick only hymns that the guests can navigate.
  • Use only popular wedding hymns that you know. It’s also important that it’s popular in your church.
  • Settle for only hymns which you and your partner like best. After everything, you’ll look back at your wedding day with only memories left. It’s unfair if wedding hymns form the cloud in your bright sky. Do you.

Wedding hymns are beautiful points of every wedding. From traditional wedding hymns, and down to royal wedding hymns, they transform the ambiance. But this can only be at your wedding if you get your choices right. There is no do-over, you have only one chance at nailing this. So, look through our list, and create your own list for any type of wedding!