33 Timeless Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

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A wedding altar is a focal point in most weddings, as it is the location for joining the couple, the most important part of any marriage ceremony. Whether you are having an outdoor or indoor celebration, there are lots of options for wedding altar decoration, but much more for outdoor. Being that this would be one of the most photographed spots on your big day, you would want it properly decorated for such a special event.


There is truly a limitless array of wedding altar decor ideas that you can use, however, we have highlighted a few of our favorites to inspire you. From simple wedding altars to creative wedding arch without flowers or with flowers, rustic and bohemian designs, modern backdrops and so much more.

The wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of your wedding day, and the altar is the focal point of that day. Allow us to show you some of the best wedding altar decoration ideas that would make that moment you are joined with your partner truly special in every way.

Wedding Altar Ideas With Flowers

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, it’s a great idea to embrace nature and your surroundings, even with your wedding altar. So, consider some garden inspiration by covering a wooden arch in seasonal florals, and greenery. You can even make it a complete floral inspiration accented with arrangements of pampas grass by the side.

If you’re having a rustic or bohemian wedding, you could include oriental runner rugs for the aisle and hanging lanterns or chandeliers, if you have any trees at the venue. Choose a color palette that is in line with your overall wedding theme, and you’re sure to end up with a truly remarkable backdrop for your special day.


Blossoming Wedding Gazebo Ideas

A gazebo or pergola would be a perfect element to add to your outdoor wedding experience. This could be set in any space, from your backyard, or a garden to a park or even beachside. The location would determine a lot of the wedding altar decoration you might choose. However, no matter the type of wedding or location, flowers will always be a great idea for a gazebo.

So, consider flowers in season, these can be dried flowers for a rustic setting or fall wedding. Or, in bloom, full flowers for that bright and colorful presentation that would look fabulous in your wedding photos. Set against a backdrop of water or even a historic building would complete the picture for a perfect wedding altar.

Greenery Ceremony Botanical Wedding Ideas

Are you in love with nature or minimalist décor? Then think of a botanical wedding ceremony with wedding ceremony arches ideas of lush greenery and simple florals. For a modern wedding, you could consider an installation of greenery in any shape that you desire. You could also line the aisle with greenery as well and hints of bloom to introduce a bit of color.

Choose florals that match your theme or dried elements like pampas grass to create a striking but gorgeous contrast that would look beautiful in your wedding photos. Embrace your natural surroundings with a display of the elements that will both blend and stand out.

Rustic Altar Decor Ideas

If you need outdoor wedding altar decorations for a rustic wedding, then you are in the right place. There is so much to explore and consider for this type of wedding. From simple wooden arches to incorporating wooden barrels as stands for blooming floral decorations or installments.

You could drape your arches in beautiful fabrics of your choice. Consider full white or silver fabrics of tulle or even burlap hanging from arches with garlands of seasonal flowers and greenery as added décor.

If your wedding location is blessed with trees, you can also use the opportunity to hang vintage lanterns from the branches. Mix a boho look with the rustic by replacing the usual fabric with bold and colorful oriental-type rugs for the perfect backdrop.


Cross Wedding Altar Ideas

If you are religious or just love the idea of a cross for your wedding altar decoration, you could totally pull it off. You wouldn’t have to limit yourself to a simple wooden cross. You could make a statement piece with it in a way that would be amazing.

Consider a suspended cross adorned completely in greenery and with a lighting element that causes it to glow. This would be really eye-catching, and you could add florals of your choice for pops of color here and there. Whether you are having a religious wedding, a traditional one, an industrial theme wedding, or a modern one, your suspended cross of lush greenery would absolutely be a hit.

Night Wedding Altar Ideas

If you are having a nighttime wedding and need simple altar decorations for the wedding, don’t fight it, just go with the flow. Lighting will be your friend.

Consider a display of candles for your backdrop. From LED hanging candles to wax candles of all shapes and sizes. This can give you a rustic or modern vibe, depending on the result you are looking for. Candles can be hung in geometrically shaped votives or in vintage lanterns or candle holders. String twinkly, fairy lights in the trees and hang chandeliers over the couple. As long as the light is shining on them, you can be sure to have the perfect sparkly backdrop for some of the best wedding photos.

Bohemian Wedding Altars

A bohemian wedding would be perfect with all-natural materials for its wedding altar decoration. Consider a bright Persian rug for the floor and aisle runners and a birch wedding arch. This would be a lovely look for a wedding in the woods, a park, or a lakefront.

You can also just use elements in the landscape for your wedding altar if you prefer a wedding arch with no flowers. Incorporate a tree in your wedding ceremony by using it as your focal point. Add lanterns, chandeliers and twinkly lights as your wedding altar decorations DIY and you have your bohemian wedding ceremony.

Wedding Altars In Colors

If your wedding has a specific color theme, then you might want your wedding altar arch décor to be in that color as well. You could choose to use just that singular color or a monochrome of several shades of the same color.


White Wedding Altar Decor Ideas

For a white wedding altar, consider placing your altar center stage. This way you won’t only be making a statement, all of your guests will also get a front-row seat to your wedding ceremony from any angle they may be seating.

Drape the altar or wedding arch in white flowy fabric and adorn it with white florals for a beautiful and dreamy backdrop. You could add gray or silver metallic accents if you want some touch of monochromatic color.


Pink Wedding Altar Decor Ideas

A pink wedding theme is a great choice for a whimsy, casual, or summer wedding. You could start with a pink wedding arch. Complete it with a pink floral installation and matching, flowy ribbons. If you are having a woodsy or garden wedding, this would completely stand out and look fabulous in such an environment. Complete it with strewing pink floral petals all over the aisle floor. A sweet and inviting wedding venue for the sweetest couple.

One main element that can set the stage for your wedding ceremony and tie together your entire wedding theme, is the wedding altar. So, whether you are having an indoor, outdoor, rustic, classic, or casual wedding, consider your wedding altar decoration carefully. It’s all about finding the right fit for you, your partner, and your big day. We hope this collection will give you the right amount of inspiration to design your own.